T's Virus not enough, next 'Trump's Bomb Trains' coming to a city near you.

Unless cooler heads prevail.


AG Fights Trump Rule Allowing 'Bomb Trains' Of Explosive Liquefied Gas The practice has never been allowed before in the United States due to safety risks.

By Michigan Advance/States Newsroom, News Partner
Aug 23, 2020


By Laina G. Stebbins - August 23, 2020

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Friday that she has joined a coalition of 14 other AGs in urging a federal court to review a new rule that would allow highly explosive materials to be transported by rail across the country.

The petition, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, challenges the President Donald Trump administration’s controversial new federal rule that would let trains carry rail tanks full of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The practice has never been allowed before in the United States due to safety risks. …

Nessel was among 15 other attorneys general who sent a letter opposing the proposed “LNG by Rail Rule” in January, urging the Trump administration to withdraw the proposal until its public safety and climate implications could be fully examined. …

LNG must be stored below -260 degrees, and upon escaping confinement, it expands rapidly to become a highly flammable and explosive cloud of gas. If ignited, the gas would create an inextinguishable pool of fire which could lead to a dangerous explosion. …


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What could go wrong


I may, yet, need the word for 11th among t rump’s simultaneous national crises.

He also has another crisis that he is formulating now, wherein, HIS (yes now it is HIS) “Intelligence” Dept, is not allowed to meet with Congress in order to brief them on intelligence matters. IOW, the Congress cannot ask questions about how our coming election is being compromised.

There is primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, and denary, followed by whatever the 11th is, and then there is the duodenary crisis.

If we make it to a duodenary crisis, then I assume we will be so f’d up by then, that any further crises on top of that would be like hammering a dead bug long after it expired.

This new and dangerous policy is indicative of the backward-looking approach to energy development in this country. The Republican party and powerful corporations want to keep energy production centralized and for the most part monopolistic because this model allows producers to dole out monthly streams of energy to every household in the country and for every address receiving this measured flow of electricity, a monthly bill is attached generating an enormous amount of money. This model was valid in the past as green energy technology was undeveloped, but we now know how to produce solar and wind energy in considerable volume. Green energy democratizes energy production and decentralizes its varied points of origin. When battery storage technology achieves the final breakthrough where large amounts of energy can be stored for residential and transportation use the final piece of the energy puzzle will be added. That’s why China is investing so much into this arena. The Chinese government knows if it can develop and export this clean method of energy storage to the world it will own the future. Meanwhile, the current specimen in the White House wants to dig more coal and his dumb and cowardly followers in the Republican Party don’t care as long as they can stay in office.

With what this nation spent on the Iraq War we could have built the infrastructure needed to switch from a petroleum-based transportation system to a clean solar-powered system and helped every American to purchase a battery-powered vehicle. We didn’t. The Iraq War garnered a 70 percent approval rating in its early days from the American people. The problem in this nation is poor citizenship and general ignorance.

The problem in this nation is poor citizenship and general ignorance.



A healthy democracy requires an informed and engaged electorate ! ! !