Tucker Carlson

He is a highly admired (by some) FOX News person.


Today, June 11, 2020. 113,000 dead from COVID and counting. Tucker told us that the Radical left Dems are to blame for shutting down the economy and that they lied to us all in order to impose their monarchical will. And their lie is responsible for all of the economic collapse and the terrible associated sufferings.

"...we do think it's worth four minutes taking a pause to assess whether or not they were in fact lying to us about the coronavirus and our response to it. And the short answer is this: Yes, they were definitely lying.

As a matter of public health, we can say conclusively the lockdowns were not necessary. In fact, we can prove that. And here’s the most powerful evidence: States that never locked down at all – states where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone – in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines. The state you probably live in."

So there you have it. This deep into the pandemic, the RepugLIARS are still trying to stick to their story that it was faked. That the measures taken that saved us from more hundreds of thousands dead by now, were based on Radical Left lies.

This is a major figure on a major TV news network. Lots of people watch and believe the likes of Tucker. This network is also the source of a lot of the T rump’s weird dysfunctional ideas. (Although lately he seems to be favoring the even more bizarrely far right network, One America News.)

This sort of denial of reality narrative is not anything particularly new by the T rump’s cohorts. I just wanted to document that they are still doing it, even now.


I often use the term Repugnants when referring to that group.

Yes. I have updated that. RepugLIARS incorporates not only their repugnant nature but also their most definitive characteristic now that they are controlled by the T rump. They, like he, are LIARS. Hence their Party is now the “RepugLIARS Party”. No longer a GOP, Grand Old Party, but rather, a Disgusting New Party.