Primary Voting by party

Let’s say someone leans Blue in an overwhelmingly Red district. Would it be wrong to switch parties to try and get a more moderate Red on the ballot?
Especially if there were more than just one office up for grabs on the ballot

… I’m asking for a friend.

Why would it be wrong? Just do it.

I don’t see anything morally wrong with it. People vote for a variety of reasons, usually the lesser of two evils. As a strategy, seems like it would be hard to actually influence an election.

I don’t know. I’ve always voted Blue in a predominantly Red district/state. Except for parts of KC and St. Louis, Missouri is predominantly red, yet I’ve always voted blue, even went door to door and made phone calls for Obama, not once, but twice. It wasn’t bad, unless I ran into a racist or a xenophobe.

It’s a strategy move. In our district we have voters who’ve switched affiliation to be able to vote for Boebert’s (yeah, that congressional district) Republican opponent in the upcoming primary. It’s a nice gesture but won’t change anything.