The Magnificent Seven

Biden - The Old Pro

Bernie - The Irascible Professor

Warren - The Woman With A thousand Plans

Buttigieg - The Young Gun

Steyer - The Billionaire

Klobachar - Do What She Says Or Get Something Thrown At You

Yang - The Asian Who Loves Math and America


These are the heroes who have qualified for the upcoming Democratic Presidential hopefuls debate.

So 7 instead of 10 or 11. Maybe we will hear from Yang for more than a couple of minutes, this time.

There has been a complication. The intended site for the debate has a union picket line, currently. Dems will not cross a Union picket line. So something needs to be worked out for this upcoming debate to be held.

The Union dispute has reached an apparent resolution. The Debate by the Magnificent Seven is back on. Tomorrow evening.

3 old white men (1 of which is a Democratic Socialist), 1 young white gay man, 2 women (one extremely progressive, one moderate), and one young man of color (yellow). That is pretty diverse, but maybe not diverse enough, as there is no black candidate (i.e., Cory Booker) or Hispanic candidate (i.e., Castro) qualified for this debate.

In the seemingly unlikely event that anyone gives a damn about the debate last night. I will report that they all did fine. The big winner was a debate format that had 7 participants instead of 11. It was much better functionally than trying to do it with 10 or more.

All of the seven are still magnificent in comparison to the metaphorically fecal ridden character of the now impeached Donald John T rump.

Who are you calling fecal ridden dipshits?

Six-Paca Lamas / Susan Najarian /

Not those cuties. Party on, Lamas!