conspiracies that the t rump is CURRENTLY spewing in his constant campaign

With two months to go until Election Day, Trump is simultaneously promoting at least nine baseless conspiratorial tales -- about protests, about the coronavirus, about voting and about opponent Joe Biden -- while embracing believers in the QAnon conspiracy nonsense.
  1. Thugs on a plane - (a conspiracy fiction that someone pulled out of their hoax inventing butts). As of recently, "... neither Trump nor anybody around him had presented any evidence for the story."
  2. The LIE that "antifa activists were being funded by the Democrats, billionaire George Soros or "other people."' There is no basis for the claims that the Democrats, Soros or another wealthy mystery patron is funding antifa or violent protesters in general.
  3. The t rump claimed "that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had admitted that only 6% of reported Covid-19 deaths are people who "actually" died from Covid-19." but the presence of "comorbidities" does not mean Covid-19 didn't cause the death. So the claim is a BIG LIE.
Then there are 6 others in this article. But this was 5 days ago. The t rump has been and will continue to be prolific in his Campaign Lying Points. He is a Mr Conspiracy Troll. He comes up with a conspiracy hoax and then loudly, confidently, and shamelessly makes claims that often have some basis in his projections of his own sins.

Not that the t rump cult cares about facts or our future for that matter. ‘Burn baby burn’ seems to be the Republican Party’s mindset.



He’s telling his people to vote twice. They’re supposed to mail in their vote, but then still go to the polls to make sure their vote got counted correctly. In many states mail in votes can’t even be opened until the polls close (though there is an effort to change that). That means every single person who does that is going to say, “They didn’t count my vote!” and vote again. Why? Because it will muddle the election results and paint it as not legitimate.

I think we all know what’s at stake this year. I’m voting in-person because of the high number of discarded mail-in votes (expected to be triple this year) and the extra vote manipulation by Republicans hoping to make it worse.

I think that in a free and fair election, Biden would stomp the creep, the t rump.

But I fear that the t rump is aiming to undermine the credibility of the vote and to cause delays in the votes being tallied, until he can use the Senate and the Courts to prevent the legitimate electoral college vote from being tallied, thus leaving it to be decided FOR HIM, by Congress and the Courts.

And some RepugLIARS who vote twice will not be caught right away. So in some cases the t rump is trying to double the votes that he gets.

Voter fraud by Dems is more rare than a 4 leaf clover. It is the Repugs who (along with their incessant attempts at voter suppression) who are most likely to engage in fraud.