Trump the Tarriff Taxin' Twit

Anything that Trump says is subject to being reversed at any given moment by Trump. But the particularly egregious “plan” that he has out forward re: Mexico either stopping Central Americans from coming to our border, or face trade tariffs, cannot be ignored.

He keeps lying to us about tariffs not being a tax on American consumers. But this, yet another, trade tariff tax on us, via Mexico this time, will also hurt Mexico and their economy. We have been net zero with immigrants coming form Mexico, but if we blow their economy, then Mexicans will again be inclined to come here, if our economy is stronger. The peso went down in value already. Tariffs hurt both parties, but Trump is grasping on to them like a snake oil cure all (that he doesn’t realize is actually toxic).

Also, meanwhile, the replacement trade deal for NAFTA, USMCA is less and less likely to be done. Trump cannot close a deal. Has he completed a trade deal with any country?