Texit progress to succession

This would be magic

It’s actually “secession” but whatever. That would be quite interesting and messy. Can’t imagine a majority of Texans agreeing to this.

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As if they don’t have enough problems.

Remember Brexit and how well that worked out.

Texit, what the heck, they don’t have enough problems already, lets create yet more.

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US presidents, as products of the Texas political machine, since WW2:

LBJ (4 yrs)
GHW Bush (4 yrs)
GW Bush (8 yrs)
Eisenhower was born in Texas (8 yrs).

That’s 24 of the 56 years between 1952 and 2008. So as just one of 50 states, Texas is punching way, way above its constitutional weight (a bit like Scotland is in the UK, with its population of just 8 million). So if the US can secede from Texas this would be second only in impact to the US seceding from Tel Aviv - another sore necessity in restoring US sovereignty.

The idea that Texas is the source of American conservatism is one of the funnier things foreigners believe about the US.

Texas is VERY conservative and a huge state of male chauvinist pigs who deny women health care, such as abortion. I’m not a foreigner, but TX is full of right wing a-holes.

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