Trump has 2 options left

Now that we’re past the “Biden wins” part, Trump has 2 cards left to play. He’s working on one of them right now, legal challenges. The Supreme Court stole an election from Gore once, but that was over 500 votes in a single state. I don’t think they could really justify doing it in Pennsylvania PLUS 2 or 3 other states.

That leaves “faithless electors”, something which some of the douchebaggiest of Republicans have suggested. That is when the states send electors to the electoral college who are going to vote for Trump instead of Biden. It happens every year, and on both sides. But the idea is to purposely send die-hard Republicans and Trumpsters who will definitely believe that they have the right to vote any way they want, screw what the people want. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of those on the right. It’s kind of the default mindset, that “I win!” is the only result they will accept.

Fortunately just last year they lost a Supreme Court case (I think it was last year). Some states fine or replace faithless electors and they sued to be allowed to vote however they wanted, regardless what the people and the state said. They lost that case and, thus, do not have a right to supersede the will of the people. BUT that ruling only said that the state could fine or replace them. It did not rule that their votes do not count unless the state replaces them with someone who will vote the way they are told.

I think it extremely unlikely that either of these tactics is going to even come close to working. At best they’ll get Biden down to 270 in a “protest vote”. There’s no way even Trump’s stacked court could throw a legal election. If even one of them dissented that person would face an uphill battle to keep their seat on the Supreme Court over thunderous protests. They would lose all semblance of impartiality. And there is no way in hell the American people are going to let 50 state governments re-decide what we, the people already decided. Trumpsters are pissed as hell, so I think we can expect a large enough “protest vote” to make a difference, but not large enough to change the outcome. And if it is then look for not just lawsuits, but massive protests in states which don’t do something about it immediately.

Now IF high-up Republicans were backing this, then I would be worried. But it’s Ted Cruz and other little bitches like him. Nobody cares what the likes of Cruz or Nunez say. They’re losers, they’ve always been losers and they will always be losers. Hell, Cruz thought that half a term in the Senate was his ticket straight to the White House. But when you have a “punch me” face like Cruz and a personality not half as nice, good luck with that.