Trump's plan for his next presidency - Isaac Arnsdorf

It’s easy to get hopeless and mocking, still it’s stupid to get reduced to cynical mocking just to build up ones flagging ego, because elections do matter. Morality and ethics and consistency does matter. We are a society that’s committed it self to packing millions into cities, that demands intelligence, civility and compassion to operate successfully. An insane passion for vandalizing all things freedom living, in the name of freedom is insane, don’t you think so Ottozuts?

Elections matter and Democracy demands an informed engaged electorate, now more than ever.

Six drastic plans Trump is already promising for a second term

In recent speeches, the former president has begun specifying new policies he’d pursue if he returns to the White House, with an emphasis on crime, voting and shrinking the government

By Isaac Arnsdorf - August 16, 2022

For the first time since leaving office, former president Donald Trump has started getting specific about what he would do if he wins a second term in the White House.

The pitches he’s made onstage …

There has never been a potential candidate like Trump: a defeated former president whose followers attacked the Capitol, who still insists he never lost, and who openly pledges revenge on those he views as having wronged him.

As his 2016 campaign and administration showed time and again, from the border wall to the Muslim ban, he and his aides worked furiously to translate rally slogans into official policy — whether or not there were legal or political barriers to overcome. And if Trump does return to the White House in 2025, this time he will be surrounded by fewer advisers interested in moderating or restraining his impulses.

Instead, his administration would probably be staffed by dedicated loyalists, and would have the advantage of an emboldened conservative majority on the Supreme Court. He and his advisers would also have more experience in how to exert power inside the federal bureaucracy and exploit vulnerabilities in institutions and laws. … link

Execute drug dealers

Move homeless people to outlying ‘tent cities’

Deploy federal force against crime, unrest and protests

Strip job protections for federal workers

Eliminate the Education Department

Restrict voting to one day using paper ballots

and that’s just the warm up ! ! !

How’s he going to do all that and more? His team has figured out the algorithm.

To think it all started with a simple “advertising (public policy) notion”

the rest will fall into place, so long a one keeps their predatory instincts opportunity ready.

Perfect for reeling in the lost and fearful and remolding them into warriors such as our ottozuts100. Well at least that’s what’s written between the lines of his one-liners.

So Ottozut, what are you all about anyways? What are your moral and the ethics you strive to live by? I do wonder if you’re as self consistent as you seem to expect the global powers to be? Have a plan, or any serious suggestions?

I also wonder whether you ever practice critical thinking?
Or is it all partisan sloganeering for you?
I get to ask that because that’s how your many gratuitous one-liners come across.

You’ve shown no curiosity to learn, or to explain why you think how you feel.
Actually you don’t show us anything about yourself, just more boilerplate platitudes of the down trodden resentfuls. Justified perhaps, but hopeless and useless nonetheless.

What will you be present to Ottozut?

IMHO, the dotard is too old and ill (emotionally and physically, especially since he had COVID at his old age) to be president. IF he is elected again, which I rather doubt, because the majority has learned the first time around to get out the vote, it’s his VP we need to worry about, especially if he’s middle age and healthy-ish. His plan to cheat and steal the election isn’t exactly going to be for him, but who he loves as his VP.

Does this mean I’m not worried? No, I am, but I’m not concerned that the dotard will be in the Big House again. It’s his chosen successor I’m worried about. He could be far worse then he ever was.

I agree, two years is a long time and he’s crashing one way or another. The sad part is, as long as he’s alive he’s going to be as corrosive and destructive as he possibly can. Now he’s out for revenge because the world treated him so badly all his pathetic disgusting baby-man life & times.

Unfortunately our global biosphere and the society that depends on it, is also crashing and in this time, when we need sober thinking and cooperation more than ever, we have to deal with the romper-room tantrums of billionaires. He did serve them well.

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Very true and very well said, Citizenchallengev4.


Trump will rise again but I assure if he gets prosecuted he won’t run truth be told I have A feeling Donald Trump Jr. is going in, he’s son Jared won’t he did A bad job. This is the truth he’s succerso could be Pence but if Donald Trump Jr. runs everything will change ! Really people things are bad and in the future the war of Ukraine not stopped prices will skyrocket 200% in the coming months and next year will reach 1000% in 2023.

Things will get bad ;-; and A lot of people will lose thier jobs !

I disliked the slim-ball trump from his very first business failures and media whoring and that Hollywood gold plated chumming of his. I just gotta be on the front page, slimy don’t matter, just get my name on that headline. But I could recognize he had some sort of charisma about it, gold plated, but oh so many Americans dream of nothing but gold, so what the hey, I was busy with my own life and times.

By and by, turn the pages.

Now Arikel tells me trump junior wants be our next president?

Heck, the kid’s got the charisma of a piece of chum. You can’t be serious, can you?
. . .

Oh god, they like him?


Well that says it all. Back to you A.

Most definitely if the dotard and/or his cronies get into office again. A lot of people will die too. They will make sure of that. If they can’t kill them by starving them or with dirty water, they will kill them with corporate slave wages or gun point. It would be worse than Stalin or Hitler.

Of course the war in Ukraine won’t stop inflation. Inflation is due to Corporate Greed and a desire for control over the masses. Places like Walmart and Amazon are nothing more then modern day plantations.

ROFLMAO! You got that right! :rofl:

The 2000 election was the acceleration of the decay in American democracy with the republican controlled Supreme court over turning the recount of vote in florida which Gore had won and the the capitulation of Gore and the Democrats, along with the liberal establishment as a whole, to the Supreme Court’s intervention that has laid the path for the evolution of trump and his stooges.

On the day of the election, republicans were so hell bent on making sure Bush was president they engaged in a campaign of voter intimidation and fraud, including the setting up of checkpoints and roadblocks in predominantly black areas on Election Day. During the crucial Florida recount, they attempted to upset the vote counting through physical violence. This was all allowed to happen in front of the so called lovers of democratic rights- the Democrats

I never saw any voter intimidation and I live in a Red State. I did not vote for the Shrub either. I voted Democrat as I’ve always have, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah, I’m pissed about that too.

So what you wanna do about it?

How are you going to wake up voters to get informed and get engaged ?

So you are blaming the Democrats for the Repulican intimidation tactics?

How would you have handled the situation? Start intimidating Republicans?