Hi There,


I have joined the Center For Inquiry to find like-minded people. I have recently been involved in some very bizarre experiences and would like to try to find others who have experienced similar situations.


I also am very keen on finding out what all of you have to say about and believe concerning the different topics you have felt strongly enough about to join this online forum board.


I am very much looking forward to reading your posted thoughts, having you read mine, and having intriguing discussions about the world around us.



Sounds good. Welcome.

Thank you! Nice to know you.

Welcome Forte!


Thanks! Nice to know you. :slight_smile:

Forte, Please let us know here when and where you post your words about the “very bizarre experiences …”

I am also new to this forum and am still not sure how to navigate it all. I’ve done a couple searches but even those are somewhat overwhelming. It will be interesting to hear if you can find anything within all the forums that get close to your experiences.

Hi Dave!

I feel the same way concerning navigating the forums. I had done some navigating and then followed different avenues through different resources. People’s ideas are amazing!

I sure will keep you abreast of any developments concerning connecting with others who have had similar experiences. I’m trying to amass information concerning similar events to those which I have experienced, but have not made a lot of headway. I have multiple concerns, which makes it difficult to focus on this one.


What originally brought you to CFI?