The time is fast approaching

Just weeks now, until the Iowa caucuses, and the choosing of the Democratic Nominee for POTUS begins in earnest. There is one more official Dem debate. 6 of the candidates have qualified, so far. It will be next Tues eve on CNN.

Featured will be:

“2oth Century Joe” Biden

“Bernie the energizer bunny” Sanders

“Tom the nice Billionaire” Steyers

“Amy the binder chucker” Klobachar

“Elizabeth the planner” Warren

“Pete why don’t black people like me?” Buttigieg

There are quite a few other candidates that have NOT qualified for this debate, but who may still show up in some polling down the road. e.g.

“Mike the stop and frisk Billionaire” Bloomberg

And honorable mention to some who are still plugging away:

Cory Booker

Andrew Yang




Minnesota has people on the ballot that have dropped out.

Michael Bennet
Joseph Biden
Michael R. Bloomberg
Cory Booker
Pete Buttigieg
Julián Castro
John K. Delaney
Tulsi Gabbard
Amy Klobuchar
Deval Patrick
Bernie Sanders
Tom Steyer
Elizabeth Warren
Marianne Williamson
Andrew Yang

But on the Republican ballot, just the Donald, and a space for a write-in. It’s a bit creepy.

Yup, just Donald, the fighter, against the pack of Dems that are going down like ten pins.

Again, I hope you are trying to be funny, Sree, otherwise your mixed metaphors are more like word salad metaphors.


I was thinking. What if people voted for the blank space on the Repub ballot? (Not use it to write in a name, but to vote for “it”, the blank space.) That would be of some solace if the blank space won and replaced Donald John T rump.

Alternatively we could start grass roots campaigns for a write in candidate. Mitt Romney would work nicely, I think. Encourage any right leaning friends and family to write-in-Mitt! Write-in-Mitt!

My thinking is that I might survive 4 years of Romney, but 4 more years of T rump? Outlook not so good.

I think she likes the stud.


Ok I watched the vid. Bruce Lee and his Chinese Boxing are representing (to Sree) Donald John T rump and his “fighting spirit”. Bruce handily puts the smack down on several American looking guys who represent (to Sree) Democratic opponents of T rump’s.

Personally I don’t get the resemblance or the connection.

By the way, Republican primary voters: Write-in-Mitt!

Back to the thread topic. I STILL have not decided what Dem candidate to vote for in the primary. I voted for Bernie in the 2016 primary, even though I knew he would not win the Nomination.

We have to get it right this time. And I am not convinced that 20th Century Joe is a sure winner over T rump, any more than the other candidates. Do we need the candidate who can possibly pick up “independents” in some swing states? Or do we need a candidate who will inspire the progressive left, gear up the energy of the party, and bring out the most total voters? Either way is a gamble from my perspective.

Is Bernie the answer? Are Americans really up for a societal revolution in our govt? Or will the opposition falsely making Bernie out to be the “bringer-of-COMMUNISM” make it an easy win for T rump?

Could Buttigieg bring the disparate parts of the Dem Party together or would black people stay home rather than vote for him?

How about Warren or Klobachar? Can a woman finally win the Presidency?

How about a billionaire as the Party’s candidate? Should we go for that irony?

Idk. Do you?

Booker is out.

Mary Williamson is out, too. (Alas, it could have been the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.)

This debate is winding down, right now. I saw a lot of it. I have a new found respect for Tom Steyer and will no longer be biased against him just because he is a billionaire. (It doesn’t make him a bad person.) Amy Klobachar presented pretty well. As did Elizabeth Warren. They all did ok. And I still don’t know who I will vote for.

If you don’t know, Tim, then it’s best not to pick any. Has it ever occurred to you to pick yourself to run for President?

Sree, Have you ever considered saying things that are reasonable?

Jeebus! Do you all realize that 17 candidates who were running for the Dem Nomination, this time, have dropped out? And that there are a dozen candidates who are still running? And that the Iowa Caucus starts everything off in a couple of weeks?

And that the thriving NY Times announced that they are endorsing both Warren and Klobachar?

And that I still do not know who I will be voting for, much less endorsing? I might wind up voting for Yang? It’s conceivable.

Steve Karnacki, (a specialist in analyzing polls and election numbers), commented jokingly about the NYT endorsements, “Now, I know what to do with my 2 votes.” (The joke being, we only have 1 vote, but the thriving NY Times, endorsed 2 candidates.)

Yup, just Donald, the fighter, against the pack of Dems that are going down like ten pins.
Fortunately you could get a strike, follow that with another one and there'd still be 4 or 5 left. OF COURSE a lot of them are dropping out. There were like a hundred of them fighting for one job!

Yeah, those who have dropped out, have not been “knocked out” by T rump. They have been knocked out by not getting enough support from potential constituents, to effectively stay in the race.

I see that Marianne Williamson (who dropped out) has decided to support Andrew Yang.

She said that in a political environment governed — in her opinion —(by) too much by rage, Yang’s “self-confidence, levity and positivity are exactly what America has lost and needs to regain.”

Is anyone else on the Yang Gang? I’m considering it.

It is a bit concerning to me, that I have not determined the candidate I will vote for, with less than 2 weeks to go til the Iowa caucus.


8 days until the Iowa caucus. I don’t think I have ever gone this long without picking a favorite. Personally, I don’t have to decide until Super Tuesday. But it’s bugging me.

Ok, Boomers. We have a problem. Do we go with 20th century Joe or with a younger more exciting progressive. With the one, we have the staid part of the Dem Party, plus a chance at independents. With the young exciting progressive, we have energy and the chance to bring out the young and the base in record numbers.

Bernie, ironically, being the oldest, is also a champion of the young progressives. So he would be acceptable to them.

And Buttigieg, though young, may not appeal to blacks and young constituents. So I am still not sure.

But I am thinking we should go the route of appealing to young progressives. With that in mind, Taylor Swift has a song for you. >>—Only-The-Young-Featured-in-Miss-Americana–Lyric-Video/vi-BBZw1Ml?videoformat=flash