'Toxic Christianity' champions for Trump

Mike Y.: As far as the Faith stuff. There is some political stuff going on about abortion. Other than that, I don’t see a lot of faith items in the news.

Next, CC returns to religion. I have explained it several times.

Now dear citizens let this next on soak in

Mike Y.: Point being. Just because you are born here. Live here. Work here. That does not make you an American other than by birth. You might be a communist. Americanism is an idea built upon knowledge. The way people should live and treat each other. The Democrats are in no way Americans for the most part.
Xenophobic, absolutism - like I've been say folks. Hang on imagine it's going to get worse than you can imagine, with that kind of thinking becoming mainstream.

So I did me a little looking around for supporting information for what I claim regarding evangelical/Trump connection and why they scare the hell out of me.

Rationalists, progressives, non christian-elitists, children of the Intellectual Enlightenment

BE AFRAID, be very afraid, then get up and do something, your freedom depends on it.

'Toxic Christianity': the evangelicals creating champions for Trump

At Liberty University, students and faculty have faith in the president to help ‘create generations of rightwing Christians’ – but some are uneasy

by Harriet Sherwood in Lynchburg, Virginia  |  Oct 21, 2018

<a href="https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/21/evangelical-christians-trump-liberty-university-jerry-falwell">https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/21/evangelical-christians-trump-liberty-university-jerry-falwell</a>

Three times a week, 15,000 students stream into the Vines Center, a huge silver-domed building on the campus of Liberty University for “convocation”, an intoxicating mix of prayer, political rally and entertainment. Thousands more watch a live stream of the event.

The star attraction has twice been Donald Trump, in 2012 and 2016. His first appearance was as a successful businessman and reality TV star, the second as the man campaigning to be the Republican party’s candidate for president. …

Evangelical leader promises ‘most ambitious’ voter mobilization in community’s history for Trump



Ralph Reed, head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, promised the “most ambitious and far-reaching voter mobilization effort” in the evangelical community’s history as it rallies in support of President Trump’s reelection campaign, The Washington Times reports.

Reed said plans are in the works to register 1 million evangelical voters, knock on 3 million doors and put literature in more than 117,000 churches in key states. He hopes to contact roughly 30 million people in the effort, the Times reports.

“It’s going to be roughly three times the level of what we did in 2016,” he said. …

Will Trump solidify more Christian voters in 2020? This evangelical leader thinks so

By Caleb Parke | Fox News

<a href="https://www.foxnews.com/politics/will-trump-solidify-more-christian-voters-in-2020-this-evangelical-leader-thinks-so">https://www.foxnews.com/politics/will-trump-solidify-more-christian-voters-in-2020-this-evangelical-leader-thinks-so</a>

President Trump was elected in large part by evangelical Christians and polling shows he is doing even better among faith-based voters, which conservative religious leaders hope to translate into votes.

Born-again or evangelical Christians made up nearly one-fourth of the 2016 electorate, 80 percent of whom cast their vote for Trump, according to exit polling. A Public Opinion Strategies poll now says that number is at an 83 percent approval rating.

Who’s Who of Trump’s ‘Tremendous’ Faith Advisers

The Republican candidate finally names his campaign’s evangelical connections.



Following his much-anticipated confab with nearly 1,000 evangelical pastors and leaders, Republican candidate Donald Trump has released a long list of his born-again advisory board. …

Oh, and here’s an interesting aside.

In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law. He didn't.

By Aliza Nadi and Ken Dilanian  |  Aug. 28, 2018

<a href="https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/trump-told-christian-leaders-he-got-rid-law-he-didn-n904471">https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/trump-told-christian-leaders-he-got-rid-law-he-didn-n904471</a>

In a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders Monday night, President Donald Trump repeated his debunked claim that he had gotten "rid of" a law forbidding churches and charitable organizations from endorsing political candidates, according to recorded excerpts reviewed by NBC News.

In fact, the law remains on the books, after efforts to kill it in Congress last year failed.


Evangelicals' White House meetings illegal, church-state watchdog says

by Adelle M. Banks  |  Sep 4, 2018

<a href="https://www.ncronline.org/news/politics/evangelicals-white-house-meetings-illegal-church-state-watchdog-says">https://www.ncronline.org/news/politics/evangelicals-white-house-meetings-illegal-church-state-watchdog-says</a>

WASHINGTON — A church-state watchdog is demanding a halt to meetings between the Trump administration and an informal group of evangelical advisers who have proved to be among the president's staunchest supporters.

The Theology of Donald Trump

Four words that reveal what his followers really believe.



The way people should live and treat each other.
And how the hell is that, pray tell?

What gives any country the right to keep certain people out of it? Where does that “right” come from?


Xenophobic, a word from the Left news today. You could not wait to start using your new label as your driving force is the Fake News Media.

Back to the fear tactics. It worked so well with Climate Change why change the method for your communist political goals.

You are right and we are in agreement about the religious voting for Trump. Thank you for making that a reality.


This might be going over your head. But I will try and explain what I perceive is going on here.

Kids go to school and are taught beliefs in the form of data or knowledge. Knowledge is nothing more than data compared to other data. A college professor is someone who has been in the system for twenty-five years or most of their young lifetime. These professors get older and run the educational system.

It is a system built upon knowledge. We today have one of the best and most expensive systems of knowledge ever contrived in the world. Definition of moderation can be the ‘knowledge of knowledge’. And we have the most knowledge education system ever known to man.

Socrates, Aristotle, Aristotle, Plato, Heraclitus, Heraclitus, Epicurus, Epicurus, Epictetus, Epictetus, Pythagoras, Pythagoras and the entire buddha teaching system did not use our type of system. Nor did they want to.

Greek philosophers were “seekers and lovers of wisdom”. They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. Our system uses knowledge, not logic or wisdom. Sorry to say that our professors are more or less the users of data dumps. Making pie charts and pointing fingers.

Jesus was a philosopher of wisdom and a teacher of wisdom. What is the logical pathway for an American wanting to be involved politically? The pathway of knowledge or the pathway of wisdom?

Now, logically speaking, if any of this was true. Then as people get older, they are supposed to get wiser. So, some of these socialist Democrats should be wising up. Is that the case? Try and listen to the whole video an see if that is not the case.


Some Republicans should be wising up, but none are. They are incorrigible and uneducable and they prove it every day.


Yea, that does seem to be a problem. It was bound to happen as to many democrats are jumping the communist train and becoming Republican. You know to many wise people coming into the deplorable party is bound to cause Climate Change in the party.