Another Trump Thread

Did anyone catch Trump’s remarks yesterday, leap day? NPR played a lengthy segment from him, it was rambling, but I think they wanted to show how stupid it was. He was talking to a college audience, rambling about tuition, but offered no help, then he slid into them not having job offers, then he started talking about Apple sending jobs overseas, and promised that he would have them make iPhones here in America. He said a couple more things about bringing jobs back and of course keeping others out (implying Mexicans without saying it).
The crowd was eating it up, which is scary because a college educated crowd should know the jobs he was talking about are not college jobs. They were cheering that they could get jobs as entry level workers willing to work at low pay. That’s why they exported those jobs and why they hire undocumented people to do the jobs he was talking about here.
They followed it up with Cruz talking about secure borders. Rubio tried to make some sense of it, but he had to be careful about how he said it.

It is frightening that college students would fall for Trump’s rhetoric, but this may be a case of the audience being self-selected. The smart ones probably had better things to do. I’ll post more after I find the piece online and give it a listen.

So I hear Trump has boned up and is now ready to face the force of Megyn Kelly
Rather than the candidates yelling at each other, maybe he and Megyn should just carry on the debate. Probably be more interesting.