Regularly Experiencing Something Strange

I’ve been experiencing some strange happenings in the last few months. It started with randomly being woke up, for no apparent reason with a sense of a presence, or just a feeling that something isn’t right. After a few days I started feeling something pushing down on the comforter between my leg, and my fiancés leg in the area where tension exists between the two highest points. Initially I would wake up, turn on the light and look around the room only to see or hear nothing. After a couple months of trying to ignore it, one night it went from down by my feet, to up between my waist and her only this time it pushed firmly 4 times. Like I always do, I woke up feeling startled, searched the room with my phone light and found nothing. I have had some strange occurrences in the past, but never anything that physically touched me, or anything around me. It was always just seeing white blurry figures walk around the corner in the hallway, or even a feeling I was being watched. I am a believer in the supernatural, and consider myself fairly perceptive, so maybe someone from the other side is trying to give me a message, or sign? I have had to start sleeping with the TV on since that seems to decrease the frequency of the occurrences. I dont feel like I am in danger, but its starting to take a toll on my nerves and such.

At this point I am having trouble sleeping because I have started anticipating it happening, and stay alert so I can either catch something, or at least not be as shocked. Last night, I was awakened at exactly 3am, but did not feel anything messing with my comforter like I had before - just a sense of insecurity.

Couple of questions for you my friend;

How long have you lived at the address ?

Have you been experiencing anything particularly negative in your life recently when these occurrences began?

Are you living a healthy lifestyle right now?

Have you witnessed anything other than this that you would classify as highly strange?


Good morning!

We moved into this house about a year ago. The issues didn’t start until about 3-4 months ago. Nothing negative per-se, just the usual stress involved with kids, jobs etc. As far as a healthy lifestyle goes, I am probably about average as I tend to work a lot, and so does she.

Because of things I have experienced throughout my life, I am a believer in the paranormal. I have seen or sensed things for about as long as I can remember, and consider myself fairly receptive. I have seen blurry white shapes in the house, and so has her daughter who is also a believer.

Last night we did a video conference with a psychic medium and she had me walk around the house as she watched. After entering the bedroom she said she heard laughing, and that there was a spirit in the room. She couldn’t tell if it was an adult or child, or male or female, but did say that it seemed to be attached to something in the house. While speaking with her I told her my fiancé is a Critical Care Neonatal Flight Nurse, and has been for 32 years. At that point she seemed to have an epiphany and said it was a child she had either cared for, or come into contact with at one of the hospitals she frequents. She thinks the spirit is protecting my fiancé, or feels a connection which makes sense since the interactions are always between us while in bed. It doesn’t happen when she is working a 24/hr shift, and not sleeping with me. As we continued to walk around the bedroom into the bathroom she noticed a door (walk-in closet) and said the spirit was in there, and wanted to see the closet. My fiancé felt her closet was too cluttered and refused to allow me to video. Strangely enough, and I swear I’m not making this up, I woke up the previous night to use the restroom and ask I rounded the corner I felt like someone was watching me. The toilet area has a separate door that isolates it from the rest of the bathroom, so I closed the door behind me. As I finished my business and left the area, I walked over to the walk-in closet, opened the door and turned the light on. I don’t know why I did it, but I felt like someone was watching me and wanted to make sure nobody was in there.

The bedroom is always cold, and it feels funny to me, almost like it’s dead or lifeless for lack of a better term. It’s felt like that since we moved into the house but I just assumed it was because it was a new environment.

She asked that I setup a video-audio recorder and see what it captures, and said to have my fiancé light a white candle and politely ask tell the “we are sorry for what has happened to you, but you are not welcome here and need to move on to the other side”. My fiancé is not a believer, but she loves me so she did that last night. I didn’t experience anything last night but that’s not outside the norm, it doesn’t happen every night.

I have never felt like I was in danger, or it meant to harm me. But consistently being startled by anything, inanimate or not, is beginning to wear on me. I’m a pretty big guy (6’4 225) and I’m not scared of much, but this experience has left me feeling like a coward. I’m at the point where I started telling myself to man-up, and just march on without giving it the energy it takes to acknowledge its existence.

Thank you trek1363 for your response.

Well, you are making all the right moves. In my experience and opinion ignoring it can sometimes work but there’s just as much chance that it wont. It’s a lottery. It may leave all by itself or it may not. Sometimes it’s as if whatever it is is seeking attention or acknowledgement but as your step daughter has already suggested, if it is spiritual, then 8t may need assistance to leave.

The temperature drop, along with the overwhelming feeling of being watched are certainly signs to be aware of. As long as these warnings do not include a deep sense of bone chilling dread then you appear to be in an okay place. I speak on this from lots of experience.

The only other suggestions would be to take a few nights away and see if it occurs elsewhere to confirm if it is indeed attached to your fiance.

My twin brother has connections with the SPR in London who may be able to help to detach the spirit from her.

I personally have lived for several months (10 years ago) in a house with seriously scary Poltergeist activity. I fidnt believe such things existed until I went through all of that until I moved out. 4 years later following a UFO very close encounter I experienced a bunch of what can only be described as paranormal events. Luckily for me I was not alone. I had beighbours, my children my girlfriend all witness the same things with me on separate occasions. A shadow figure running through the house in broad daylight. Those overwhelming feelings of being watched and dread, along with a deafening silence during activity. Too much to tell. But it all came to pass all by itself thank goodness. Nothing strange now for a few years even though we still live in the same house…

Good luck. Let me know how things go please and if there’s anything I can do to help.

Last night we did a video conference with a psychic medium and she had me walk around the house as she watched.

It’s a shame James Randi isn’t still alive. He’d give you a scientific reason. Hopefully you didn’t give the medium too much money.

Not a penny, she doesn’t charge for her services.

That’s good, because I’m a lot like your wife. I’d hate to see you or anyone spend a lot of money and get had.

You may find some interesting info on the paranormal from his podcasts and video, even though he’s not around any more.

Forgot the link:

Joe Nickell is another one you might find interesting too and yes, I did have one of his wooden nickels at one time, but I’ve moved so much that I can’t find it anymore. He’s also a paranormal investigator among other things and even is involved with CFI.

I’ll also give you the link to his paranormal et al page too:

Thank you, I will check that out. I am bothered by it, but not willing to spend money to work it out aside from white candles, and things like that. Too many crooks out there that pretend to have a connection when they really don’t. The lady I just worked with I have known since middle school. She has been able to do this since she was 8 years old, and though I didn’t know it when I was young, she was always a little different from the others. I’ve sent her pictures before that I felt contained something paranormal, she responded with nope - nothing to see here. I always look for ANY other explanation at all before I ever consider anything paranormal. I would much rather it be anything but that since we have no control over that determination. Gosh, at this point I would rather have a psychiatrist tell me I have lost my mind! :slight_smile: