America First! in death count

Everyday. EVERYDAY. We get T rump on our TV’s with his 2 hour show. The Pandemic Polarization Propaganda and Partisan T rump Re-election Panel.

And everyday, T rump tells us what a wonderful, amazing, perfect, blameless, errorless, fantastic job that he has done in all things having to do with COVID-19.

But if this is true, how is it that we have the worst outbreak, seemingly of anywhere in the world?

How is it that under such leadership we can have almost twice as many deaths as Italy, our closest competitor in total # of deaths?

Obviously, T rump is lying. But if he is lying to us everyday, in order to enhance his re-election prospects, that is a big problem.

It used to be that whenever some candidate, in an election season, got publicity on the networks, it was mandated that their opponents be given equal airtime.

Just to reiterate: T rump has NOT made America great again. Instead, he has led us to the precipice of a potential societal collapse.


Why is 40% of the nation still with him. I wonder if the joker can explain that? Russian social media sweat shops?


Report: Russian social accounts sow election discord - again By AMANDA SEITZ and BARBARA ORTUTAYMarch 5, 2020


https:// apnews _ com/0db953743c56cd6fd6e4ef73e02f120c

Since then, however, the Russians have grown better at imitating U.S. campaigns and political fan pages online, said Kim, who analyzed thousands of posts. She studied more than 5 million Facebook ads during the 2016 election, identifying Russia’s fingerprints on some of the messages through an ad-tracking app. Her review is co-published by the Brennan Center for Justice, a law and policy institute, where she is a scholar.

The Russian improvements make it harder for voters and social media platforms to identify the foreign interference, Kim said.

– Key takeaways from new reports on Russian disinformation
– Intel officials say Russia boosting Trump candidacy
– Social media’s misinformation battle: No winners, so far
“For normal users, it is too subtle to discern the differences,” Kim said. “By mimicking domestic actors, with similar logos (and) similar names, they are trying to avoid verification.”


Reports show Russia mounted sweeping effort to sow divisions, support Trump



https://www _ politico _ com/story/2018/12/17/russia-social-media-senate-report-1067113

Just saying it’s factual, it’s happening, and that it’s so easy to turn Americans against America is the sign of what faith-shackled self-certain day-dreaming (because thinking it sure isn’t) will do for a nation.

But there is a certain skill in our DOTUS’s repertoire of deceit. The 40% that believe his every mixed messages and patent lies and everything he says that cannot possibly be true, they will BELIEVE without reservation.

How do you think he shapes his thralls?

Perhaps we could come to a decent analysis of how he does it. (e.g., one thing he does is the use of repetition)

But I am convinced that he has the skill to enthrall his believers and it almost seems like a form of hypnotism. (I have never studied or put much stock in hypnotism, so IDK).

I know that he also seems a bit dimwitted for someone with such an ability. But I think it must be akin to the amazing ability of an idiot savant, or maybe it is just a rather unique talent that he has.

Why is 40% of the nation still with him.
Because they exist. They always existed. Populism is part of the political cycle and we missed it. We caused it, and we missed it. We thought Nazis were defeated with guns and bombs, we were wrong. You can't kill an idea. We thought we had them quarantined in the deep south, and we could visit their Bourbon and Beale Streets and see their old plantation museums. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out there was enough anger there to rally and get them to vote.

NO, no. It wasn’t always 40% - from memory I remember when Christians were content to let God and their religion be reflected in who they were and how they behaved and treated others. They were for the most part secure and didn’t fall into hysterics at folks who believed differently. Heck it was my very religious grandmother that first learned me about dinosaurs and the mysteries science was working on through reading me old Encyclopaedia Britannicas.

Don’t tell me Oral Robert and Billy Graham didn’t freshly poison millions of souls, with there absolutism - people who were original rather balanced and with a sense of humility and respect for others that used to be an American thing. So, 10% evolved into 40% - but I’m told to ignore it. That is exactly how the rationalists keep losing the battles that actually matter - because they refuse to recognize and learn from their mistakes, alway preferring to take comfort in the glass a third full.

Yes and we missed it, while I’ve been watching it unfold and trying to wake up the smug liberals.

Christ if I were a right wing delusional kinda dude, the corporate money and technical support would have been flooding in beyond my dreams, but among the liberal community, there is no sense of community, no appreciation for the stakes we were gambling away, lots of people in lots of smug self-satisfied private clubs that aren’t interested in the networking and cultivation required to create an actual emotional impactful movement.

So we hold our rallies - after the big decisions are made - We get to vent and feel better, than we go home to pat ourselves on the back.

and now it’s too late for sure, because on top of all the other self-destructive bullshit we’ve allowed to unfold and build into insurmountable problems, we’ve (almost deliberately) added a vigorous virus into our biosphere that is out to eat up humans, and that has evolution of it’s side, while we humans are left thread bare with our defenses and too busy with infighting and too intolerant to understand our situation enough to change anything for the better.

So we hang on by the skin of our teeth.

Don’t tell me Oral Robert and Billy Graham didn’t freshly poison millions of souls, with there absolutism
I wouldn’t tell you that. I could dig up some old posts or blogs showing how I’ve known that history. The problem though is Graham’s kid. Billy was absolutist, but he wasn’t as mean as this generation. That took some additional propaganda to stir up. And I never told you to ignore anything, I just don’t agree with you on the cause or the cure. I’m glad you are “trying to wake up the smug liberals”, it appears we agree on that as part of the cause.

I suppose I might be smug at times. But mostly, I don’t feel smug these days. More like – desperate.

But back to the point. We (the USA) are in the crap. Obviously so. This is not what T rump promised. We are not winning so much that we are tired of winning. We (the USA) are LOSING BIG TIME! A LOT! While T rump pretends he is perfect.

And the 43% don’t see the discrepancy.




But back to the point. We (the USA) are in the crap.


1/ The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic surpassed 50,000 in the U.S. – three months after the nation’s first confirmed case. 10 days ago, the number of recorded deaths stood at 25,000. Worldwide, confirmed coronavirus cases exceeded 2.78 million, with more than 195,000 dead. The U.S. accounts for nearly a third of the cases and more than a quarter of the deaths. Experts say a lack of widespread testing and differences in reporting standards could be masking the extent of the virus’s spread. Some states, meanwhile, began reopening and Trump signed stimulus legislation to boost small businesses, hospitals, and testing. (Washington Post / Wall Street Journal / Bloomberg)


The original and daily sin, ever since, of the T rump admin, has been and is insufficient TESTING. SMALL thinking, and poor foresight and persistent LIES about how wonderful our testing is and has been, has undoubtedly, imo, brought us to a much worse position than we would have been in, if we had had decent leadership from the top.

And the comparison of the USA’s fiasco in our Pandemic response, to the other countries of the world, suggest that the USA, relatively speaking, SUCKS!

The USA has a little more than 4% of the entire world population.

The USA has 25% of the deaths that have been recorded from COVID-19.

Again, as is the case EVERYDAY, the White House (T rump and his band of campaign re-election Pandemic Panel) told us that we have the best testing in the world and are going to have millions more of the best tests in the coming weeks. Note that they have promised this EVERYDAY for weeks.

If the lies ever become true, we THEN could be seriously making headway towards defeating the virus and opening up our economy again.

However, if we let the virus back in the game, to the point that the EXPONENTIAL spread gets going again, we will be screwed big time. Our gutting of the economy may me unrecoverable, and the trillions that have been given out to keep it on life support may have just been flushed down the toilet.

(Maybe that solves the mystery of where all the toilet paper went. It could be being used to flush all of those trillions that were pulled into existence out of our national butt.)

However, if we let the virus back in the game, to the point that the EXPONENTIAL spread gets going again, we will be screwed big time. Our gutting of the economy may me unrecoverable, and the trillions that have been given out to keep it on life support may have just been flushed down the toilet.
The economy will recover. It will be driven by the trillions given out and spent back into the economic system which gets a little anemic on account of the dilution of buying power (inflation). It's the weak that will be flushed down the toilet. America is a free market, survival of the fittest. If you can't cut it when the going gets tough, you go under.

Those great American protestors with their military style assault weapons, are just showing off their investments. (T rump said that they are some really good people.) Those are some nice guns they have (expensive, too). You could kill a lot of people in a very short amount of time with those babies.

I suppose the unstated message of showing off their weapons, was “We Americans have our rights!” I doubt that they plan to actually kill a lot of people real fast, in order to get their way on social distancing measures. But what else do you do with a tool that is designed for just that?

This is another way in which America is first. First in citizens packing military assault rifles, so that they can be ever prepared to kill a lot of people real fast, when necessary, or when they believe some far right delusion and just decide to use some ammo.