Speaking of taking health for granted, how about that Coronavirus

I’ll admit, I’ve listened to very little of the news, but sure looks like this is going to be a big one -

Another game changer in the course of society. Might get painful and close to home.

But again what can we do, play avoidance till it hits?


Another indication of how inept and childishly unawares and disconnected from Physical Reality we’ve become: “Whistleblower shares concerns over US workers’ potential exposure to coronavirus”

I wonder what’s left of the CDC after these years of trump. Guess we’ll be finding out.

I have one suggestion. Appreciate your todays for all she’s worth, these are the good old days.




Wow, that is one far ranging superiority thread.

Thought I’d migrate this over to acknowledge Coronavirus has been discussed.

February 26, 2020 at 3:54 pm #323276 @mriana 10% is hopefully a little high. I was thinking more like 5% but yes, deaths will be in the 100s of thousands. Handwashing is hopefully the key just as it was with the polio virus. As a girl, my grandparents lived through the Spanish flu, which is an H1N1 flu virus, of 1919. They were just kids- my grandmother would have been 6 and my grandfather 5. They grew up and raised two girls through the polio scared.

They did it with handwashing. I came along… We got home from church and the first thing they had me do was… wash my hands, before I did anything else.

Now handwashing isn’t the end all and be all- there’s getting plenty of rest, lots of water, and good nutrition to keep your immune system up, but still, must wash hands frequently, especially when one is out in public and once they return home and always before imbibing food and drink. I don’t think anyone can stress that enough…

However, the COVID-19 sort of digresses from the topic, but you are right- Asians, especially the Chinese know we have a serious problem and the dotard is too stupid to know it or admit it. …

It’s because he refuses to be educated and believes he knows everything without even talking to the experts or cracking open a book or newspaper. On the other hand, Asians are experiencing the crisis first hand and sadly, their government really isn’t much better, BUT they know how bad bad is and no matter how bad we might think it is…

Anyway, the fact is, skin colour has nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus or how well we handle the crisis. Even so, the Asians are good at making computers, parts for computers, math, and yes architect, but I don’t think it has anything to do with their skin colour, anymore than the dotard’s stupidity has to do with his skin colour.

It gets worse- the dotard sent people to pick up those who were on the Princess and in China without proper equipment and the dude in Cali wasn’t tested for days. On top it of all Pray the illness away He Who Is Not Worth His Name is in charge of the CDC now, as they spread lies and propaganda, even shutting down the experts telling the truth of what’s happening. We are in trouble especially when they don’t want people to know about anything and lying about catching it as “very low” when it’s not. It’s low, but not that low and no they are not ready for anything. They just spewing BS. On top of it all, the dotard said the vaccine may not be affordable to everyone, which means the 1% get it and we all can die (note: it’s actually like the flu and complications, which are life threatening happen if one has a weaken immune system, diabetes, high blood pressure, other illnesses, the elderly… average age of complications is 59), but not everyone dies if they get it. It won’t be fun though, especially if you are like in your 50s and hoping your body doesn’t betray you if you get it.


We are really screwed though. He either wants so many people sick so few get out and vote, which would keep him in office or he is stupid enough to think it can’t happen to him and doesn’t care about anyone else, as long as he’s reelected.


Yeah, instead of going to bed early like I keep promising myself, but no, instead I’m catching up on the back story.

This sucks, then again, we knew something like this was coming. With more shit behind that. Too bad we dismissed it as though tomorrow never comes.

Cascading Consequences and Evolution




Sorry, can’t discuss the trump, the horror is truly too much.

And so many idiot flag wavers.

Definition of idiot

1: a foolish or stupid person
2dated, now offensive : a person affected with extreme intellectual disability

And of course there is another view. Trump doesn’t want a panic. The news showed pictures of empty shelves - I think it was in S Korea - due to a rumor that, because of the virus, the toilet paper factories had been shut down. All we would need for gas stations to be out of gas and grocery store shelves would be for people to believe there was going to be a disruption in supply. One of those who Trump is trying to slow down - I forget which one - has already advised people to stock up with at least a two-week supply of food and medicine. Promoting a bunker-and-hunker mentality could lead to actual shortages and even more unpleasantness like we saw in recent hurricanes.

Facts include the history of outbreaks. From Wiki on the 1918 Flu: “a 2007 analysis of medical journals from the period of the pandemic found that the viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains. Instead, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene promoted bacterial superinfection. This superinfection killed most of the victims, typically after a somewhat prolonged death bed.” Thus the instructions to attend to personal hygiene.

This virus is spread by droplets, not by air-borne action. Exposure from an infected person is almost nil at a distance of six feet. Wearing masks like we see on TV does nothing other than protecting others from any air-borne illness the wearer may have. M-95 masks are required for medical staff and others who might get close to infected patients.

Perhaps we should take a poll on the cause of the virus. It could be multiple choice, something like this:

Please choose one of the following as the cause of the virus.

  1. Agricultural practices in China

  2. Testing biologic weapons by China

  3. Testing biologic weapons by another country

  4. Domestic terrorism by Chinese dissidents

  5. Accidental release from Chinese biologic lab

  6. It is somehow Trump’s fault

  1. evolution
And of course there is another view. Trump doesn’t want a panic.
You give the man too much credit. He's nothing but a promoter - it's his typical reaction.

Deny and say everything is okay.

Problem is he’s been gutting our government agencies including the CDC - that matters - and yes, his idiocy will increase future impacts, just as the denial in China may have exploded something that could have been contained.

The problem is Trump that folks like you don’t seem to get is that - he has no knowledge beside as scared bully adolescents defensive reactionary behavior - everything is about him - so he doesn’t grasp the reality unfolding in the greater world and is incapable of rationally reacting to it.


You want to know the trouble with trump;

He hates reading, history, government, science, he’s a talker - a liar - a bully - totally self-interested - possesses no compassion - hates people with real knowledge because they tweak his monstrous inferiority complex - he’s a tool of oligarch who’ve gotten more powerful than governments - and who believe governments should exist only for their greedy self-interest.


Now Logic, what is it that make you sound like you believe in the trump?

@ibelieveinlogic And of course there is another view. Trump doesn’t want a panic.
Okay, lets think about this. On the surface of course the President's job is to calm and reassure the public that their government (oh yeah the thing trumpsters love to hate and have been vandalizing with abandon these past years) has this health crisis in hand.

How does it calm people to muzzle your experts and sent out Disney stories of reassurance that every thinking person can see through.

We have a new virus spreading around the global, to calm people by pretending it’s not happening is insane - its trumpeter land, that’s for sure logic.

It would be calming to give the CDC the brain power it needs - and to leave the experts to what they do and respect what they tell us.

By doing the exact opposite Trump as instilled more worry and potential chaos, but I bet trumpsters will blame the lefties and their very justifiable hatred and fear and terror of this president who is inflicting more damage on this country and the its citizens than the likes of Trump Worshippers will deny to their dying day. But they got their guns, I’m sure they’ll figure out how to make that work for themselves.

Slow motion self-cannibalization is what’ happening to this country - and yes the f’n Democrats are a clueless and lost as everyone else.

Like Hollywood advises, hang on it’s going to be a rough ride.


Trump’s reckless coronavirus statements put the entire US at risk

The confusion over vaccine development points to a much bigger problem

By Russell Brandom Feb 25, 2020,



Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic.



Now Logic, what is it that make you sound like you believe in the trump?
I believe he is not a figment of our imaginations. I believe he has people - not everyone in the administration is so bullied that they don't function rationally - who will tell him the truth as they see it. I believe he may or may not accept what they say and I believe he will do what he decides to do regardless. I believe he is smart enough to try and stop a panic and I think that is a good thing. I have a hard time believing that you and I know any more about the virus than he and his people know.

Am I correct in thinking that you are not a Trump supporter?

The people you quoted seem to have chosen #6 in the poll. A not particularly well disguised attempt to lay a foundation for blaming him just in case something does go wrong. I suppose you think Pelosi’s solution of throwing money at it will make the virus go away; it won’t.

I have a hard time believing that you and I know any more about the virus than he and his people know.
That belief is the one that bothers me the most, and a lot of Trump voters have it. If you can't evaluate the job people are doing, then how are you deciding how to vote? Trump says something like how the virus will go away when the weather changes, and a cadre of scientists who know about viruses say that's wrong. How do you get from there to believing he knows more?

You know what can slow down the COVID-19, and help us understand how best to track and thus deal with it?

Here’s some great ideas about dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Don't cut more and more funding from the CDC each year like T rump has.
  2. Don't slash the pandemic preparedness team out of existence in 2018.
  3. Spend the past 2 months developing all of the bedside diagnostic equipment to reliably detect COVID-19 and manufacture enough that you cannot run out.
  4. OOOPS! T rump's messed up CDC did not do any of those 1st 3. So at least don't make the irrational decision to quarantine 100's of people on a cruise ship, thus incubating COVID-19 in a few passengers until it infected many passengers. OOOPS! They did that, too.
  5. Well, at least, when you take 45 of those cruise ship hostages now infected with the virus, back to their home country of the USA, whatever you do, don't send untrained personnel without proper protective gear, to interact face to face with the infected. No! Don't do that. And for sure, THEN DO NOT, let those personnel go wherever they wish and shed the virus willy nilly. OOOPS!
  6. What we can do now: Wash your hands, very frequently. Also someone who is in charge, please make sure that vast numbers of bedside reliable tests for COVID-19 be developed ASAP!!!
  7. Don't rely on Mike Pence to save anyone. He is scheduled to do campaign fund raising in Florida, so his devoted attention will not yet be available. (but that makes little difference, or maybe is for the best, since he is a relative idiot, with the current sort of crisis, tho probably not as much of an idiot as our DOTUS).
  8. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Don't touch other people's eyes, nose, or mouth (unless you are willing to accept a 2% chance of death for doing so)
  9. Limit in-person social contact.
  10. Inform the public of the truth of what is going on and of what is known and unknown.

Of Course this imbecilic and continuing malpractice in recognizing and preparing for and addressing this Pandemic, is a direct result of T rump’s unrelenting denial of science, his defunding of the CDC, his wiping out the Pandemic preparedness team that had come to be under Obama.

That’s right! Frickin’ OBAMA, made it clear that science would guide the actions taken on a grand and inter-departmental and international force that basically saved the world from a possible Ebola Pandemic.

T rump is not capable of leading us thru this sort of crisis. He doesn’t even seem capable of finding and selecting people who can. (He chose Pence???) Maybe Mikey can pray away any of the COVID-19 viruses that are gay.



I believe he is not a figment of our imaginations.

Oh dear, desperate to change the subject so now you gotta totally twist what I said and respond to something I never said.

It’s reality that Donald Trump has a problems with because his brain never went beyond pissed of juvenile delinquent. Unfortunately I know too damned well how real the trump is and the power than enabled him are, his administration has not disappointed as being the biggest disaster for our country as I feared - Putin loves it though. Don’t suppose you’re a Russian troll in some sweatshop?


If you want to discuss how I feel about the trump you need to at lease be able to honest acknowledge what I’ve said - rather than twisting it into your convenient disconnect fantasy distraction, as you did so well.


I guess, we’re getting to know you in a hurry buddy.

Psychiatrist On Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Response To Coronavirus Crisis | The Last Word | MSNBC

A cold-blooded alt-right way of looking at this pandemic is that primarily, it is the oldest and most health compromised people who will be taken by COVID-19. If the entire herd, or a significant portion of it, is culled of 2% of its weakest members, that might be advantageous in some ways for the herd overall.

If we just pretend it isn’t there, and let it spread freely, and say 70% of the population gets it. 80% of those infected will hardly notice they are. 2% of those infected will probably die. (mostly the oldest and most health compromised and maybe some who can’t afford any kind of real treatment).

So we lose a few million or so who would not otherwise have departed as soon as this year?

As a humanist, this is not my stance, but I imagine that a few who frequent these forums might feel in tune with it.


Unless of course one of those old people was on the verge curing some other major illness or bringing peace to the MidEast

This would be a good time to rethink our reliance on cheap Chinese manufacturing.

Another necessary thing to discuss is the name.

COVID19 is too clinical. We need a name that has heart but also immediately reminds people of where it comes from. Many Americans don’t want to call it “Chinese Flu” or something like that because it would stigmatize Asians.