T rump's Economy Not all it's cracked up to be


Comparing the last 32 mos of Obama’s tenure- Way more jobs were created under Obama than T rump. This, despite the massive tax cuts for the wealthy, despite the now extraordinarily low interest rates due to T rump cajoling them to keep reducing interest rates.

The national debt grows under T rump like a magic beanstalk, and is the highest ever.

The vaunted deal maker (T rump) who said we would win so much we would tire of winning, has completed ZERO trade deals, still. Nada. He has lost us $Billions due to his whacky tariff-mania.

T rump was in a family business. It did not qualify him to run the USA. He is first, foremost, and forever - HYPE.

Here is an analogy of how much T rump is HYPE over substance. Recall the famous trade deal between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys when Dallas traded Hershel Walker for massive numbers of the Vikings draft picks? The Cowboys went on to establish a Dynasty in the 90’s. The Vikings? Not so much. Hershel Walker was a substantial running back (probably a better running back than T rump was a business man) but he was WAY MORE HYPE than substance (as is T rump).

The USA’s acceptance of the T rump hype will not make us win until we tire of winning. It is making us mediocre losers.

We’ve already gone from “world leader” to “world joke”. It will take the US decades to recover it’s world standing, just like it will take us decades to recover our credit rating after the last time the GOP had enough control to screw us.

Three Fed rate cuts this year alone!! Of course this is understandable since we have been in a recession-- NOT!!!

Those rate cuts work out well for the stock market. But now when we do get in a recession and the stock market drops like a rock, there won’t be much room for rate cut stimuli. Thanks to T rump.