Another one gone

A friend of mine put up this on facebook today. It’s not really personal, it’s a pretty standard format statement. I’m not asking for feedback or advice, just showing it as a sign of the times. To judge it, you would need to see the posts she has been putting up, like corona conspiracy theories and QAnon stuff (although she doesn’t specifically say QAnon). Here she’s just explicitly saying what people like Sree say, “there is no truth so I can say whatever what I want, and if you disagree with me, I can say that you are mean. Everything I do comes from love, so if you don’t like that, then you are the hateful one.” We are watching the end of civility.

To those who consider themselves my “friend” yet come to my page to tell me what I can/should post, what is truth and what is fiction, report my posts to FB, and in general use my thoughts to release their negativity and disrespect: I consider myself open to others’ ideas and perspectives and sharing of divergent viewpoints, however I am noticing people think they have the right to be disrespectful and judgmental towards me and others who share opinions on my page. This is my notice to you that I am no longer tolerating this behavior. I have given too many passes on these issues. From this point forward if you are disrespectful of me or my opinions, you will be blocked. If you do not care to hear my opinions, you should block me. I am so done with the division of this 3D world. I am done with the arrogant behavior of people thinking they are “right” and I or someone else is “wrong.” Everything I post is usually related to my choice to choose love over fear and division. If that concept is too foreign for you to embrace, you should not be on my page at all. I apologize to those who have come to my page to express their opinion and are treated disrespectfully by others. I take some responsibility for allowing that to happen in my space. WARNING: I will no longer tolerate that behavior. My opinions are not expressed for your convenience or comfort. I offer my thoughts and opinions as gifts I share with others. If you are not open to receiving them as gifts, please exit my page and my world. And so it is.

Wow. If only she and any cohorts COULD whisk away to their own world far far away from our real world. Unfortunately, they are part of our real world, which they will, no doubt, play a further role in screwing it up.

You say we are watching the end of civility.

Maybe so. In the wars of TRUTH v LIES, or HUMANITY v ME-ISM or GOOD v EVIL, etc… When such behemoths truly face off, “Civility” would amount to a stray cat that has accidentally wandered on to the field of battle.

Love often entails sacrifice, but she probably wouldn’t know about that anyway.

Wow! Her opinions are OK, but if yours disagree with hers then you’re out. That’s just crazy. It’s OK to have differing opinions as long as one person’s opinion isn’t imposed on the other. Then again, if it’s totally off base, someone needs to tell that person.

There’s a reason I try not to get into arguments with fundamentalists of any kind. As we used to say back in Oklahoma,“Never get in a pissing contest with a polecat.” Lest you think this attitude is unChristian, I give you Matthew 7:6, “Do not throw your pearls before swine.”

Oh yeah, I reflect on that verse regularly, as I have a habit of tossing out pearls that will be trampled by swine, so to speak.

Speaking of polecats, I was never confronted by a skunk, but I just saw that when they are about to spray you, they do a hand stand. So the lesson is, if you see a skunk doing a hand stand, RUN!!!

So the lesson is, if you see a skunk doing a hand stand, RUN!!!
Get off your hand stand so no one has to run.

I am not a skunk, Sree, but if I were, I would consider you as a target of my spray.