Bizzaro POTUS

Seeming to be more egregious and irrational than is usual, even for him, our POTUS, has been threatening to close all, or substantial parts, of the border with Mexico (for a long time) starting this coming week, unless Mexico prevents ALL illegal entries into the U.S.

Shutting the border will not prevent illegal crossings. It may well increase them. It will cause economic chaos. Tho it will hurt us economically, it may hurt Mexico worse. Maybe this is our sick POTUS’s way of getting back at Mexico for not paying for his wall.

This latest nutso declaration, comes on the heels of his having Ditsy DeVos repeatedly defend taking funding away from Special Olympics, only with our pious POTUS belatedly coming in today to say that he was reinstating the Special Olympics funding, and that it had been his staff that wanted to take the funding away.

Also, he has declared his renewed intention of killing off Obamacare completely (still a possibility) AND he declared that Republicans will be the party of great healthcare (still an impossibility). Neither he nor his party have ever had a feasible replacement for the positive aspects of the Affordable Health Care bill, that they have not yet killed off.

So it’s just one insane proclamation after another, the last few days. This kind of crap is not atypical in this f’d up administration, it’s just that the rate and intensity of insanity seems to be increasing.



Our conman POTUS has updated his BIG LIE about Repubs being the “Party of Great Healthcare”. His lie remains that but, oh MY!, he says the plan that he and the Repubs have, tho better than Obamacare ever was, will not be revealed until AFTER the 2020 election when he is re-elected and the Repubs take back the House.

In the words of ChurchLady: “How conveeenient!” or in the words of the SNL compulsive liar of the 90’s: “Yeahh… That’s the ticket.”