Chris Christie - Trump - Ukraine


conversation starter?

Your hero Pelosi has already fucked this up. Anyway - Mike Pence is better?

The Republican template - divert attention. NO MIKIE THIS IS ABOUT A PRESIDENT ACTING CRIMINALLY!

You like FOX.

  1. A non sequitur ha ha ha ha ha

Pence better than Trump? Yes. Pee is better than diarrhea.

But this is a serious day. We should all feel the sadness of having a POTUS whose actions mandate impeachment.

The terrifying thing is how many think like Player. It’s all a cynical game, winning and if they lose inflicting pain is all they seem to have.

No talk about process - fair play - American rules of political ethics - no humanity, just a bully brat, with ruthless followers, we’ve seen this before.


Back to terrifying Trump boys will be willing to do anything, they know no civil constraints and the lefties continue to stand on the side lines with their thumbs up their asses.


Listen to that near the end - and most of his supporters seem to be thinking RIGHT ON - rather than, My god what have we created!


Timb says religious freak is better


Don’t get me wrong we don’t need bullies meeting in the streets -

we need liberals to challenge and even confront that THINKING and AMORALITY that has taken hold

within that faith-blinded crowd who respond to every critique with diversions and hostility, never any interest to constructively reason together.

Its a challenge of two different world outlooks :


as opposed to

Spoiled brats demands

It’s the game they love playering at.

It’s only our democracy if we can hold on to it,

after listening to a little of Schiff questioning, seems like DNC is same as it ever was, hapless. That ain’t going to be enough for the fight that’s about erupt.

Trump’s dog whistle that’s where USA’s real nightmares will start.


Player you live by false assumptions.


And bet not a bit of the news I’ve shared has soaked in, like water off a frog’s back.


Not mentioned here by you frogs back

Be specific about what I say, if you are going to report what I say, Player.

To clarify, I said that Pence is better than Trump, as pee is better than diarrhea.

So using your style of reporting what other ppl have said, I could say: “Player thinks being drenched in pee is as bad as being drenched in diarrhea.”

  1. Yes you said a right wing Christian extremist is better. Whats your beef?

It’s quite the developing story, we can keep this up.

I’m happy to respond to your idiocy with updates.

Cc stop being a partisan pig

TimB, remember the AOC PUPPET posting. I didn’t think AOC could beat Pelosi and you did. You were right. The Turk’s group is busting up the Democrats as planned. Trump will get the next four years. The socialist wing of the Democratic Party will most likely go from seven to thirty members next election and become a power that must be dealt with.

The question is, what do you think is best for the Turk. The Democrats losing or winning? I think losing. And the Democrats are right on track where the Turk wants them to be.

CC, I know of no one worried that Trump will be impeached. Especially Trump. Maybe by the house. But who cares, the house is a total joke right now. More than a joke an total embarrassment for the country.