The GOP wants Texas secession?

Everything in the paper:

[Texas Could Vote to Secede From U.S. in 2023 as GOP Pushes for Referendum]

Are they mad or just fanatics?

I am wondering how the present SCOTUS would judge the case …

Well, according to a late friend of mine, TX does have secession in their state constitution. I’m not surprised that’s what their GOP party in their state wants to do. They don’t have enough Dems to stop it, but if they secede then there’s nothing stopping Mexico from trying to invade them. After all, it was once Mexico.

I can’t see the federal government allowing any state to secede.

They have to allow TX to do so, if they want to, because the only reason why they became a state, according to my friend, who lived in TX before she died (born, raised, lived, and died there), is if they were allowed to have secession in their state constitution. Thus, TX can if they want. It’s the only state in the union who can do this.

Texans believe a lot of nonsense. The Federal Government can override any state laws that conflict with federal law.

A guy from TX told me about that. He gave a link. Not sure if I still have it. It was 12 years ago

They are the only state in the Union who has that in their constitution.

Not in this case. Texas would not join if they couldn’t secede, the way Texans tell it. So TX can leave or stay, if it wants. They have enough guns in their state and knowing that they have all those gun nuts, I wouldn’t put it past them to fight about it and they would too. Another Civil war basically.

Texas will never leave, it’s too complicated or any state leave now.

That it is, but I wouldn’t put it past TX to try if things don’t go their way.

Who cares what Texans say? They’re wrong.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: You’re so funny. I can’t help but laugh. You do know they have enough guns to start a war over that clause in their constitution, right? Many of them in TX are just that sort of gun nut and they will do it. They may be wrong, but their guns say they are right. Now tell me we don’t need gun laws and regulations again.

Nah, the GOP is too chicken to actually do it. Big talkers until it’s time to actually do something. But they should try, it’d be fun. Of course they’d lose all the protections the US affords them, subsidies to big oil companies there, etc. People, and probably oil companies, would leave the new “country” in droves, and what’d be left is a bunch of chickenhawks toting guns around. Until Mexico decided to reclaim their land. Man that would be interesting to watch.

Remember that argument from “gun nuts” about why they need guns so much?

They say to counter government tyranny. The usual response is they are extremely outgunned by the government, which is correct.

Same thing here.

Nice to agree with you now and then. The thing that I believe they’ll find out, if they ever really try to go to war with their own country, is the ammo. Just like the Ukraine, even if they have the weapons, do they need the bullets. How many bullet making factories do they think they can control?

Texas could survive as an independent nation. The quality of life would probably be similar to the better Latin American nations. But it’s just not going to happen.

The gun nuts aren’t, so don’t fool yourself. If they want to secede they’ll do it with their guns. They maybe Repugs, but these are general population gun nuts and these Repugs aren’t too chicken to do anything.

Yeah, and that’s why I’m saying the gun nuts of TX will secede at gunpoint if they are determined to do so. That’s just how nutty they are.

And that’s why they will secede if they choose to do so.

No they couldn’t. Mexico could take it back easily.

Mexico is not fool … To invade Texas would mean to get Texan gun nuts inside.

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Yeah, you’re probably right.