Trump Found Guilty

I’m surprised no one posted this yet.

The anti-Trump crowd can rest assured the system still works, although it might not work well enough for some when the sentencing happens.

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34 counts of felony. He’d better go to prison or the system doesn’t work at all anymore. I’m happy that criminal is potentially going to prison form at least 34 of his crimes. Though I don’t think he should be walking around free before his sentencing. He’s a flight risk to say the least.

Sure, okay.

Though Florida’s judge Cannon sure has created an insane cockup for America’s judiciary and government and people in general. Breeding contempt for the system is their MAGA goal.
while the beat goes on . . .

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The election is over. Period. Even more people will vote for trump now

It was predetermined wasn’t it? Not rigged, I mean the challenge was to get past all of the filings, the delays, the motions, the requests for dismissal. Trump admitted guilt publicly when it first came out. The trial just made it official.


trump has evaded every criminal act - or had someone else take the fall - that he has committed. About time something stuck.


Probably. That’s how cults work.

Really? They really want a felon as president? Someone who has more felony charges than a Black man with 4 drug possession felony charges? Give me the Black man with 4 felony drug charges then as president. I’m sure he could do a better job then that ugly racist, sexist, xenophobic, hypocritical, bigot did. Hillary could have done a better far better job and she wouldn’t run the country into the gournd like that orange creature did. She certainly wouldn’t commit as many crimes against humanity, that the orange creature should be charged for too. That disgusting creature needs to rot in prison.

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He said, “the real verdict will be Nov 5th.” That’s a dangerous mix of politics and law, implying votes are above the law.


Yes, I’ve read this is a very dangerous time now, especially for President Biden. Which I find very sad, but the dotard’s threats on the media make it worse.

Pretty frightening that the Ugliest of Americans is so beloved by so many.

I mean just listening to that incoherent slob - people want that for a president to represent us> How have we gotten so profoundly sick? Oh now I’ve offended MAGA, I’m supposed to say it’s okay to have total disregard for our Constitution and the spirit of the Laws of our nation. Disgusting to the core.

What’s that say about the collective failure of Americans to uphold its founders’ ideals. It’s extra frightening considering that climate is just starting with its “disruptions” - when we need cooperation and coordination and focus on the serious business of constructive confronting the changes coming at us, . . .

Instead this baby pig has sucked up all the oxygen from the room, so to speak.
Sad, sad, tragic.

One breath of fresh air was the jury. I was expecting at least one Trumpian to throw a wrench in the decision making process, but a unanimous decision of guilt on all counts is heartwarming.

If the rest of the population is as clear minded as that jury, we don’t have much to worry about during elections.

There is that.

A beautiful thought.


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My guess is some are weighing up a felon vs what they consider a war criminal genocide enabler. Just saying

From the article:

What to expect from sentencing

The minimum sentence for falsifying business records in the first degree is zero, so Trump could receive probation or conditional discharge, a sentence of no jail or up to four years for each offense. Trump would likely be ordered to serve the prison time concurrently for each count, so up to four years, total.

“The judge could sentence him to anything between zero and the max,” Horwitz said. “So he could sentence him to a period of months in jail, he could sentence him to a period of weeks in jail, he could sentence him to a sentence where he is required, for example, to go to jail every weekend for a period of time and then serve the rest of the sentence on probation.”

In an analysis of comparable cases brought by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Norm Eisen, who has written a book about Trump’s 2020 election-related federal indictment and served as special counsel in the first impeachment of the former president, found that about 10% resulted in imprisonment. But the circumstances surrounding the case make any across-the-board comparison difficult.

This might be the most important part:

Trump could also be sentenced to home detention, where he would wear an ankle bracelet and be monitored rather than going to jail. Horwitz suggested that a home detention sentence, which walks a middle ground between no punishment and a stint in state prison, might be the most likely outcome. It would also satisfy Trump’s unusual security and political situation.

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Everyone has their personal quirks but keep in mind the law doesn’t work by validating one view or another.

With 34 counts of felony, the man should serve time. Any other person would serve time. So him not serving time would either be privilege or they are afraid of him or total BS.

Tell that to Judge Cannon. :wink:

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It is all political. Over 7M people killed by actions of the Dark State and greedy people want to lock up anyone who is a threat to the Dark State. What was the felon action that Trump did? I don’t think most people know what Trump was charged with. I for one didn’t and still don’t. Other than he paid a guy who paid a girl to be quiet. Which is legal. The problem was in the keeping of business records, which is a felony in New York.

Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

In Three Felonies a Day, Harvey A. Silverglate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior. Jan 5, 2019