Trump Will Be Blamed For This

Lots of equivocations, just like a 5th grader!!!

You took a couple of words from my post, labeled them in a way that could do nothing but lead to more arguing about what your big word means, and made a simple sentence. Your weak AI programming is showing.

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Like Lausten said. “Let’s try 5th grade level.” Which used to be the level newspapers wrote in when they were trusted. It’s much harder to lie when things are simplified, and the meanings of words are not confusing or used to hide facts.

What do you think are the common factors and beliefs of those who participated are?

Trump is being charged on over 90 felony counts today. Is that correct? Personally, Trump may have broken over a thousand laws. I would be surprised if he hadn’t. President Trump gets around a lot. If you are not an inclusive you may have broken 90 felony laws this year so far yourself. How come the swamp is not going after you? How come you are not in jail. Bet you can’t guess within plus or minus 5,000 the number of laws there are. There have been many books written on this subject. Harvey Silverglate in 2009 wrote the book - Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. Trump just got ruled yesterday with Fraud and fined $355 million. The victim was the bank. The bank said Trump did not fraud them and Trump was an idea client. Are your viewpoints political or law driven? When the people feel the written laws are unfair. History has shown that the common laws or sometimes known as God’s laws are followed by the people when the rule of laws have been corrupted.

This one’s for you Yohe & dadadadada
Any tears for Jamal Khashoggi?

Feb 17, 2024 #CNN #News

CNN’s Jake Tapper calls out Jared Kushner, a top White House adviser to former President Donald Trump whose company received a $2 billion investment from Saudi Arabia, for continuing to defend ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman who the US says approved the murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. #CNN #News

Assessing the Saudi Government’s Role in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Classified By: Derived From: Declassify On: February 11, 2021

The victim was everyone who was cheated by Trump’s misrepresentation of his assets and liabilities. Under US law that is a crime, regardless who got hurt in that “false transaction”.

Note the “fine print” in all contracts that rely on “transparency” of information.

Reading The Fine Print On A Loan Agreement

Wait right there! Before signing on the dotted line for any type of loan agreement, you must read the fine print to have a clear understanding of what you are about to enter into.

Trump knew exactly what he was signing. He is the one who was cheating, not the lender.

Didn’t you say something about Trump putting children in cages? And then it turned out the pictures were taken during Obama’s leadership. Today, it is said there are over 100,000 missing children that you will not mention. Why don’t you clean that up first before doing political data dumps trying to change the subject. Or are you blaming Trump for Biden’s proxy Ukraine war. Trump said he would end the war within one day of taking office. We had better hurry and borrow money to keep Biden’s war going. What is the number of people being killed daily now. Between 6 and 8 hundred in the Donbass Territories and Ukraine?

And apparently a lot of people believe that. I have no idea why.

Try a business point of view. Trump sees no need for the war. And Russia doesn’t want a war either. So, how hard is it to call for a cease fire? Why do you want the war?

Putin does not want war with USA, he wants to destroy and conquer Ukraine.

Either Trump will give him Ukraine, either trump is bragging …

uSA wants to destroy russia and break it up into vassal states

May be. Does that justify the attack against Ukraine ?

In fact, i believe that the world could be improved if more balanced between 5 or 6 super powers, USA, Europe, China, South America, India and ?

But war, dictatorships, and genocides are not needed to achieve that.

I don’t. I also don’t want dictators. Tell me how we have neither.

mikeyoke, nothing changes, misrepresenting, what others said, heck making it up whole cloth, weaving fanciful nonsense via soothing words.
And not worth wasting any more time than I already have.

Germany, Britain, USA, japan and France have all invaded Russia at different times with assorted coalitions of other European countries supporting them. For Russia having a NATO invasion force stationed in Ukraine in addition to the one already stationed in Poland and the Baltic Neo-Nazi statelets poses an existential threat. Unless there is a successful revolution in Ukraine against the Nazi coup Russia would have at some point be forced to invade and occupy the Russian speaking east and south if NATO keeps building up its troop concentration under various pretexts.

And here we are

Not unless Russia invades a country and kills its citizens because they are not Russian.
And if that sounds confusing, think again.

No caveats. Russia cant be allowed to compete with US capitalism

What are you counting? Nazi Germany? The Napoleonic wars?

And lots of other wars. You cant believe it?

Russia-Ukraine War - Human Rights Watch

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, its war against Ukraine has had a disastrous impact on civilian life, killing thousands of civilians, injuring many thousands more, and destroying civilian property and infrastructure.

Russian forces committed a litany of violations of international humanitarian law, including indiscriminate and disproportionate bombing and shelling of civilian areas that hit homes and healthcare and educational facilities.

Some of these attacks should be investigated as war crimes. In areas they occupied, Russian or Russian-affiliated forces committed apparent war crimes, including torture, summary executions, sexual violence, enforced disappearances, and looting of cultural property. Those who attempted to flee areas of fighting faced terrifying ordeals and numerous obstacles; in some cases, Russian forces forcibly transferred significant numbers of Ukrainians to Russia or Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and subjected many to abusive security screenings.

Russian forces’ countrywide, repeated attacks on Ukraine’s energy and other critical infrastructure appeared aimed at terrorizing civilians and making their life unsustainable, which is a war crime.

USA cannot let rivals like russia and china to go unchallenged to its global hegemonic order.