The Door

Hello, everyone. Something extraordinarily odd has been going on lately and so I thought I’d create this account to share it. I’ll cut right to the point: Lately, between two and three o’clock in the morning, I’ve been waking up and feeling a presence, something evil. As cliche as it may sound, it’s nonetheless true. That’s not all, however. Every time this happens (it happened a couple of times at the exact same time - 3:00 am) right before going back to sleep I turn my head to my bedroom door, and every time I do I stare frozen in horror - it was opened, EVERY SINGLE TIME, to the same angle, without even the slightest hint of a difference. I don’t sleep-walk, and the only other people in the house are my parents, both of whom would never rise at those hours, and to make sure I walked to their bedroom, where they were both fast asleep. The positioning of the door at that angle is creepy enough, but the silence that follows it seems to be so full of evil, I cannot explain with mere words how it feels to wake up (without cause, except for a dream, perhaps) and see that door open like that, as if someone came and left it like that just to scare me… I’ve gone through a million possibilities, but nothing seems to make sense. Anybody experience anything similar?

I think most of us have experienced something similar. It’s called “dreaming”.
In the dream state, your brain is active with a bewildering variety of images, most of them emotionally loaded one way or another. The emotions triggered by your dreams may not even have any real connection to the thoughts going on in your head, and often a person will wake up in the middle of a dream with that emotion still vivid, but the content of the dream itself rather indistinct. I’ve awakened many times with a feeling of dread so powerful I was afraid to get out of bed. Every shadow, every object in my bedroom seemed full of menace (although I wouldn’t use the term “evil”). So it’s possible you’re simply experiencing a random emotion in your head, and for some reason you fixate on the door… excuse me, The Door, as the embodiment of that emotion.
Is it unusual for the door to be open or half open? For example, I generally keep my bedroom door closed when I got to bed, but sometimes when it’s hot I leave it half open. If I woke up in the middle of the night and forgot that I had left the door open, I suppose I might momentarily feel some alarm.
I hope I don’t cause any offense. I’m just trying to answer your question as honestly as it occurs to me to answer.

Yes, it is unusual. If it wasn’t unusual I wouldn’t post this message. I close my door every night and to wake up at a precise time consecutively, and to have the door open at that angle is very unusual. I wouldn’t forget leaving my door open the night before, as I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. As I mentioned before, the angle is especially disconcerting because it is the exact same, and I wake up in bed, and by this I’m implying that nothing in particular wakes me up (in terms of external forces), so for my attention to be turned to the door is quite mysterious. I’m well aware of the dream state and the emotions that arise, but this is something different. Perhaps one would need to experience it to fully understand it. Just the other day, I put a garbage bin in front of my door to ensure that the door was indeed closed and not being opened… When I awoke the following morning, the garbage can was a couple of feet away from the door…

Your initial post made it sound as if the unusual thing you were talking about was the sensation of evil, and the door being open at that precise angle was just the cherry on top of that (so to speak). This does sound odd. I agree that it doesn’t sound like the sort of practical joke one person might play on another (even assuming one your friends even had access to your house at that hour). The fact that it’s always the same angle doesn’t really alarm me. You’ll probably find that, if left to itself, every door has a particular angle that it naturally “prefers” because of the way it hangs on its hinges. The real question is what is causing it to open by itself.

The fact that you added an additional bit of critical data on the second post is a bit disconcerting. Waking up and seeing an open door is one thing. Trash cans moving is something else entirely. But you’re still asking us to trust that your parents are not doing something while you sleep.
If you are looking for a paranormal explanation, you’ve come to the wrong place. Someone might give you one, but there are several of us here who will question it. That’s kind of our brand. I assume you have stores wherever you are and things like motion detectors and recording devices. Your half-conscious personal experience is insufficient data.

I’ve never had any experience with a disembodied feeling of “evil”. To me, evil is a word we use to describe a state of mind. We only know if a person is “evil” by his or her actions. Thus my assumption that an emotional sensation from your dreaming state had carried over into the waking world.
As for the door, the only logical possibility I can suggest is that your parents did in fact look in on you for some reason, not necessarily at 3 a.m., but maybe earlier. I know that once or twice I have gotten up in the middle of the night to check that the gas burners on my stove are off. It’s not rational, but once the idea gets into my head, I can’t get back to sleep until I actually check.
Let us know if anything else happens.