Support for those debilitated by anomalistic experiences like synchronicity/esp

I suffer from a severe mental disorder called OCD. And as many of you may already know, many people with ocd and other mental illnesses suffer from strange and debilitating anomalistic experiences like strange coincidences and synchronicities that we can’t explain. They feel telepathic and psychic like, or like we’re manifesting it with our thoughts. They scare us and cause depression, distress, and anger. Many of us are fighting to be skeptic and rational thinkers when it comes to things like the paranormal, but these experiences keep happening and they’re driving us insane.

What we go through is what psychologists call magical thinking, and we want to accept that and move on, but our experiences are so strange and debilitating that instead of moving on, our ocd progresses into a form of ocd called “ocd with psychotic features or ocd with poor insight”

Our ocd is so bad that we’re on the same level in suffering as schizophrenics.

I know this is true because of my own suffering and reading about the severe suffering of other OCD sufferers.

During my research I found out that schizotypal and schizophrenia sufferers also go through these synchronistic/psychic like experiences. And many theories have been brought forth like too much dopamine causing overactive pattern recognition, among other explanations. But the experiences happen so much and feel so real that the explanations don’t add up and im left in severe mental pain.

Here’s a link to the theory that dopamine causes overactive pattern recognition in mental illnesses like schizophrenia:

After searching and searching for more rational explanations, I realized that with these type of things it will be impossible to find a definite answer to.
So after awhile I realized that the best thing that could help me was by finding a place of like minded people who also go through these things as well so we can share similar experiences and find peace.

Before this forum my favorite ocd forum was “stuck in a door” (which is nolonger working) because it had many posts of people going through these experiences. And it really helped me out alot and helped me stay strong without worrying about finding an answer.

I’m creating this thread so that people who suffer from these experiences can have a place to to find relief by reading other people’s experiences and to share their own experiences to help others.

I feel like this is one of the most debilitating things an ocd or any mentally ill person can go through. I say that because so many cultures around the world accept the things we go through as already true without trying to find other natural explanations first.

But many of us mentally ill people (despite our experiences) are fighting to be rational, critical thinkers and scientific minded, but because of so many people who believe in this stuff without investigation, it makes it painful for us, because it’s hard to find rational dialogue about our experiences.

Many of us want to find a place where others share our experiences and a place where scientific minded people will try to give rational explanations to what we go through.

For many ocd issues the common advice is: accept it and walk away.
But there are certain things that are just too difficult to accept and walk away. To walk away from some things, first we need to know we’re not along to give us strength. And this is one of those things. And I hope this thread can be that place for those of us who are contemplating suicide because of these experiences.

Personally I suffer from many strange anomalistic synchronicity or psychic experiences. I will explain one of them below. Right now I feel horrible and like the only way out is suicide. So I look forward to reading other comments regarding these experiences to give me some type of peace.

Here’s one of my regular experiences:

A scary intrusive thought hits me, and then my mind suddenly thinks that the random world “Bob” will be said to confirm that it’s true. For some strange reason I can sense Bob being said. It’s like the word Bob will be a sign of confirmation. Then in a split second the word Bob is actually said and I freak out and panic, because these strange things are not supposed to happen. This happens to me multiple times a day. And it’s not just words, it other specific sounds and events.

I fight to be rational but It gets so bad that I feel that something supernatural is causing it to happen to destroy my life. And I have to immediately go to google to search for rational answers to get my rationality back.

It all happens in either a split second, or a 5 second window. First the intrusive thought then the intrusive thought of a sudden word or sound or the thought of something else happening to confirm it as a sign happens right after thinking it. Then the things I saw as a sign actually happens. It never fails.

Sometimes these signs will seem to be caused by my next action, for example: sometimes there is a strong intrusive thought of something bad or good happening and then a feeling that if I turn left or right to pick up something for example, then the specific noise will happen that will confirm the good or bad thought as true. Sometimes the noises feel like they’re just waiting for your next action to synchronize it with the sound you’re thinking of, so that the universe can show you that it all is real, and that it’s goal is to hurt you. It feels as if you’re manifesting it into reality.

Here’s an interesting example story:

When me and my ex girlfriend were together we we’re texting back and forth while she was at work. (We met online, she lived overseas, and we had never met in person) Suddenly while we’re texting, she stops because she gets too busycat work. During this time I take a break myself and I go in the kitchen to get something to eat. So I can take a break with her. I left my phone on the bed. I leave for 2 or 3 hours. While I’m gone, it hits me that she’s obviously gonna text me back before I get back into the room giving that I will be gone for so long. The longer I stay gone I start to hope that she has already texted me back. But then a scary ocd intrusive thought hits and says that she hasn’t texted me back yet, but that she will do it as soon as I get back settled into my room, and that that will prove that we’re all connected or something or that there’s a psychic or law of attraction type thing happening with all of us and it will prove that a supernatural force is controlling everything.

After this intrusive thought I’m hoping that she has already texted me to prove this ocd type thought wrong.

But unfortunately when I get back into the room everything happened as I thought it. But with a horrible twist:

I entered my room. My phone was sitting on my bed on the charger. At this point I didn’t know if I got a text from her or not. I was afraid to check it because I had a strong feeling that OCD was right and that she hadn’t yet texted me back. A minute had gone by without me checking and I was really anxious.

I think I then checked it and confirmed that there was no text and found myself even more anxious because the OCD thought was beginning to manifest.

While severely anxious I put my phone down on my bed, and opened my dresser in my room and then while looking through my dresser this strong intrusive thought and feeling hits me that my girlfriend is gonna die and that when I turn left to reach for the item i was looking for, she will text me in that exact moment to confirm that it’s true. And I pause for a moment in fear, and panic, and anger, and then after waiting for a good minute I try to challenge the OCD by angerly turning left and getting the item, and just like the OCD told me, she texted me! How in the hell does this stuff happen!? Right on cue as if it was destined! The whole time deep down inside from the moment the intrusive thought hit me while I was in the kitchen, I felt like the thought was correct, and that she wasn’t gonna text me until I got into my room and settled in for at least 3-5 minutes.

Those moments happen alot faster and more consitant than the example above, but I just thought that was an important story to show the other ways it can manifest.

As I mentioned briefly before that story, it also happens with good positive thoughts. For example: You have a good positive thought about something in your life and then the OCD instrusively says that you’re gonna hear something that’s gonna confirm it as true, and that it will mean that something supernatural exists. And just as OCD predicted, the sound that it intrusively put into your mind is actually heard seconds later and in that moment you feel that that positive thought is tainted because you don’t won’t to believe something supernatural is controlling everything. It happens so often that It feels like a evil force is doing this to mess with you so you can’t enjoy anything in life. It hits you so hard that you just break down and cry sometimes. It causes fits of rage and anger because you know this shouldn’t be happening this often.

It’s not just with sounds in the environment and words from people. But it’s also with numbers on clocks and any other thing you can imagine. But it’s just more constant with words and sounds from people and inanimate objects. I.e. telphone ringing, car horns, heating and air conditioning coming on and going off and radios and TV’s. Etc.

I tried to find rational explanations for these things like the subconscious, intuition, confirmation bias, or just having psychotic breaks from the severe OCD. And in the past I started to feel better with these explanations, but then I realized that it was happening so much that non of the explanations added up anymore, and i realized it’s not delusion, or any other explanation, but that it was actually happening.

A long time ago I read on another ocd forum someone explaining this experience as “automatic coincidence”

And that’s the perfect explanation, it feels automatic as if the synchronicity was destined to happen in the sequence. Or like you’re manifesting it into reality. If there is a rational explanation then the only one at this point would be the one by psychologist Kirby Surprise who says that we control 3 to 6 percent of our environment and the other one being quantum entanglement which says that our minds are naturally connected through quatum mechanics.

Here’s two YouTube videos of Kirby Surprise explaining his theory of synchronicity:

(Part 1):
(Part 2):

Here’s a rational perspective on quatum entanglement and psychic experiences:

Many people experience this with deja Vu, but I don’t experience it that way, (or at least not that often) I just usually get a strong intrusive psychic sense of a word or sound from someone that I didn’t choose to think of, and someone says it a second or 5 seconds later.

With these experiences I’ve been on the verge of suicide and getting closer and closer everyday because of the severe mental pain they cause.

The only reason I’m still alive is because of well known paranormal skeptics that I look up to like James Randi, Michael Shermer, Kirby Surprise, and Susan Blackmore among many others.

(James Randi’s rational explanation for synchronicity/Psychic experiences):

(One of Susan Blackmore’s discussions about the existence of the paranormal):

In an effort to better understand these experiences and provoke rational discussion I will also like to add that people who do drugs like weed and psychedelics also experience these type of things often. So is there a correlation with a brain suffering from mental illness and a brain that’s high on drugs? From my research on drug users who have these experiences, my verdict is that there is and I suggest that we study these people.

What ever is in those drugs that’s causing their brains to experience these things must be the same thing that’s in the brain of a person with a mental illness.

Here’s one of those posts by a drug user experiening this. It’s from a marijuana support forum:

Ironically after I calm down from these OCD/synchronicity attacks and I see a little rationality, I find myself facinated by all these experiences, because I wonder how is it possible for a simple brain to do all of these things!

If anybody else sufferers from these things please share and give me some type of peace that other people are in this fight with me.

Sometimes I can look at clouds and note that they are shaped like certain things. And sometimes when looking at some random details like the grain in wood or splotches of something spilled, I can see various face shapes. I must be quantum entangled. Or maybe it is just a natural artifact of my brain attempting to see patterns.



I empathise. I have what used to be called “Asperger’s Syndrome” It went undiagnosed until I was 65. Aspies often have some mental issues. Mine are OCD, (which seems to be far less severe than yours,) Chronic depression and Social anxiety.

I tell you this so that you might get something from what follows.

I think OCD makes a person over think . In your case, your observations and conclusions are not all caused by your illness;

Seeing a bunny rabbit in that cloud, jesus’ 'image on a piece of toast, faces in photos of Mars or a flying saucer in ball lightning are all part of a hard wired human facility called PAREIDOLIA.

The pioneer psychologist ,and contemporary of Freud coined the term 'synchronicity" to describe what he saw as meaningful coincides. He also believed in poltergeists. This perception can be caused by the human need to impose order and meaning on their surroundings. Pretty sure it originally had a survival advantage:.EG:

Early homo sapiens sitting at his fire having lunch. Hears a rustle in that bush. Probably just the wind. Could also be a predator. Homo sapiens legs it. If it was a predator, homo sapiens has just saved his own life. If it was only the wind, no harm done, except for his burned lunch…He may have experienced a lot of false positives, but sometimes, his fear a would be justified. 'Sometimes" would been enough to give him a survival advantage


The full wiki article is worth reading

"Pareidolia (/pærɪˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music.

Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the Man in the Moon, the Moon rabbit, hidden messages in recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds, and hearing indistinct voices in random noise such as that produced by air conditioners or fans.[1]"

A good thirty years ago there was a hit record which simply listed all kinds of coincidences between president Lincoln and President Kennedy; EG Lincoln had a secretary called Kennedy, and Kennedy had a secretary called Lincoln. Are these coincidence meaningful? I don’t believe so, but am willing to believe if someone can provide some credible evidence. Right now, I accept the dictionary definition of a coincidence.

"Merriam webster:

"Definition of coincidence

1 : the act or condition of coinciding : correspondence … a perfect coincidence between truth and goodness …— Robert South
2 : the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection … causal connection requires something more than mere coincidence as to time and place …— Wayne R. LaFave also : any of these occurrences"

Have a look at the coincidences between presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Do they have meaning/causal connections?? If so, what is the credible evidence?

Wow, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, Jay! I used to get premonitions every now then, both good ones and bad ones. For example, premonitions that my car was going to break down today, that someone close to me was going to have an accident, or that I was going to win the lottery or meet the love of my life. When I was under the influence of the premonition, I was constantly tense, waiting for the shoe to drop. There were some days that I was seriously tempted not to leave the house for fear that the thing I imagined was going to happen. But over time I simply learned to ignore premonitions, both the good ones and the bad ones. Of course my case wasn’t nearly as severe as yours, so that’s probably not an option for you.

Thanks for your replies. It means alot to me to know that someone else has at least experienced some of this. We may never find an answer to this, but my main goal was to find other people who experienced this so I can know I’m not alone so I can be able to use that as strength to keep pushing on. I think when you know you’re not alone in something, you’re able to withstand it more when it happens because it gives you strength.

My secondary goal was to create a rational discussion regarding these experiences. I mainly want to hear from current skeptics who were once debilitated by these type of things but who came out and remained skeptics or became skeptics for the first time.

I’m in pain but im also fascinated by how my brain can actually be doing this.

And I would like to get into a healthy state of mind and actually study this and be able to marvel at it instead of panicing and seeing it as scary.

Once again thank you for your comment and I look forward to many others in this discussion.

Thank you Jay for accepting our kindness.

@patrickd I understand what you’re trying to say and you’re definitely correct when you say that it’s not just my mental illness that is causing it. Because Ive read that regular healthy minded people say that they see synchronicity and strange things too. And as far as all of your other explanations, Ive also read about them in past when I’ve done my research, so I’m familiar with most of your explanations, and I really try to agree with it. But here’s the issue with the Lincoln type explanations:

The problem is that there’s 2 types of coincidental situations.

I will like to use two terms for these types, and they are subject to change, but for right now they are: “abnormal coincidences” and “normal coincidences”

The type of coincidences that I experience would be considered abnormal coincidences because they feel telepathic like. They’re proceeded by a thought that they will happen. And they happen like telepathy or psychic intuition, or manifestation.

But the lincoln coincidences are considered normal coincidences because they don’t feel telepathic. They don’t happen after a thought. Healthy minded people just happened to notice them by accident and see them as strange after the realization. They don’t feel like they created them with their thoughts.

But here’s the exception that can make a Lincoln coincidence into an abnormal coincidence: it can become an abnormal coincidence if the person thinks about it before it happens which would be the definition of synchronicity, psychic intution, or manifestation.

So the difference between abnormal coincidences and normal coincidences is if there is a thought that proceeds the coincidence. If there is no thought that feels like it predicted it then it’s just a normal coincidence that healthy people just happen to notice.

But if there’s a thought before it’s noticed then that’s what paranormal believers call synchronicity, manifestation, or telepathy etc.

Of course critical thinkers will disagree with the paranormal believers and say it’s still just a normal coincidence, and that it’s just the law of large numbers that make you feel like it was predicted sometimes.

And I understand that and it makes sense sometimes, but when it happens 24/7 to people like me, then the law of large numbers start to not look like the best scientific explanation. And maybe we need to find another scientific explanation. That’s why I linked to dr. Kirby Surprise and the Marijuana forum in my original post.

Also another study I would like for you to check out is this scientific study that says that we unconsciously react to events up to 10 seconds before they happen. And it’s called “Predictive Anticipatory Activity”

Here’s the link and I look forward to hearing opinions:

Jay: Also another study I would like for you to check out is this scientific study that says that we unconsciously react to events up to 10 seconds before they happen. And it’s called “Predictive Anticipatory Activity”

Lois: which has also been used as evidence of determinism, and against the idea of free will.

Does intuition exist? Probably. What is intuition? Probably, it is the act of subconsciously processing information and coming to a conclusion that one is aware of without being aware of the information on which the conclusion was based.

Granted that, some ppl are more intuitive than others.

TimB wrote:

Does intuition exist? Probably. What is intuition? Probably, it is the act of subconsciously processing information and coming to a conclusion that one is aware of without being aware of the information on which the conclusion was based.

Granted that, some ppl are more intuitive than others.



Intuition is what you’ve got if you’ve guessed right.




“Intuition is what you’ve got if you’ve guessed right.”

A problem is, the solution to some problems is counter intuitive. I find that a lot with cars. These days, the extent of my skill is checking tyre pressure. Just bought a brand new jelly bean. (a Mazda 2) The owner’s manual looks like a bible, but is mercifully less obtuse. Even turning the bloody thing on is different: Keyless. You unlock with the doover provided… Then sit down , put on your seat belt, put your foot on the brake, making sure the car is in ‘park’ .Then ,and only then, a little green light shows on a button which is almost hidden behind the steering column…—you push this button and the car will start. During this process, there are a plethora of lights on the dash , in red, blue and green. Most of them go off when you are in drive. One stay on if you have the nerve to put your lights on manual.

I’ve had this car for 3 weeks, and love to pieces. I only hope that nothing ever goes wrong.

Nice that you love it. I’m not sure I could love anything that unpredictable. Good luck. Maybe it means a car thief would be less likely to figure it out.

Lois: “Intuition is what you’ve got if you’ve guessed right.”

TimB: I guess that’s right. If your “guess” that u arrive at, without awareness of how you arrived at it, is wrong, then you probably wouldn’t remember that “guess”. Whereas if you “guessed” correctly, you would be amazed at your intuition, and be likely to remember it.

Yes, Confirmation bias. We’re subject to it in every situation we find ourselves in.

I have a few links from different forum users who my experiences are similar too. The difference is I have OCD and they seem to be healthy. I’m adding the links so we can realize that this is a very common thing for many people and so we can figure out what could be causing this in us.

Please check out these links:




(4.) this last link is one from a user who not only describes these experiences perfectly but who also has a very interesting scientific theory on why these type of things happen:

Hi All,

Today I was researching into synchronicities and mental illnesses and there I came across with this forum. I think I have a lot to share with you. I faced extremely high number of synchronicities out of the blue and that made me end up in having various erroneous conclusions. I found out that these erroneous conclusions that I had is exactly similar to schizophrenia patients. It was like I had a virtual reality scenario of schizophrenia. This is my story. It’s a long story but if some of you get a chance to read my story, we could certain discuss this in detail and I’m looking forward to it since I think this will help another individual one day.

Have a nice day!

Sorry, not reading all that; not that interested in the topic.

The pioneering psychologist Carl Jung opened a bag of woo when he coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to describe what he saw as meaningful coincidence. An atheist, Jung also believed in ESP and poltergeists. He wrote a book about what the called “an acausal connecting principle” . Jung was a brilliant man, but he could also be very wrong headed.My position is a coincidence is just that; a coincidence. There is no special meaning. How on earth do you prove such a thing? Keep in mind that a thing is not true simply because it cannot be disproved.

I’m aware of some of the obsessions of schizophrenics . I’m truly sorry for the suffering they endure.Paranoid schizophrenics often ascribe meaning to meaningless data and occurrences.

There are some simpler, saner explanations:

Probability theory is one, it’s called “the law of large numbers” (see below)

Psychology also has an explanation; conformation bias, and apophemia. (see below)

I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right. I don’t claim truth. You may well be right. Right now, I think the explanations I’ve given are more rational and more likely to be right.


Probability (arguably)

“Mainstream mathematics argues that statistics and probability theory (exemplified in, e.g., Littlewood’s law or the law of truly large numbers) suffice to explain any purported synchronistic events as mere coincidences.[9][24] The law of truly large numbers, for instance, states that in large enough populations, any strange event is arbitrarily likely to happen by mere chance. However, some proponents of synchronicity question whether it is even sensible in principle to try to evaluate synchronicity statistically. Jung himself and von Franz argued that statistics work precisely by ignoring what is unique about the individual case, whereas synchronicity tries to investigate that uniqueness.”


""In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions, and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs. It is a type of cognitive bias and represents an error of inductive inference, or is a form of selection bias toward confirmation of the hypothesis under study, or disconfirmation of an alternative hypothesis. Confirmation bias is of interest in the teaching of critical thinking, as the skill is misused if rigorous critical scrutiny is applied only to evidence that challenges a preconceived idea, but not to evidence that supports it.[26]

Likewise, in psychology and sociology, the term apophenia is used for the mistaken detection of a pattern or meaning in random or meaningless data.

PD passed on this: "The law of truly large numbers, for instance, states that in large enough populations, any strange event is arbitrarily likely to happen by mere chance. However, some proponents of synchronicity question whether it is even sensible in principle to try to evaluate synchronicity statistically. Jung himself and von Franz argued that statistics work precisely by ignoring what is unique about the individual case, whereas synchronicity tries to investigate that uniqueness.”

TimB says: Here is what is wrong about the above statement: The law of truly large numbers should not be seen as the truly large population of people, but rather the truly large number of events that an individual can potentially be aware of. Hence, because an astute individual can potentially be aware of an extraordinarily large number of events upon which to focus, out of that truly large number, he may selectively focus on events that happen to relate to each other unexpectedly.


TimB says: " Here is what is wrong about the above statement: The law of truly large numbers should not be seen as the truly large population of people, but rather the truly large number of events that an individual can potentially be aware of. Hence, because an astute individual can potentially be aware of an extraordinarily large number of events upon which to focus, out of that truly large number, he may selectively focus on events that happen to relate to each other unexpectedly."

Thanks for that. I’m not a math’s person; it sounded Ok to me,(onWiki) but I’ll accept your correction as probably a more reliable source.

What do you think of apophemia? I’ve been aware of that, and pareidolia for some time. Both explanations make sense to me,.At least more than the notion of meaningful coincidences and Jesus on a piece of toast.

Hi Jay,

I thought of copying the reply that I made to your comment here, so others could also participate if they actually read the article. By the way everyone, sorry without you reading the article we will not be able to have a fruitful discussion that will benefit another individual who goes through similar experiences. That said, this is the reply that I made to Jay on my website:

"After I come out of my false conclusions, I learned a very important lesson and the lesson is “depend on the way these synchronicities get manifested to an observer, an observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc… ”

And I also understood the importance of having the right view and I understood that ignoring important data (due to trust issues, seeing as not important, etc…), not being able to understand the available data, not having enough data, will create delusions in our minds.

This is something that I clearly see in Kirby. He hasn’t researched into these experiences that much yet he had come to a conclusion because of his own experience mainly or he has missed certain important synchronicities or he hasn’t analyzed the synchronicities critically that are occurring to human beings on a daily basis. I was having a normal life and I didn’t know that these are synchronicities either, until I came to an understanding that human thoughts are being affected to such an extent fooling me to believe that they respond to my thoughts and my activities just like they were monitoring me. In other words, my friends, scriptwriters, people who work for corporates responded me just like they were observing and monitoring me as a group. I had no control of this as Kirby believe even up to this day. Although I believed that people who work for Facebook, Bloomberg, Guardian, Microsoft knew me, I have no clue their whereabouts either. I never imagined writing scripts for myself either in an extremely negative way to depress me. I’m not a person who thinks negatively about life. Then finally, I got attacked by high-frequency tones as well and at the same time, the theme of synchronicities changed to give me death threats. I had experiences that are similar to people who claim themselves as “Targeted Individuals” too, although most of my experiences were similar to that of schizophrenics. The following article is about Gangstalking phenomenon and again this false conclusion is due to high number synchronicities only.

I read so many stories related to synchronicities because of my experience and I understand that synchronicities have fooled human beings to believe in God communicating with them since these synchronicities occurred in a positive way. Then I also saw negative synchronicities. For certain individual’s positive synchronicities made them believe that they have control over their synchronicities. Kirby has fallen to this erroneous conclusion. In my case, synchronicities are the one who made the decision when it wanted to interact with me. When I remove certain friends to avoid having conflicts(due to synchronicities), synchronicities suddenly started occurring with friends who are in touch with me just to attack me negatively. Because of so many experiences like this, I had to conclude this phenomenon as intelligence and it shows decision-making capabilities. It could fool a person in a positive or negative way and sometimes giving a false belief that they have control over it.

Regarding the floating experience, I wouldn’t be mentioning that if I didn’t know what happened to me. If I have an issue with my observations and analysis, it would have been impossible for me to come out of my erroneous conclusions"