COVID-19 Now Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

COVID-19 Is Now the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

At the rate the U.S. is going, it will soon be the #1 cause of death. This did not have to be if the dotard et al had done what they should have done in the first place. They inherited a very good pandemic response and they just threw it out the window. Then they did nothing to save U.S. lives and now the dotard himself is a superspreader, who doesn’t give a damn about who he kills as he continues to spew lies about COVID-19. He didn’t learn squat about the disease and on top of it all, his lungs were obviously damaged by it. To further make things worse, he goes AMA and then makes a doctor say he’s clear for public duties when he should be in quarantine, which shows he doesn’t care about himself either. He doesn’t care who he kills. This president has made the U.S. #1 in COVID cases and deaths. Hopefully, the COVID19 doesn’t become #1 in the cause of death for U.S. citizens. Sadly, people either don’t care or they become lax with mask wearing, social distancing, etc. The longer it continues, the worst things get by way spread though and no is immune from it, not even those who already got it, because they are finding a person can get it again and sometimes it’s worse the second time around.

Unlike the president, the numbers don’t lie. The human toll underlying that milestone figure is a number about as big as the population of Salt Lake City or Birmingham, Ala.—and greater than the deaths in any U.S. conflict except for the Civil War and World War II.

COVID-19 became the third biggest cause of deaths in the week of March 30 to April 4, trailing heart disease and cancer. It killed more people than stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, kidney disease or influenza. In that week, close to 10,000 people died of the illness caused by the coronavirus. The flu, which Trump and others have invoked when discussing COVID-19, led to 1,870 deaths (a figure that includes pneumonia) over the same time frame. A spike in the week-by-week accounting came in mid-April, when COVID-19 cases became the leading cause of death. The disease returned to the third deadliest spot in the week of May 4 to 9 and has stayed there since.

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That’s because there’s a giant global conspiracy among doctors who are labeling every death “Covid-19 related”. If someone dies in a car crash they’ll put that down as a death due to Covid. Because we don’t have any standards or laws or checks or anything in place to make sure that the deep state, in conjunction with the radical liberals, enabled by activist judges so that doctors caught doing that would be punished, possibly losing their medical license. And every single doctor is in on it somehow. Because Fauci has proved that all doctors are anti-Trump and just want to hurt him in the election. He proved that when he used his liberal, activist medical training to contradict Trumps supreme, all-knowing intellect in all things he’s never heard of.

…and then I woke up…

The main problem is, that we don’t know what to expect next.

So far, of the 225K deaths deemed “excess” over expectations 150K (67%) have been attributed to Covid-19. I think we should expect to see a reduction in the normal (59K in 2018) deaths due to the flu and the normal (159K in 2018) deaths due to chronic respiratory conditions as the season unfolds. The reason is that the extremely infectious Covid-19 has already taken many of those who would have been vulnerable (the elderly and those with underlying conditions) to a “normal” flu. We will see.

We can hope that more people will begin to heed the CDC guidelines for reducing the spread. So far we have been very slack on those practices.

They inherited a very good pandemic response.
Source where we can see the details?
Then they did nothing to save U.S. lives
They, being the administration which issued guidelines, or the people who refused to follow them? As much as Obama, Pelosi, Biden and the Dems might want it, we do not - yet - have a totalitarian government which can punish people for not acting in their own best interest.
which can punish people for not acting in their own best interest. --Sree
You know marijuana was illegal for most off the 20th century, right?