It ain't my Bible. Lessons in how to hold Thee Bible.

1:05 T rump’s deep relationship with “a” Bible. (Sorry, can’t help it, it ain’t his, he said so in front of the Church.)

They tell me this Trumpster is the new messiah for extreme Christians. How’s that work?

Oh, about holding that bible, 3:30

4:45 Hey, Malcolm Corden even gives a lesson in reading the bible - Psalm 37



They tell me this Trumpster is the new messiah for extreme Christians. How’s that work?

From that site:

“…Lured by the promise of conservative Supreme Court justices, anti-abortion measures, and a commitment to Christian supremacy under the guise of religious freedom, white evangelicals voted for Trump in higher numbers than any other group—more than 80 percent…”

“…Trump has surrounded himself with people who hail from the fringes of the evangelical community that is steeped in the language of biblical prophecy, and his administration regularly reflects that language back to them in its messaging…”

"…it’s not hard to see how apocalyptic evangelicalism might be influencing the Trump administration as it seeks to mobilize the millions of evangelicals reached by televangelists and megachurch pastors preaching the End Times.

The most blatant appeal to this constituency came when Trump made the controversial decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a long-desired goal of evangelicals who see it as fulfilling a biblical prophecy necessary in securing the Second Coming.

What may be less obvious is how Trump’s disdain for international governing bodies like NATO also dovetails almost perfectly with End Times theology, whether he realizes it or not…"

"…Trump has elevated them (Evangelical leaders) to positions of power. It’s a win-win situation. The evangelicals are at last in the influential positions those who disparaged them once held. And Trump’s narcissism is receiving special nourishment by their insistence that he was chosen by God. “I think that Trump likes it when people think he’s close to God—he called himself the ‘chosen one’—and to think that all of this has some sort of divine backing,” Bass (a religious historian) says. “I don’t think there’s ever been a president who was quite influenced by this stream of evangelicalism as Trump has been.”

(There are T rump appointed cabinet members who are among the freakazoid believers in a coming holy apocalypse. Including Pompeo.)

I doubt that the T rump even has a passing understanding of the end times teachings he has become a central star of. But he definitely can smell the votes it gets him to act the way the evangelicals want him to act.




Fascism has come wrapped in a flag and carrying the Bible, but the Xian Extremists believe this is a sign that he was ordained by God to be the leader of the U.S. and hold it under Xian law. Essentially ruling under Xian Sharia. I realize if you are a Xian that isn’t an extremist, this doesn’t sound right or even good, much less Xian, but that’s the Extremists, not the Liberal Xian view.