Poisoning American Democracy




As the past four years has demonstrated.

Let’s bring FOX into it:


Judith Miller: Trump vs. Biden – the saddest, most outrageous moment of the president’s 2020 campaign
Trump has offered up the latest twist in an evidence-free narrative.

In what he had billed as a “big announcement” at the White House at 2:22 am Wednesday, President Trump could have chosen to highlight some of what he had achieved in his race for reelection. He could have boasted about having won more popular votes this year than in 2016. He could have talked about his campaign giving Republicans a strong showing in U.S. Senate races, where the GOP has a good shot at retaining its majority. …

Trump could have …

Trump declined the opportunity to toot his own political horn. Rather, he falsely declared an election victory that he had not yet achieved and vowed to petition the Supreme Court to demand a halt to the counting of ballots — ostensibly to prevent “fraud” in late-counted mail-in ballots. This was the latest twist of an evidence-free narrative that the president has echoed in tweets for weeks.

Yet again, Trump accused Democrats — calling them a “sad group of people” — of trying to steal the election, saying he wanted “all voting to stop,” which of course it had by the time he spoke.

What Trump really meant was that he wanted the courts to help him exclude millions of valid mail-in and early votes from the Midwestern and other battleground states where the winner of the presidential race remained undetermined, but which seem likely to go to for former Vice President Biden. …


Fortunately it looks like that attempt is going over about as well as the half dozen “October surprises” they tried to get started. I read a funny/sad article the other day about how Rudy the Red Nosed Lawyer has spent months “going down the food chain of conservative news” just trying his hardest to get someone to really run with the Hunter Biden laptop story, but the absolute best he could do is get conservative media to freak out about nobody covering the story they, themselves, won’t touch.

I went to bed on election night with Trump ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, and with more than that path to victory. I woke up the next morning with him losing everywhere in those states run by Democrats counting ballots dumps behind closed doors. American democracy is poison.

That is complete and utter bullshit AND you’re describing exactly what was expected, called a “red mirage”. I’m not going to bother explaining it to you because you already know that dumbass argument is complete shit. You just wanted to make it anyway.

I don’t think Sree really believes that Widdershins, so, no need to name it like that.

I wanted to avoid the news this week, but surprisingly my wife kept turning it on. It was weird to see the kind of conversations I’ve been having in anonymous chat rooms for 3 years, appear on TV. They were explaining that first you vote, then you count. They were explaining what evidence is and how, if you want to demonstrate something that no one else does, you first need some evidence, then you present it, then someone decides it is valid and worthy of trial, then you get a trial, etc. Oddly enough, anyone with a viewing device has seen the evidence of police brutality during that same 3 years, and they’ve seen the cases not get real trials, they’ve seen evidence get thrown out, etc.

What has been getting poisoned since McConnell was in charge is the justice system. Luckily, we have a thin thread of democracy left and we are protecting the Constitution from further erosion.

@sree Democrats counting ballots dumps behind closed doors.
Can you document any county in the US where the vote count happened under locked doors with out observers from both parties?

From my experience, at least in the All American State of Colorado and previous in California - is that you can go to the country clerks office an observe the proceedings. Given security concerns I can imagine that All American tradition might be under threat. But I haven’t heard of it.



So sree, the ball is in your court, lets see if you can come up with any evidence to back up your claims about secret ballot counts.

Can you document any county in the US where the vote count happened under locked doors with out observers from both parties?
What's been exposed is that a lot of people think you could. They think the number comes out of the machine they stuck their ballot in, and that's it. They have no idea who the people at the polls are or why one of them does nothing but hand you a piece of paper that you hand to the next person. They don't know that there are observers at every counting place, always. This kind of ignorance is not destructive, until someone tries to exploit it.

Let’s not forget that Republicans keep whining that Biden is trying to “steal” the election over a grand total, right now, of about 80,000 votes. But Biden leads by FOUR MILLION PLUS nearly 1 1/2 times that amount in the actual vote total. So AFTER we throw out the voices of nearly 4,040,000 people, saying that their voices just don’t count, THEN they want to throw out some more? I dare anyone to find 40, much less 4,119,000 illegal votes. At least TWO Republican investigations were quietly shut down before they would have been forced to publicly release their results, that they couldn’t find any evidence of widespread voter fraud and most of the election fraud that they found was on their own side, as was most of the very small amount of voter fraud that they found.

And they always want to toss out California. If you don’t count California then Trump won the popular vote. So what? People in California are American citizens too. People there voted for Biden by about 2/1, beating Trump by 4,027,593 votes (which, by the way, is less than Biden’s lead in the popular vote). What that actually means is that 4,027,592 million people’s votes were already thrown out. Biden only had to win by 1 vote there to get 55 electoral votes. Se we have already thrown out the votes of more than 4 million people just in California alone.

Frankly, I’m disappointed with Trump. Obama would have won a second term. And Obama would have won the popular vote both times. Obama didn’t have to whine about cheating because Obama was never losing. Trump is a real loser compared to Obama. Obama was a better president because he didn’t lose. Trump decided better of running against Obama in the 2012 election and pulled out so he wouldn’t have to lose to Obama. Now he’s losing to Obama’s sidekick. That’s worse. So sad. Very sad. No president has ever taken a beating as bad as Trump from a sidekick. It’s probably the biggest loss in history. It’s definitely a huge, huge loss. It’s embarrassing. So pathetic. What a loser, losing to a sidekick. He couldn’t even get more vote than Hillary and everybody hated her. Beaten by a woman, who’s like a 5, at best, and then by a sidekick. Sleepy Joe is kicking his ass. So sad. Very, very sad.