Harvard Gazette games out how the tRump could steal the election


It seems clear to me that the tRump is recognizing that he will very likely lose a free and fair election. He has been very actively claiming that there is going to be terrible fraud by the Dems.

It seems clear to me from what the tRump himself has said, that he hopes that the election will be contested and wind up before the SCOTUS to be decided. (And it is clear to me that he believes that this will insure his winning, since he plans to have another of his personal picks in the Court by then, with a conservative supermajority.)

With his corrupt sidekick being Attorney General, and the DOJ as a personal campaign support system, I would think that the manipulations to get the election thrown to the SCOTUS would not be particularly difficult to accomplish.

(Unless the VOTE is so heavily in favor of Biden, that such manipulation becomes impossible.)

Trump will win the election by a good margin. The Dems know that. One reason they are begging their people to vote early is so that the votes will be cast before anyone get to hear Biden or Harris in the debates. They don’t want the public to know anything about him or her. Another is that every additional protest is another 100,000 votes for Republicans across the board and every business burned during a protest is another 600,000 votes for Trump. That’s why the fake media will not show them any more.

Remember that Hillary’s bunch asked Trump if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power? They’ve done the same thing again. They know they will not win. Trump should have said he would act as peaceful as the Dems acted when he won. Of course that involved continuous lawsuits, obstacles, investigations, harassments, lies and a baseless impeachment. Is their question irony or just plain hypocrisy?

Might as well give it up people. Obamacare is history, abortion on demand is done, gun rights and monuments are safe and socialism is off the radar for a generation. And, by the way, we are in the last few tens of thousands of years of a several hundreds of thousands of years of a colder climate going back to a warmer millions of years normal climate. You can dump the overcoats.

I hope the dotard doesn’t win or we’ll live under fascist Communism for far more years than we can imagine. He’s already setting up the Supreme Court to support fascism and Communism. He’s almost destroyed the Constitution and has had us under a continuous Constitutional Crisis since he took office. He’s the worst president (if you can call him “president”) the U.S. has ever had. He’s not a president. He’s a wannabe dic[tator] and he will be if he steals this election too.

Might as well give it up people.

That’s you and the dotard wants us to do. He has his thugs at election doors attempting to prevent people from voting. If you haven’t been listening to the news, then you probably don’t know this yet or may never know this. If you have a dumpster hat, mask, or what have you on you, you get free passage. Socialism is better than the dotard’s fascist Communism.