Hello guys, im new here and new to forums in general, im here to share the minute bit of information as well to hopefully retain a great deal of information regarding everything you’re about to see in the following videos, please inform me of anything you guys have figured out, the video also talks about some sort of Q anon that has to do with this forum? basically a puppet who works with these secret societies and leaks classified information on this forum in the form of links, codes. and languages in which we have to decipher.

Is this an attempt to market for bit-chute?

I couldn’t pull up the videos. The post does not make sense.

And since Idk who “david icke” is, your post also doesn’t make sense to me. If you understand what he is getting at, please enlighten me and others. Or maybe one of you could post an actual link to what he is talking about.

My point is that I do not know wtf this thread is about. And your posts have done nothing to help clear the confusion.

Is it just me? Does anyone else know wtf this thread is about?

Can you string a few sentences together and tell me what he was talking about?

looks like trettio has done a cut and run
Actually looks more like a drive by.
the video also talks about some sort of Q anon that has to do with this forum? basically a puppet who works with these secret societies and leaks classified information on this forum in the form of links, codes. and languages in which we have to decipher.
TimB, we need the decoder ring to play this game, i reckon.

to those who are bein respectful thank you but you everyone else, i cant believe i even got on here to get info from you mental ***** anyways, ur talkin shot cus i wasnt on here THE SECOND you said somethimg to respond, u spend ur whole ****ing life waiting for ppl to post $$$$ on here, yall wanna keep talkin $$$$ we can get to postin addys and link up whats good ##### im in indiana ur in a state around me drop the addy and we can bump

T, but what if you come across as nothing but deranged. You want some serious response, but you don’t offer anything rational.

Since, I’d wager you aren’t capable of a serious rational two way dialogue, I’ll settle with giving you a consultation prize.

i can sound professional and use big words like u too bud but its forcin the **** out of it im not writing a letter to a college professor so stfu, “not capable of a rational two way dialogue” ??? see ur forcin the **** out of it you guys mean nothing to me therefore im not gonna put the effort in to sound like a stuck up **** head like forums are my kife cus its not, i simply asked a ++++++ question about our ****ed up government and all of a sudden im the biggest $$$$$$ on earth? imma keep sayin it… stop talkin #### if u dont wanna

Oh the real Trettio27 shows up. So what the **** if you are twice my size, have been hit so often in your life that it feels good and just love dishing it out. But you’d feel real proud of beating the $$$$ out of a 65 years Mr Hero Man. So tell me what would you get out of it.

Rational discussions, learning, appreciating different perspectives - you $$$$ on all that - is that it. Why? What kind of upbringing did get? Tell me trettio27, do you like your mother? You know since we’re letting hang out now, why not tell me a little about your self.

Language people. It’s the clearest line we have here. And you both just crossed it. You don’t get a special pass just because you’ve been for years either.

Trettio, you posted something incomprehensible. I still don’t know what you were trying to convey. Now your last post was a bit more comprehensible, sort of. Well, not really. You seem angry about what? Not getting the responses you wanted? And then something about dropping the “addys” whatever that is and “bump bitch”? Is that your invitation to have an in person physical conflict? If so, you’ve got issues.

Anyway, I was sort of interested in what your original post was about. But I guess no one is going to give me a hint.

Oh wow. I just read his last response. In which he said


That’s beyond the pale.

Sorry Lausten, but, but, … :frowning:

Timb, what do you mean beyond the pale?

This is exactly the way the tea partier thinks and operate,

then it evolved into trumps storm troopers. Every attempt to ‘get real’ results in their melting down, be it with indignation, ridicule, slamming the door, or malicious bullying all the way to physical threats and actual attacks. What’s profoundly tragic is that the limp noodle Democrats and self satisfied liberals rolled over for it. A stitch in time …


<i>Me, I’d ask trettio27 if he was man enough to give me a sporting chance and leave his pals at home, then allow this increasingly decrepit old man a chance at evening the odds a little by letting me have his bat. Wanna go in the ring? I guarantee you a minute (perhaps two) you’ll never forget, then you’ll be able to demolishment me, (if you’re still intact enough), because I will be totally spent and probably have blown out my brain in the process, so what do you have to lose :expressionless: - Sure I’d have my life to lose, but then I’d be going down like a warrior and it would add quite an interesting twist ending to my lifes’ story. Not mention me experiencing the sheer joy of shocking the hell outta a big mouthed a. h. bully once again.</i>

A sock with a bar of soap in it, and old-man strength should be sufficient to kick punk butt. And like you say, it would be an interesting way to go out, anyway.

Oh, by “beyond the pale” I meant “completely unacceptable”.

but, but, ……
There are no buts. I'm not going to explain that you don't respond to violence with violence. You can go read a bunch of studies on it, but it's just not something I'm going to debate. Contact someone else in CFI if you want to change the rules.