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I’m a fan. Not so much a fan of 9/16/2021 statement that that 1 out of 5 of Americans (20%) have died of COVID. I think I would have noticed that. The link is to an article alleging 1 out of every 500 Americans has died of COVID. Sounds more likely…

I don’t know if our software didn’t let you add the link, or I’m not seeing it. 1 out of 500 is the correct figure AFAIK

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The latter is correct. I read 1 out of 500, which translates into 686,210 total deaths and 1,187 new deaths. In the US.


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Many sources are saying 1 in 500 U.S. citizens have died from COVID.

688 486 dead from COVID in USA., 2 065 death for 1 million of inhabitants.

USA are not the worst.

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688 486 dead from COVID in USA., 2 065 death for 1 million of inhabitants.
USA are not the worst.

And that is something to brag about?

Sure it is not, but it can be noted and i say that even being not american.

In fact, France does do much better than USA.

Countries which have seriously reacted as Germany have much better results.

Vaccination is the key !


Actually, the U.S. is #1 in COVID cases and deaths, but India is catching up with us. That said, the countries at the bottom of the list, I question their numbers. Is it because they are poorer countries and therefore not everyone was counted, for whatever reason, or because those countries are not densely populated, like the cities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia, or are they true totals? Then there are the countries in Africa- same question goes for the continent too. Antarctica is account for, in that mostly scientists are there, little to no general population. Thus, Antarctica’s numbers (another source, I need to find) are mostly likely accurate.The virus did find it’s way down there, but it was mainly among the few scientists, so the number there is legitimately small.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, doing his best to see the bright side of America’s current horror.

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