Yo, check it out, Trump has a plan for the Republican Party

Yo, check it out, Trump has a plan I can get behind.

A real life DEMON at work. Where Trump walks things die.

His only goal is to become reelected as president, so that he becomes immune from prosecution again. If he doesn’t win, he’ll go to jail where he belongs.

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Presuming he means “Solve to his satisfaction”…
For many of us, it was solved long ago.
I’m down wit’ dat!

At least some republicans think it’s solved

I always figured he’d meltdown into a babbling blob.

Perhaps we’re at the beginning of that phase:

|Oct 14, 2021, Nicholas Reimann

Trump Faces Deposition From Mexican Protesters’ Lawyer On Monday

Former President Donald Trump has been ordered to answer questions as part of a lawsuit filed by a group of Mexican protesters that clashed with Trump’s security guards outside of Trump Tower in New York City in 2015, who were demonstrating against Trump’s comments calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.