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Seems off the wall, but it is, by far, not among the worst of his ideas.

“Seems off the wall, but it is, by far, not among the worst of his ideas”

Hey everyone. Have a look at what this bloke just said!!! Probably thinks fuk it - just invade and take it over like everwhere else

Seriously, is that a thing???

Anyone have a clue why America would want to own Greenland?

Or is it all simply another indication of increasing right-wing disconnect from reality?

It it supposed to secure fresh water for our farmers??? Or has it even been thought out that far? What else would we want to take from Greenland?

It’s Trump tweetiness. It’s a thing. It’s an idea that will go nowhere. The Dutch own Greenland. They’re not selling. Case closed.

But owning Greenland would be like owning Alaska or the Louisiana Purchase. IOW, access to land and natural resources and strategic location.

So if someone were selling, it would not be a bad idea, imo, to consider buying. They’re not.

Building a wall to solve all of the problems of immigration is a worse idea. Banning the travel of all Muslims is a worse idea. Separating asylum seeking children from their families is a worse idea. Caging asylum seekers in poor conditions is a worse idea. Having a massive tax cut that massively benefits the already wealthy, while massively increasing our national debt, is a worse idea. Having tariff wars with multiple countries, esp China, and thus paving the way for the next recession, is a worse idea. Space Force might be a worse idea. Almost each one of Trump’s cabinet picks was a worse idea. America no longer having a constructive diplomacy capacity is a worse idea. Shall I continue?

  • I thought you were an earth citizen? Are you fake news? Access to the potential fossil fuels that now can be accessed due to a melting earth.

Why didn’t anyone confront my error. I said that the Dutch own Greenland. It is Denmark that owns Greenland.

Makes me wonder if anyone reads my posts. :frowning:


TimB said,

Why didn’t anyone confront my error. I said that the Dutch own Greenland. It is Denmark that owns Greenland.

Makes me wonder if anyone reads my posts.

I always do.

I didn’t check my mail for your posts yet. I surely would have called you on it. I am from the Netherlands…hehe.’

Greenland does not have an independent seat at the United Nations. In 1979, Denmark granted home rule to Greenland, and in 2008, Greenlanders voted in favor of the Self-Government Act, which transferred more power from the Danish government to the local Greenlandic government.

Thanks Write!

The US almost bought Greenland 150ish years ago, but the Senate wouldn’t approve it. More recently, Teddy Roosevelt wanted to buy it also.

If we can’t buy Greenland, how about Iceland? The Icelandic people are intelligent and attractive, I wouldn’t mind owning one (I mean if they were ok with it.) Does it work that way? If you buy a country, are you buying the citizens of that country also?

Speaking of Iceland, the 1st of the 400 glaciers there, was declared dead this month. The other 399 are expected to be killed off by global warming, maybe by the end of this century.


Sad about those glacier though.

Dickhead Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland


US President Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with the Danish PM after she unequivocally shot down his dreams of purchasing resource-rich Greenland, a much-memed possibility about which the president was quite serious.
Trump thanked PM Mette Frederiksen for being “so direct” and sparing “a great deal of expense and effort” for both countries, which apparently have few pressing matters to discuss absent the gigantic and seemingly absurd real-estate purchase. The meeting, scheduled for two weeks into the future, would be postponed “for another time,” the president tweeted on Monday.

It is distressful, to me, to know of the shabby, disrespectful, bumbling Trump-verbal-treatment of allies (atm, e.g., with Denmark), and his actions toward them being so petty or, perhaps, manipulative.

Tim, I imagine some of us read your comments and missed your faux pas - not that I’m pointing any fingers. ;- )


He’s a showboat, being provocative is all Big T has.

Besides, I firmly believe (and the record supports the notion) that harming our government as much as possible IS his thing, now that we handed it to him.

Trump is politically, globally, reality stupid, but he knows how to manipulate people and now he’s the ultimate brat acting out - and most accept it with the same ease they accepted Cheney, et al’s greed driven, war mongering insanity.

But remember the sorts of people who are actually doing the deeds and calling the shots, hand picked by the likes of Murdoch’s, Koch’s, Mercer’s, oh and lets not to forget the Saudi royals and Putin.

Guy would you know the difference between a real woman and one who’s playing you for what she can get out of you?
Hell yes. Been there, done that.

This forum is haunted.

Post from another thread ended up here!

"hand picked by the likes of Murdoch’s, Koch’s, Mercer’s, oh and lets not to forget the Saudi royals and Putin."
Sounds like Citizen wants a war with Russia. What a lunatic

Don’t be ridiculous, Player. As in stop providing baseless ridicule. No one wants a war with Russia, cuz US and Russia have, by far, the most stockpiled nuclear weapons. So much assured mutual destruction could ensue. Thus it either isn’t going to happen, or if it does, you are unlikely to be around to care.

But in your book, it seems that means that we must cower from and hide and deny any bad and democracy threatening behaviors by Putin. If that is your policy, that is what deserves ridicule. We don’t have to suppress our own free speech in order to avoid a war with Russia. They don’t want a military war with us either. They want to win by undermining us using our society’s freedoms against us. Stop helping them by denying their on-going propaganda and influence attacks that undermine what is left of our dmocracy.


I bet you have guy. Bet it would be a blast spending an evening at the bar hearing all about it.

Tim about sums it up. Player is more interested in putting everyone into his little pigeon holes because that keeps it nice and simple to judge - the real world is too overwhelming. Well, that’s how we wind up with Trump lovers, now there’s a guy that says it like it is.

Right, Player?