Don't send letters with poison to the tRump.

How silly is that? The tRump rarely reads. He is not going to go out of his way to open and read a letter.

As far as political assassinations go, the tRump’s friend, the Russian Dictator, Putin, has shown that poison is the top weapon of choice, followed by throwing people from great heights.

But not with letters.

Early in the investigation, a woman is suspected. And the letter was sent from Canada.

I imagine that others will try to kill the tRump. He has killed a lot of loved ones of Americans with his actions and lack of actions with COVID. Some folks believe in an eye for an eye. The tRump may yet reap what he has sown. But it will require more deception than sending ricin in a letter addressed to the tRump. Maybe if it was post marked from N Korea with kim yung un’s return address, then the tRump would rush to open and read it, thinking it was from his lover.

But no. I do not advocate trying to kill the tRump via a letter. It is also stupid because it could kill or injure some innocent persons (such as off-site letter screeners).

Really, it is a poor effort by someone, literally, just mailing it in.

And no one HAS to die. We must just massively defeat the RepugLIARs in the election. Some are already voting via early voting.

Biden/Harris 2020!!!






Silly canuck leftists. They must not know letters to the White House are always investigated.

A silly American right winger sent Obama ricin in a letter in 2013. This Obama hater, was American and should have known that a POTUS’s mail is screened. But I guess American righties are as stupid about what’s going on in America as are “canuck leftists”.