QAnon a sociological experiment?

This QAnon stuff is so patently absurd that it makes me wonder if it’s actually an experiment. Political groups have been known to “leak” stories or ideas to see how people react. This Q Anon thing seems like some guy said to his buddy - hey let’s see just how ridiculous an idea we can put out there to see just how much these morons are willing to believe. Oh and maybe we can make a few bucks on apparel sales. And lo and behold, it’s taken off like wildfire. So if this group will believe and support this, what else can we get them to believe, and more importantly, act upon. Thoughts?

A friend of mine turned me on to this recently. He’s not the conspiracy type, or even the anti-conspiracy type, so at first I was confused. It spends the first half hour talking about flat earth to make the point about how you can’t argue with this folks. But we know that. Then it starts digging in to QAnon. He uses a few terms that I’d like to look up, but most of it flows pretty well, and makes a good case that the Q theme works because it speaks to a general fear that the system is rigged against you, which it is, but then offers you a solution that it will all come to light one day and justice will prevail. You don’t need logic, in fact, if you are using logic against the so-called evidence, that just shows you aren’t getting it.


This is a “bessbug” (an icon of craziness). My theory is that aliens have implanted one of these in the brains of each QANON supporter and believer.

Why? Because their studies of humans thru anal probes has been completed. They originally thought that our brains were in our asses. (An honest mistake considering many persons’ thinking abilities.)

But now they are studying our actual brains, while simultaneously determining whether “bessbugs” can be crazier than humans.

For unlimited craziness, my money is on the humans, though I don’t suppose the aliens will publish their results.

I think people are just bored. They need to be doing something ALL THE TIME, but they need to be doing it while actually doing nothing at all. When you read everything interesting you can find and you’re too lazy to learn something new, but there’s “nothing to do” that doesn’t involve gluing your fact to a screen, why not look up some fantastical bullshit and pretend it’s true?

I agree with that, Wid, to the extent that I think a lot of people consume crap conspiracy ideas as true, because it is fun for them.