Voting party line

I was not going to vote this election for lack of a good candidate or party.

Then a family member said a vote for Collins was a vote for Trump and that is the only reason to vote for him. Otherwise that person would never vote for Collins even though they have a Republican affiliation.

I don’t like Republican or democrat’s nonsensical rhetoric of hate and despite.

I see no “skin in the game” with the likes of British affiliates such as RDF promoting one thing or another, BTW. But, here was my final thoughts to date:

"The only and I mean only reason Republicans are worth a dump in the toilet is that the Democrats are so bad.

Do you want to serve Karl Marx or Jesus Christ? I do think Jesus is a little better by a hare of a rabbit. I mean, one is real bad and the other isn’t real at all!

“The only and I mean only reason Republicans are worth a dump in the toilet is that the Democrats are so bad."
Let me deconstruct this for a second. You seem to be claiming that Republicans alone are not worth a dump in the toilet, but that the Democrats are worth even less than that, which is the reason you voted Republican. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a good and quite well-established reason to vote. So once again you are not saying anything new. I voted for Stacey Abrams for governor of my state because she really did seem to be bringing some better ideas. But I have to admit that a large part of the reason was that her opponent ran so many attack ads that tried to demonize her with complete lies. Under no circumstances did I want a man like that as governor.

I do remember one ad which wasn’t quite so bad. The narrator was saying, “She wants to regulate guns, she sided with Obama on the affordable health care act, she once said something nice about Hilary Clinton…” and I was doing a thumbs up each time. I was kind of surprised at the end when I found out it was one of her opponent’s attack ads! :slight_smile:

November 7, 2018, 11:18 AM

Stacey Abrams vows to remain in Georgia governor’s race until “every vote gets counted”

If you can manage something more than toilet humor (which is the basis of all humor so that’s not as much of an insult as you might think), I’d like to hear what you think the actual issues are. Here are some suggestions:

The middle class, is it worth supporting, paying fairly, addressing health care?

Human rights, LGBT, women, POC, the need for workers (possibly foreign born)?

Crime, gun control, community policing?

World stage, Israel, Russia, oil?

Yes, I’ve been following the news on that governor’s race. Of course the Republicans on social media are accusing her of being a sore loser, and present Governor Nathan Deal already seems to be helping Kemp move his furniture into his office, but Abrams is perfectly correct to wait until all the votes are in before conceding. There may not be enough uncounted votes for her to win, but there could be enough to get close enough to justify a recount, when you consider that Kemp was the Secretary of State right up until noon yesterday (when he suddenly resigned), and was responsible for keeping the voter rolls. There used to be a time when you could expect a Southern gentleman to do the honorable thing and take him at his word, but sadly those days are past.

Lausten, if you’re asking me I’m down to basics like

NO ONE KNOWS GOD! G.O.P. stop pretending!!!

American’s waking up to the nasty totalitarian undercurrent of the christian/alt-right/oligarch funded attack on American civility and principles.

Making a point that physical reality and facts matters.

Waking people up to the need to learn about this planet and gain an appreciation for the marvel and complexity and fragility of our society and its habits.

Waking people up to the fact that kicking others in the balls, only guarantees future reprisals.


I’ve learned to believe America is pretty much built on fantasy thinking and now that society has gotten so big and self-consuming, that it threatens its own survival, it’s too late for people to honestly face the limits of growth and what we have done to our future. Now with this Trump thing, we’re only making sure it will go down as nasty as humanly conceivable - considering this current GOP thinks they are perfect and we liberals, children of the intellectual enlightenment, don’t deserve to breath. It really is that bad. Perhaps that’s one of the other things I would wish for Lausten, for people to realize what a con is being perpetrated again society and our future. Be interesting and scary to see how this Whitaker thing plays out.

I was actually addressing my question to the OP, but always interested in your thoughts CC. Pretty much agree with your analysis here.

If the left has accomplished nothing else in the last 30 years (and I could make a case for that), they have pulled back the veil of the moral high ground that the right had claimed. It is indeed men wanting control over their women, just like the kids said in the 60’s. Beating your children is not a family value, and now we have the studies to prove that we have been causing our own mental illness for centuries. What did they think MLK and Ghandi meant when they said violence begets violence? It is indeed white nationalism. I can’t even talk about the problem of our original Constitution containing legal precedent to allow for the ownership of people based on race without being accused of playing the race card. They never cared about Russian communism or Muslim terrorists other than to use them as a threat to their afternoon tea and all white clubs. We know that now but we don’t get to cut them out of voting or put them into housing projects or we’re just as bad as them. We have to figure out how to tame them, just like we tamed the church and keep trying to tame the military and police.

Every person who runs for elected office should remain in the race until every vote is counted. How ridiculous to jump the gun. Not staying the course is not democracy.