The power of your vote

My first vote was for Anderson, 1978. I voted for Da Vid of the Light Party in 2000 because I hated the system and didn’t think it would matter. Then I experienced some of the darkest years of my life as a citizen of the US. I have been voting almost straight Democrat since then. Am I just getting old? Have I given in to the corrupt system? Or did I gain a better of understanding of making a moral choice between the lesser of two evils?
This is how it looks to me:
A scene in history, 240 years ago:
Black Woman: (standing, holding a tea set)
Tory Man: This Constitution is ridiculous. It doesn’t address universal freedom, it doesn’t mention women. It’s made for property owners by property owners. The system is rigged.
Jefferson: But we put the part in where you can change it. You get to vote.
Tory Man: Vote Shmote, I’m moving to Quebec.
Black Woman: (Blinks, imperceptibly clinches her jaw, takes a long slow silent deep breath)

Would the Tory Man find the rules any different in Quebec or the UK for universal freedom or woman’s rights?
Did the woman holding the tea set have Jefferson’s baby?

I been thinking on that lately.
Not that I directly discusses it in this essay.
But it does touch on the NEED to vote if you are an American rationalist of voting age. :cheese:

Why Vote Third Party? October 11, 2016
Wrote it in a rush so it's still needs some work, unfortunately the rest of my day is filled with some else's work. :) Hope to polish it some more in next couple days.
You must realize a vote for Mr. Trump, or a no-show, or a fantasy third-party is a vote for facade and hostility laced bluster over thoughtful substance and constructive engagement.
Well said, although I don't think you need the word "fantasy" with third-party. :-)