The most recent Democratic Debate

Statistically speaking, IQ DOES decline with age. So chances are that none of the guys (of which one will be the winner of the general election) are as smart as they used to be.

But with individual differences, who knows?

Anyway, I am strongly leaning toward Biden after his miraculous-like campaign resurrection. Wouldn’t it be soothing to have a POTUS who has a decent empathic personality? BTW, my early vote for Pete, I placed before the miracle of Super Tuesday occurred (before Pete dropped out and endorsed Joe).

How partisan for T rump are you, green? Pull up the manifestations of possible dementia in videos of T rump and compare those with those that you are suggesting are signs of dementia in Joe.

Joe wins that comparison, hands down. Also, your comparison of Biden with the 2016 Hillary loss, is immensely flawed. Biden has the Obama/Biden coalition with him, but MINUS the negatives that Hillary carried with her.

All of the “also rans” (except Tulsi) have done the right thing and dropped out of the race. I repeat, wtf is up with Gabbart? She has 1 delegate, courtesy of American Samoa. What is her path to get 1990 more delegates?

I wish Bernie well. If he can show that his thesis is true, that a revolution will occur, with hoards of new (mostly young) voters will come out, then he will win the nomination.

I wish Biden well. If he can show that he can bring together the broadest coalition of Dems and Independents and former Republicans, then he will win the nomination.

Whichever 1 wins, I wish T rump to have the outcome, in the general election, that he deserves.


Bernie got an endorsement of a prominent black man, today. The same Jesse Jackson, who infamously whispered that Barack Obama was “talking down” to “n____rs” and would get his “nuts cut off”. Jesse’s endorsement of Sanders was a waste of Bernie’s time, I think.

The upcoming Michigan primary may tell the tale of whether Bernie can remain competitive with Biden. If Bernie gets about the same or less delegates from Michigan, that does not bode well for him. He is currently behind in delegates and it becomes harder to catch up. But Bernie, I expect, will carry on. Even if he falls further behind after Florida on St Patrick’s Day. Looks like New York primary is not until April 28th. I think it would be nice if the race pretty much wrapped up before then, but it may not. Bernie will not be the nominee unless he goes to the Convention with 1991 delegates. If no one has 1991, a 2nd ballot will be conducted with delegates freed to vote for anyone. But in that 2nd ballot, there are around 700 Super Delegates added to be able to vote (they are more likely to vote for a fellow Democrat, than for a Democratic Socialist).


An endorsement from Jesse Jackson maybe would have meant something 25 years ago. Today, it’s nothing.

Sanders never had any chance with blacks. I guess he still has a slim chance with young whites.

Biden’s brain to implode before our very eyes before November
Yes, it does not look good. Maybe we can get a couple more stories about his leg hair and black kids.

Then there’s that orange guy. How 'bout endless stories of flushing toilets 10 or 20 times? Stories of windmills causing cancer? Stories of being a natural expert virologist by virtue of having a super-genius Uncle who was a scientist? How about the many times he has slurred or could not pronounce regular words? Remember when he was demanding that the “oranges” of an investigation be looked in to? (And he doesn’t drink!)

Seriously, guys. You cannot HONESTLY be concerned about Biden’s brain, and NOT BE MORE freaked out by T rump’s brain.


Trump’s arrogance and dishonesty is one thing and his occasional mispronunciation is nothing special.

Biden shows cognitive decline in nearly every public appearance. It’s only going to get worse on the campaign trail.

I don’t think that narrative is going to fly. Joe Biden has always been a gaffe machine. He acknowledges that. It’s probably part of his trademark by now.

Also there have been multiple times when stories have come about that tried to portray T rump as being in early stages of a potential dementia. (And that is separate from T rump’s obvious Narcisitic personality disorder). But his supporters don’t believe it or don’t care. How is your swift-boating attempt on Biden different from that?

It think the big difference between Joe and Bernie is that Bernie really cares and Joe just doesn’t want Trump or Bernie.

Much of what a president does is delegated. The policy details are worked out by others who know exactly what the direction and intent of the president is on every issue he considers. It’s obvious that Joe Biden has lost some of his mental sharpness but again what matters more in my opinion is his sense of empathy and good will toward the average American, something the current specimen utterly lacks. Normally it’s a team of trusted advisers who produce any final policy document and so his primary function is to be very clear on what he wants to achieve in pushing legislation. It’s for others to work out the details. Like all managers he must have communication skills and must be able to inspire others. These abilities are general and motivational. Yes it’s true that Joe Biden was on the wrong side of important issues in the past but so also were many other politicians along with a huge segment of public opinion. He may have lost a step in his cognitive stride and I wouldn’t want him as my pharmacist but I’ll vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming Florida primary

Biden today, is to the left of Obama/Biden in the good ol’ days.

A Biden administration compared to what we would see in a 2nd term of T rump would seem like a progressive paradise sitting next to an Alt-right Dystopia.

And don’t say anything, green, until you have purged your faulty perspective of the abomination of FALSE EQUIVALENICIES. (Sorry if I am misreading you. It’s just that you seem the type to be et up with false equivalency justifications for your political rancor.)

And Joe is obviously empathetic. If you think he doesn’t care about people, you haven’t been paying attention.

And if he were anyone’s pharmacist, having received the education and training for such, he would be fine. It’s not like he’s had a stroke. And he doesn’t have any diagnosable early stage dementia. That is all just BS swiftboating tactics by the right.

Old people (like Bernie, Biden, and T rump) are sometimes temporarily unable to access certain words from their vocabulary. It doesn’t mean they have become incapable or retarded.

Anyway, if you ask the Magic 8 Ball, “Will Joe win the Nomination?” the answer comes up “All signs point to ‘yes’”. We have a debate coming up that will be only Bernie v. Biden. Can Bernie pull a rabbit out of a hat? Joe had the Miracle of Super Tuesday followed by another good Tuesday. Bernie, absent his own miracle will be hard pressed to catch up to Joe’s delegate count from here.

I think it is just about time for more and more to hop on the Biden Bandwagon. The bandwagon comes eventually in these contests and I think I hear the sounds of the band coming closer. We shall see.

8 yrs of Obama/Biden gave us millions of more people covered medically and got rid of the non-care of much of profitized medicine that used pre-existing conditions not to cover people medically. 8 yrs of Obama/Biden gave us the longest economic recovery in history. During Obama/Biden we were protected from diseases such as Ebola from becoming a pandemic. T rump did not run against Obama/Biden. He ran against Hillary. And T rump’s flim flam was new and exciting to many.

3.2 years of T rump have lead us to multiple record losses in the stock market in just the past week. The world is headed for a recession, and T rump’s lies are greasing the wheels. He has demonstrated that he is not going to correct his colossal failure of not having done massive COVID-19 testing. That is the 1st most important thing to be done. His and his people’s only thoughts on the matter is that millions of tests are going to be available in a week or two. (no matter what week they are on, it still seems to be another week or two).

Oh for the days of Obama/Biden. And to the left of Obama/Biden, even better.


I don’t think Biden’s a progressive Green. His crime bill put a lot of non-violent 420 types like me in jail. It was a time of mass hysteria caused by the crack cocaine epidemic. He succumbed to the hype and fear mongering of people like George H. W. Bush but so did other democrats of the period. Does anyone remember Bill Clinton pausing his presidential campaign and flying back to Arkansas to gladly sign the execution warrant of a man so mentally impaired he asked that the desert given with his last meal be saved so he could eat it later. Barack Obama changed his mind on same-sex marriage or more likely thought it politically unwise to publicly express this more tolerant view when he was running for president for fear it would’ve cost him votes, and that fear was well grounded. A spate of unjust laws and backward policies have had very long shelf lives because opposing them would’ve cost politicians their jobs. A case in point is the current groundswell of support for recreational marijuana use which would’ve been impossible 25 years ago. It may sound cynical but officeholders avoid controversy and embrace change only when it’s politically safe to do so. It’s unfortunate but public opinion to often precedes and politicians follow accordingly.

I tend to agree with Tim. Biden though not my first choice will be an improvement, but tell me Green, if your first choice of dates politely turned you down when you asked her to go to the prom with you wouldn’t you make another choice rather than stay home?


No, green, Biden is a gaffe machine. T rump is a LIAR. T rump is the platonic idea or archetype of what a LIAR is. T rump’s picture is next to the word “LIAR” in the dictionary. Please try to avoid making the most egregious of false equivalencies.


Chelsea is cute. And she’s a whistleblower. You might make a nice couple, green. Perhaps she could teach you to be a whistleblower.

Falsehood and prevarication is for some politicians a place where they occasionally visit, for Donald Trump it’s his permanent address. You can’t compare ineptitude with willful mendacity. If you want to get an accurate read of Trump’s psychological profile, read his tweets. They’re available online. They unmistakably show he’s an insecure, narcissist with a penchant for self-praise. Ten years from now only a small fringe minority will publicly admit they once supported him. Buy up those MAGA hats. Within a few years they’ll be burned, buried and discarded leaving the very few that survive as extremely rare and valuable collectors items. Think of your grandchildren’s college education.

green, do you have a clue about the concept of “false equivalencies”? The assertion that “Biden is a liar like T rump.” is a false equivalency. I don’t know the equal of T rump when it comes to being a LIAR. But Biden is not even close.

Maybe that guy that used to be on SNL, who would say “Yeah, that’s the ticket.” Maybe that guy could approach T rump’s level and frequency of lying.

You know there is internet now?

I can’t tell what strategy you are employing here to select a candidate, but I’m pretty sure it is not a very good one.

Bernie and Saint Theresa are probably relatively lie-free as far as your run of the mill LIAR goes. All humans, afaik, tell lies. So you are a liar. But you don’t compare to the LIAR that T rump is. No one who has been running for President this year can compare to the LIAR that T rump is.

Bernie’s integrity may be beyond compare, but he is an outlier. SO your attempt at buttressing your pathetically false equivalence wherein you claim that Joe is a LIAR like T rump, is a side issue. Joe may not be as pristine as Bernie, but he IS a Mother Theresa compared to the LIAR T rump.