The Mystical Experience Questionnaire

Yes, this is science. It was used at Yale during a study on psilocybin.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this.

Well alrightie then, despite what I just wrote at another thread, apparently I’m a bona fide cosmic cowboy, and I wasn’t even on psilocybin :+1:t2: Although Factor #1 seems to be asking the same question from different directions.

Can you believe, that stick (bow) has been weathervaning on that thing for a decade now, through some amazing rough weather.

Life’s little joys.
______________________ upon so more thought._______________

I’m not even being flippant towards the questionnaire or topic. Take that kinetic art thing I share now and then, it’s my great little mediation tool, has personal meaning, responding to the weather, in it’s own little way symbolizing the amazing fact and grace of my (the kid who used find my adventures in the back alleys of Chicago) landing on these forty acres, beautiful woman, sweet cabin, great view, by and by a dog, then grandchildren, beautiful peaceful period.

  1. Sense of being at a spiritual height.
  2. Sense of reverence.
  3. Feeling that you experienced something profoundly sacred and holy.

I find it almost daily here, first thing in morning and last thing at night.

11, 12 Well I’ve touched nothingness, what’s that worth? And was repulsed, whole heartedly embracing the here and now and biological living Earth.

And of course that thing that recognizes my thoughts for what they are and the physical material world for what it is. :wink:

I can tell you that you don’t need psilocybin to experience those things, some good pot will get you there. :wink: I’m writing a book on the subject of oneness, but I’ll for now let me just say that once you realize the essential oneness of everything, and our limited place in it, lots of big questions we thought were big fall away. For example, and this is pretty much the biggest…Why is there something rather than nothing? My answer is, the question is only meaningful if you take the wrong perspective. If you take the right perspective, it’s a meaningless question. Sort of like, if you’re a fish, but don’t realize it, and the “big” question amongst the fish community is, Why is the world wet? If you as a fish could somehow realize that you’re just a fish, you’ll come to see that the question itself is meaningless.

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