Trump Announces Another Run

Former President Donald Trump has officially announced he is running for president in 2024, marking his third bid for the White House.

Saying “We are a nation in decline” and “America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump made the announcement Tuesday night in an address from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

This could be really fun.

Trump is a scratched disk which repeats itself.

The only matter is to know if he has still the support of the Republican MAGA base.

In fact, MAGA Republicans without Trump are much more dangerous than with him. Same rotten ideas and program, but a new more appealing cover.

MAGA are not finished, even if Trump is.

He’ll be 78 in 2024. My question is, why do we keep electing old dudes? We need to start putting in Gen X at the oldest. Anyone old enough to president, but isn’t yet 65 or 70 would best, IMO. As for the dotard, I’m really hoping he goes to prison before 2024. If not, I don’t know if the MAGAts are numerous enough to put the dotard back into office again. If that happens though, we can kiss the U.S. goodbye.

What I want to know is this - what does it say about the US, or the world in general, that on the same day the person representing the worst in humanity makes this announcement that could affect the entire world, on that same day people who represent the best in humanity launch a remarkable craft to the moon that’s the start of something that could affect humanity as well?

We’re always on the knife’s edge, between utopia and collapse

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I discovered this great description of Napoleon’s march back in 2016. Trump’s “march” wasn’t quite as good, but it seems like an appropriate comparison. I don’t think he has a chance, but that’s what everyone said in 2016.

For old times sake, here it is:

The French newspapers which, in 1815, were subject to the censor, announced the departure of Bonaparte from Elba, his progress through France, and his entry into Paris in the following ingenious manner:

— 9th March, the Anthropophagus has quitted his den

— 10th, the Corsican Ogre has landed at Cape Juan

— 11th, the Tiger has arrived at Gap

— 12th, the Monster slept at Grenoble

— 13th, the Tyrant has passed through Lyons

— 14th, the Usurper is directing his steps towards Dijon, but the brave and loyal Burgundians have risen en masse and surrounded him on all sides

— 18th, Bonaparte is only sixty leagues from the capital; he has been fortunate enough to escape the hands of his pursuers

— 19th, Bonaparte is advancing with rapid steps, but he will never enter Paris

— 20th, Napoleon will, tomorrow, be under our ramparts

— 21st, the Emperor is at Fontainbleau

— 22nd, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, yesterday evening, arrived at the Tuileries, amidst the joyful acclamations of his devoted and faithful subjects.

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:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

“Florida man makes announcement”

See page 26

Yes, this will be fun - for a while. Then it too will become nauseatingly too much.
We have TWO YEARS!! :scream::scream:

We can say “the Founders of this nation never intended for septuagenarians to run the country.”

Quick Google:
Life expectancy in the America of 1787 is about 38 years for a white male .

Sure, the exact number is arguable, but it won’t be anywhere near 70.

A lot of my ancestors allegedly did live to and even past 70s. They came off the Mayflower too- maybe not those who lived to 70, but those after that. Longevity is a thing in my family tree.

They all ran on how bad the economy is and how Democrats “aren’t listening to their pain”, but what is their priority?

U.S. House Republicans make investigation of Biden a top priority (

Makes me want to barf

I would just like Republicans to actually come out and say what they want. They cry about “not being heard”, but when I ask, they don’t talk, they speak in code, of “values”. What values?

Tucker Carlson recently asked, rhetorically, “why do we want diversity?” He’s an idiot, but he knows the question plays to his audience, because they don’t know. A liberal might also have trouble coming with up an answer, but there is an answer, lots of reasons.

I’d like to ask Tucker, “why do we want values from 100 years ago? what traditions are good, and why?” He’d just look at me and say it’s obvious and something about America being dominant during WWII or something.

I wonder how anybody can call themselves to be religiously “conservative” if their hero is one the very few individuals who has broken ALL 10 commandments in the Bible, repeatedly and bragged about it publicly.

Are these people glutton for punishment? Don’t they know that everyone who loves and serves Trump will end up in Hell?
He is the expected anti-christ, but true to the legend he is a master deceiver and his lies are Legion.

Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30573 over 4 years


And they want to place their trust in this? It boggles the mind.

“Holding a shirt just for YOU”

The email then transitioned to a sales pitch for Trump campaign shirts, which supporters were informed they could receive for “free”—in exchange for a $47 donation.

“The grift continues”: Trump tries to cash in on his indictment

Trump is selling $47 indictment t-shirts

By JAKE JOHNSON - MARCH 31, 2023 1:30PM (EDT)

MSNBC 's Steve Benen wrote Friday that “in theory, it might seem impossible for a scandal-plagued politician to turn a criminal indictment into a grift.” …

“In practice, the relationship between Donald Trump and his followers is not normal,” Benen added, noting that the Trump campaign has successfully raised money off impeachment proceedings, efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, and supposed post-election campaigns to “secure” future contests.

The latter fundraising ploy yielded millions of dollars for Trump’s PAC—but that money was reportedly funneled toward the former president’s travel costs and other expenses, not the election battles donors were promised. …

The Trump campaign said it raked in at least $2 million in donations in the week after the former president predicted on his social media platform earlier this month that his arrest was imminent.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., meanwhile, used his appearance on Sean Hannity’s live-audienceFox News show Thursday night to plead with Trump supporters to “give the president some money to fight this bullshit.” …

I want to see him in prison for the rest of his life for the crimes he has committed. With his health and advancing age, I’m sure his life sentence won’t be too long.

PSA: Help These Conservatives Heartbroken By Trump’s Indictment

Help MAGA Republicans through an event that is apparently sadder than a school shooting.

Back in the “real” world, MAGA’s horror at public urination reaches boiling point.

A deep dive into fake Law & Order Party:

Oh wait, aren’t all those tears being shed by co-conspirators against the US Constitution and our form of government along with the pluralist society that Constitution protects?

Yeah, this is ‘old news.’ It’s a ‘developing story’ as they say.

March 9, 2023

The election-denying Republicans who aided Trump’s ‘big lie’ and got promoted

In 2022, many Republicans who embraced election denialism were re-elected and, in some cases, elevated to higher office
Alice Herman, Carlisa N. Johnson, Rachel Leingang, Kira Lerner, Sam Levineand Ed Pilkington
March 9, 2023

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18