Trump's ego screwed him last night

I was up to watch Trump’s speech about how “they” were trying to steal the election. It took me a while to understand what the hell he was talking about when he said that he was up all night, but suddenly the numbers started changing because he we never up in electoral votes for more than a few minutes, only twice, and never by much. I finally realized, he was watching the popular vote.

It has always chapped his ass that he didn’t win the popular vote in 2016. To him, that’s ratings and ratings are love. People “loved” Crooked Hillary more than they loved him and that bugs him. And last night, as the votes came in and the popular vote went to Biden, that is the moment the president called the election in his head. EVEN THOUGH he said in 2016 that the popular vote didn’t matter, only the electoral college mattered, it was the popular vote that he was watching because that is his measure of love.

So, last night, the MOMENT the popular vote got away from him, that’s when he announced that he was going to speak. And an hour or two later he came out and tipped his hand WAY early. We all knew he was going to sue if he lost. We all knew that it would be partisan bullshit to try to steal the election. But we all have to pretend that it really is about being “fair” because in today’s politics if someone wants to believe a lie, they will. And that includes the Supreme Court. But last night when he threw out allegations of election fraud for no reason other than he was losing the popular vote on election night he threw all his cards to the wind. He just couldn’t wait until the votes they hope to contest in Pennsylvania come in because he didn’t like the votes RIGHT NOW. It is undeniably obvious that his claim is was based solely on the vote count of the moment and what he really, actually wanted was the vote count to stop RIGHT NOW and to be declared the victor in every state where he was ahead. Except in Nevada, I think it was. Biden was up there, but he still thought he had a chance to take it, so that’s the ONE state where he wanted the count to keep going.

This president is such a predictable moron with such a fragile ego that he just screwed his own court case because his ego wouldn’t let him keep his mouth shut for three days. Hell, it wasn’t three hours after the popular vote swung that he had to bitch and whine about it, if memory serves (the night is a bit of a blur). Even Fox had to post a story about it and couldn’t find a way to spin it in his favor after that whiney debacle more reminiscent of a toddler’s temper tantrum than a presidential speech.

Last night’s White House whine fest Trump meltdown was a very good thing for democracy. It made it much harder for the SC justices to pretend to believe that his lies are legitimate concerns in the upcoming court cases, giving his new SC picks a much harder road to ruling in his favor while still retaining an image of impartiality and a semblance of a working government.