Sleep Paralysis and Apparitional Experiences

I mention sleep paralysis in this post’s title because it’s a title that’s likely to draw more attention than a more specific title tailored to my purposes. I am not strictly interested in sleep paralysis stories. To be specific, I am primarily interested in certain kinds of apparitional experiences, many of which happen to occur during the altered state commonly known as sleep paralysis. I am a collector of memories, a connoisseur of nightmares, if you will. I am enchanted by all matters phantasmagoric, dreadful, and inhuman. If you stay a while and get to know me better, you may find you like some of what I have to offer. For this post, I’ve come here to request personal or secondhand accounts of nonhuman apparitions, namely those strange and sinister specters some call demons or evil spirits. There are many such accounts on the internet, many of them scattered chaotically around divergent comment sections, and many of them hastily written and sometimes lacking in the degree of detail researchers such as myself would like. I could browse for hours through forums, taking notes on the stories that interest me the most. However, rather than do that, I shall begin a new discussion here, for those of you who, like me, are drawn to the anomalous, the dark, the demonic, and the dreadful. As a final note to this introduction, let me make it clear I make no claim about the ultimate truth of the sleep paralysis, hypnagogic, or hypnopompic phenomena nor related and similar aspects of consciousness. I write this post purely as a phenomenological venture, to gather further detailed information on the subjective qualities of specific apparitional experiences. I will not here give any interpretations of such manifestations. Rather, I am only interested in descriptions of them.

A few notes about myself: I am a writer and paranormal researcher, with a primary interest in demonology. I have personal experience in sleep paralysis, hypnagogic and hypnopompic states, shadow apparitions and other manifestations, lucid dreams, and so-called astral projection. On a number of occasions, I have made attempts to deliberately induce sleep paralysis and other such states, and have attempted to commune directly with some of the manifestations associated with these states. While my metaphysical interests extend to the cosmos as a whole, I am drawn deepest to what I can characterize as ethereal elements of the cosmos: questions of dreams, nightmares, sleep paralysis, parasomnia, hauntings, demons, insanity, astral and infernal visions, advanced intelligence, alternate dimensions, the occult, transcendence, and, as an ultimate mystery, immortality. My interest in altered states extends to other dimensions of consciousness as well, to include UFOs, alien contact accounts, DMT realms, salvia realms, and any of the various entities encountered in these spheres. It should be noted that, when I use the word entity, it does not inherently carry a connotation of sentience. Entities in my terminology can be either sentient or insentient. I sometimes prefer the term over ‘beings’ or ‘apparitions’ because it can hold a more neutral connotation, signifying a presence exists as a subjectively external, distinct aspect of a subject’s field of consciousness, wherein many presences assume a form distinguishable from inanimate objects. Many apparitions have a humanoid, creature-like, or monstrous appearance, rather than, say, the appearance of a simple nondescript artifact. These can include humanoid shadows, creature shadows, various nonhuman guises, occasional human-like apparitions, and other kinds of manifestations. Rather than refer to all such manifestations as beings or apparitions, which can foster biases, I find that, semantically, the word entity can be used relatively neutrally to denote an aspect of the experience distinct from mere background.

Those preliminary considerations aside, allow me to clarify a few matters of importance to me, what may be considered possible misconceptions about some of these altered states. I could write much more on the complex nuances and questions involved in this field, and I have, however here I only wish to make a few short mentions to give some context to my approach to this.

For one, sleep paralysis does not always feature complete, unbreakable paralysis. Sometimes the paralysis is only partial and sometimes the paralysis is breakable. It’s conceivable all sleep paralysis is fundamentally breakable even if a subject feels it is unable to break the paralysis in the moment. In any case, a subject can begin a sleep paralysis episode in a complete or partial paralytic state, and then come to find it is able to break the paralysis by itself. Note as well that even if paralysis is broken, this may or may not cancel the altered state itself. I only note these matters for any who have the impression sleep paralysis necessarily involves unbreakable full body paralysis. Hypnagogic and hypnopompic states also do not always feature paralysis. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It is possible, for instance, to awake into a hypnopompic state and feel little if any paralysis. This depends in part on the subject.

Beyond that, let us also recognize this: Not everyone is terrified of sleep paralysis and related phenomena. Sleep paralysis is commonly characterized as terrifying by those who experience it. This is a subjectively genuine description and one I have experienced myself. However, terror, dread, and other such emotions are not universal facets of the experience. It is very possible to not be afraid in the state at all, whether of the paralysis, apparitions, or other phenomena present. This stoic approach to parasomnia states can take some time to develop. Even as you begin to eliminate fear, you may find certain manifestations or senses incite dread, such as elements that excite personal phobias. Even so, one’s reaction to such states can in principle and in practice be largely controlled, if not fully controlled. This composed, focused state of mind can allow one to conduct clearer observations and experiments and explore deeper dimensions of consciousness. Bear this methodology in mind as we consider this field and have other experiences in the future.

As an addendum to this section, I would also note I find it important to recognize that there is often a question about whether a subject was actually awake in the normal sense when the subject experienced an altered state such as sleep paralysis. Based on my analysis of my own experiences and those of others, it appears that, sometimes, the subject is awake in the normal sense, and sometimes, the subject is asleep, and only appears to be awake in the normal sense. If you consider telling a story, do note whether the percipient ultimately appeared to be awake.

About three years ago, I was involved in research to compile cases and evidence to establish a clearer, more nuanced account of this somewhat obscure array of phenomena. I find that some authors don’t approach the phenomenon in as much philosophical and scientific depth as they could, and often use mere anecdotes as the bulk of their books, or dismiss the phenomenon entirely as a mere meaningless glitch in the human mind. I feel these matters could benefit from a much closer and experimental examination, and for that I have worked over the years to compile information and organize concepts and research. For the past three years, I largely took a break from this field, and wrote ‘fiction’ as well as dabbled in some creative designs and other interests. Recently, I decided to pick up where I left off and, as part of my literary plans, I intend to write a book devoted to a comprehensive account of a certain breed of apparitional experiences and altered states, namely the vein of reality called the demonic by some. There is wide disagreement about the nature of the demonic, the semantics of the words demon and demonic, and whether we can aptly consider any parasomnia phenomena such as sleep paralysis demonic in any instances. I am not here to discuss these matters. I am only here, as I said, to collect stories. I’ve interviewed a number of individuals in-person and online and have compiled a series of detailed apparitional accounts that interest me, some of which I would like to include in a few of the aforementioned book’s chapters. I would also, ideally, like to use a few of your own accounts in said book, which I would strictly reserve for the most detailed, compelling, and vivid anecdotes, preferably firsthand accounts rather than those told by someone else. You can post accounts here or speak to me privately. I am also willing to speak further on these matters to those who share a vivid memory with me or otherwise express a genuine interest in the unknown without preconception. If I find your account particularly noteworthy, and if, upon further research, I consider you a fairly credible person, I will consider using your story as an example of this phenomenon. I will not, in any case, use any personal information such as name or location. I only wish to compile the most compelling cases directly from the source.

Encounters could be in waking, in a hypnagogic or hypnopompic state, or in a dream state or other vision state. It doesn’t need to be in waking or a between state. Some of the most beautiful and vivid entities are encountered in dreams, sometimes lucid dreams, and I would be interested to hear some of the more rich, animated encounters of alterdimensional entities of a sinister sort.

Detailed accounts would ideally include: how old you were; your location at the time; the time and date; if you were lying down, what position you were in, whether supine, sideward, etc.; a description of any apparitions to include color, size, specific features, voices, behavior, location, etc.; a description of any other aspects of the episode to include emotions, sounds, vibrations, pressures, paralysis, speech, actions, alterations, portals, etc.; how the apparitional experience affected you, whether you feel the phenomenon continued to haunt you, whether you subsequently had unusually vivid or disturbing dreams; and also other questions such as whether you’ve seen any UFOs before or after; whether you think you may have experienced any paranormal phenomena before or after; whether you’ve experienced any lucid dreams, astral or infernal visions, or other altered states before or after; and, as an aside, how others have regarded your experience and whether others in your life experienced similar phenomena before or after. I am very patient and observant, and there is no need to rush any accounts submitted. I ask you take no more than about 1,000 words to describe your story, however if you would like to take more time, that is fine as well. Know that you will receive no judgment from me, even if you take a hard line stance on what exactly your experience is. I am only here to collect memories. I am not here to debate these matters, nor do I intend to peddle any ultimate theory of them. I am and always will be an agnostic in my core, interested foremost in pure experiential data, pure manifestations, independently of our own feelings and interpretations of them. I hope if you’ve read this far, and if you’re as interested in the complexities and truth of this phenomenon as I am, you will take some time to humor me and give us a particularly rich story from your corner of the world. As we learn more of each other’s experiences of the strange, and as we consider opportunities to experiment and delve deeper into the doors of our minds, perhaps we will find other doors open in time, and we encounter aspects of the cosmos once hidden from us.

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I was in my late 20’s. I lived alone at the time and was at home alone, sleeping. I awakened and could not move. I felt terrified and had a sense that there was a presence in the room. I could not move to try to look at it, and I didn’t want to (due to fear). I don’t recall for sure how it resolved, perhaps the paralysis subsided, or maybe I just fell back asleep. I don’t remember. I also don’t remember being bothered about it in the days, weeks, years since. Such an episode has never re-occurred for me. I assume the episode was an artifact of the sleep state.

however here I only wish to make a few short mentions to give some context to my approach to this.
Kinda failed at that

It’s a normal thing, due to how sleep works

A few notes about myself: I am a writer and paranormal researcher...
Yeah, I kind of guessed that from the first paragraph.
I am a collector of memories, a connoisseur of nightmares, if you will. I am enchanted by all matters phantasmagoric, dreadful, and inhuman.
That part makes it pretty obvious that you are used to speaking through pages rather than verbally.

Unfortunately I have no such stories for you. My brain appears to be impervious to most interesting stimuli. I have never had a supernatural encounter. I have never been high. I took twice the prescribed opioid pain medication once for a broken elbow (two, actually. The story is quite stupid) on my wife’s advice and the only affect it had on me was to dull the pain so I could sleep. Finished out the prescription, always with the same results. I can drink a pot of coffee and go straight to sleep.

I do have one little tidbit, though. It is nothing like what you’re looking for, but it is the most amazing experience of my life and, I’d wager, more amazing than what most experience in a lifetime. As a youth I’m pretty sure I had low blood pressure. I eat too much salt (WAY too much) and fat, I smoke and don’t get much exercise and my blood pressure is perfect today. There were a variety of strange symptoms which suggest that I did have something wrong which is not wrong today.

The most interesting one I call spontaneous temporary total amnesia. I was about 16 or 17. It was the weekend. I had slept late and when I woke up I decided to go to a friend’s house. I just got out of bed, got dressed, got in my car and started driving the few blocks to his house. A couple of blocks from my own house, however, I lost all mental capacity. Total mind wipe. I had nothing. No memories, no language, no pattern recognition, no muscle memory, all gone. I was like a 145 pound (I miss those days) newborn baby behind the wheel of a car. I remember the experience. I was forming memories, I just didn’t have access to any of them. It was the most peaceful few seconds of my life. No worries, no emotions, no desires or regrets. Everything was just colors whizzing by and they were amazing. I did not know tree from house from sky from ground. It was all just moving colors and they were interesting to me. I remember my head just kind of “flopping” to one side as I turned my attention to colors over there, just like a baby’s head will if unsupported. You cannot imagine how utterly peaceful it was with no thoughts whatsoever, just a blank slate “experiencing”, to me at the time, for the first time. Then it all came back. Worrying about brain tumors is a lot less peaceful.

As a child I used to dream of being in a descending elevator and deedees would grope at me on every level. But I knew they could never touch me and I was more curious than afraid of that dream. I learned to stop at a few levels and study the strange creaturs that dwelled there.

Each morning after I would feel filled with wonder and delight rather than fear. It shaped my desire to travel and explore exotic lands, which I was able to to a great extent. My only disappointment is that I never visited the far East. Their history is awesome and I would have loved to emerse myself into that psychological environment for awhile.

deedees would grope at you? Do you mean these hideous things?

Aww, I would have stopped at every floor for these delightful creatures.

The hallucinations in sleep-paralysis are widely known among the medical community to be just hallucinations. There’s nothing particularly mysterious about sleep paralysis.

I’ve had sleep paralysis 4 times that I can remember vividly.

The first when I was a child, maybe 7-8 and a shadow on the wall tipped his hat to me in the middle of the night. I’m from the south so it wasn’t abnormal and chalked it up to being a nightmare.

A couple years ago 22/23, I had another spell. Where I woke up to a man in my doorway, he came to me and layed on top of me, no touching, just laid on me. I could feel his weight, and I could smell him and feel the texture of his coat on my face. I was terrified but I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move. The spell went on and he left my room. At this point I thought I was “awake” and my dream continued to me thinking there was an intruder in my home with my roommate and I. I realized later, in my dream while hiding in a closet. That it was a dream and I was not in fact “awake”.

-When I was in Louisiana 26, I was sleeping in a rental. I thought I had woken up, when I saw a very tall skinny Blackman standing in the doorway he turned to look at me and I couldn’t move. I just laid there. He didn’t do anything but he was shirtless, with ragged shorts on and something wrapped around his head. He wasn’t scary… I felt sorrow.-I still felt fear- because I knew at this point, I wasn’t in my realm, I was somewhere else. I woke up and shook my bf awake asking him over and over if I was awake.

The last one was a couple weeks ago 27 I “woke up” and looked into my hallway while still laying down on my back with my head turned and saw my hallway mirror. It was still dark, but my mirror was where I could see it thru the door frame (you usually can’t) and there was a shorter, very dark figure in the reflection. I couldn’t move, it felt so real, but I knew I was sleeping because I rationalized that the mirror wasn’t usually there. I was scared, I couldn’t move but kept asking my bf to wake me up. Over and over again. I turned my head, and there was a larger woman walking around the corner of my bed very, very slowly. Where my sons crib sits in between the wall- and the side of the bed. She was large, heavy set and also like the man, had something wrapped around her head. In this case, like a cancer patient or something. But when I looked at her, she had blood running out of her eyes. It wasn’t pouring, they were single tears out of each one. I was screaming at thing point for my bf to wake me up over and over. I then actually woke up and when I did my 10m son was crying in his crib next to me.


I don’t know why these experiences happen. But I believe when were sleeping we experience things that aren’t in this physical realm. And it scares the hell out of me to think my son maybe in some form, felt what I felt and that’s why he was crying.

These experiences are becoming more with my age(27). I’ve always been a sensitive person, to emotions and energy’s/yada. I just don’t understand why they are happening. They are terrifying. All my stories are the truth. No bullshit.


They are terrifying. All my stories are the truth. No bullshit.
Of course they. They are your experiences. Your story is one of you being asleep. I don't see what you're not understanding. I have nightmares, I wake up, end of story. You know your body goes numb when you fall asleep right? You know that real sounds in the awake world get mixed in to dreams as you wake up right?

All I’m saying is that there are people who go there whole lives without having sleep paralysis, not nightmares. They are two different things. Yes I understand real world noises mix in with our dreams but that only accounts for the woman crying blood, when I woke up to my son crying. I’m not saying something weird is going on.

I would just like them to stop because they are starting to become more frequent.


Have you considered getting a sleep study. If you have a sleep disorder that is awakening you at the height of REM sleep, maybe that is resulting in your higher frequency of hypnagogic states.

how do i attrack a sleep paralysis demon?

that sounds conflicted

I, too suffer from sleep paralysis. They don’t come often but when they do. They are very scary! The last one I had was a few days ago. To be precise it was early Sunday morning around 2 or 3 on 12/6. It was an auditory one. I heard loud noises of snoring, growling and gurgling like sounds, heavy breathing in my ear and movement on the side of my bed. Of course, I was frozen and couldn’t move to see what it was or scream out at the time. But once I came out of it my sleep and regain motions of my body. I screamed out “HEY” 2 times. Saturday the day before I woke up with a headache and had being stressing a lot. But in the evening/night I hear noises in my closet. This has got to be REAL!! It watches and waits or am I just paranoid because I’m sensitive to noises?

I realize this post started a year ago and I’m not sure if your still interested in stories of “sleep paralysis”. I have been having these type of nightmares on and off as long as I can remember. I also have done a lot of flying dreams. All so very vivid and leaving a lasting memory.

Two nights ago I woke to the sound of my husband, who was lying next to me, breathing loudly, then he mumbled something very loud. I heard him get up and leave the room. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was alone in the room and I was aware as to where I was , what I was wearing and that I was along. I heard the water in the bathroom softly going on and off and I knew there was a strange/dangerous energy in there. As I tried to move, my body was paralyzed, I was on my back. Then I felt something on my stomach. I tried to yell “stop it” over and over and the feeling stopped. I heard a static, radio type sound next to me the and I was able to wake. Scared the crap out of me. I did not go back to sleep that night at all. The next day I asked my husband about his sleep and he stated he was dreaming that a cat was on me, sucking my air.

The fact that so many people have similar dreams about a dark intruder, during these “sleep paralysis” , should not be disregarded and brushed off as a “stressful” night. Good luck in your research.

I’ve been experiencing some strange happenings in the last few months. It started with randomly being woke up, for no apparent reason with a sense of a presence, or just a feeling that something isn’t right. After a few days I started feeling something pushing down on the comforter between my leg, and my fiancés leg in the area where tension exists between the two highest points. Initially I would wake up, turn on the light and look around the room only to see or hear nothing. After a couple months of trying to ignore it, one night it went from down by my feet, to up between my waist and her only this time it pushed firmly 4 times. Like I always do, I woke up feeling startled, searched the room with my phone light and found nothing. I have had some strange occurrences in the past, but never anything that physically touched me, or anything around me. It was always just seeing white blurry figures walk around the corner in the hallway, or even a feeling I was being watched. I am a believer in the supernatural, and consider myself fairly perceptive, so maybe someone from the other side is trying to give me a message, or sign? I have had to start sleeping with the TV on since that seems to decrease the frequency of the occurrences. I don’t feel like I am in danger, but its starting to take a toll on my nerves and such.

At this point I am having trouble sleeping because I have started anticipating it happening, and stay alert so I can either catch something, or at least not be as shocked. Last night, I was awakened at exactly 3am, but did not feel anything messing with my comforter like I had before - just a sense of insecurity.

Sleep paralysis is caused by transient reductions in brain blood flow or oxygen,It causes a feeling of dizziness and sometimes even altered awareness or loss of consciousness.The patient may also complain of chest pain, dyspnoea, blurred vision, paraesthesias, muscle cramps and fatigue, This feeling is accompanied by such physical symptoms as palpitations, dyspnoea, sweating, trembling and abdominal discomfort.However, symptoms can vary from person to person.In our sleep or dream,Sometimes even altered awareness or loss of consciousness is producing completely paralyzed, can’t more, can’t speak, breathing is controlled and troubled.The frightful dizziness is producing the frightful devil.Palpitations of tachycardia is producing being attacked of frightful devil.When we deep sleep,Transient reductions in brain blood flow or oxygen is producing the colorful dream.When we shallow sleep or awake,Transient reductions in brain blood flow or oxygen give we a fright.When we awake,we stand up too fast from a sitting that we are likely to suffer from frightful transient reductions in brain blood flow

Most important,the experiment confirmed the idea.For example,when the everyone had sleep paralysis ,because transient reductions in brain blood flow is caused by The pillow too high.This explains people who not have a feeling of palpitations and suffered fright had sleep paralysis but people who not have a feeling of palpitations and suffered fright did not have nightmare of only feeling of palpitations.

Dyspnea,chest pain,Palpitations and transient reductions in brain blood flow all are symptom of cardiovascular disease aspect.As psychologist or dream researchers was ignorant at cardiovascular disease,they cannot explain symptom of palpitations and transient reductions in brain blood flow the person’s sleeping.So they offered all kinds of absurd idea of nightmare.Palpitations and transient reductions in brain blood flow all are symptom of cardiovascular disease aspect.As psychologist or dream researchers was ignorant at cardiovascular disease,they cannot explain symptom of palpitations and transient reductions in brain blood flow the person’s sleeping.So they offered all kinds of absurd idea of nightmare

Hey. I, too, am wondering if you will receive this post as it’s been over a year since you posted this.


I’ll start by saying I’ve also been interested in parasomias for many years now, having been a lucid dreamer for over 20 years (I am 36 now), with near daily recall and record keeping for a lot of that period. I have experiences with sleep paralysis, hypnagogia and one lucid dream turned OBE. Currently I only experience the occasional spontaneous lucid dream and hypnagogia-which has interestingly leveled off for a time.

I have been actively researching lucid dream phenonomen, in particular possible contact with entities during lucid dream state and OBEs. I have been in contact with a number of researchers in varied fields of lucid dream research and the UFO phenonomen to create a better picture of what may be a lesser discussed aspect of the altered state phenonomen that is lucid dreaming.

I have highly detailed recall of several lucid dreams involving entities that many know as the greys. The dreams are quite long and without filling up this reply with the entirety of those dreams, I will relate the first one briefly.

In 2013 I was on vacation and it began with a rather mundane dream with the usual nonsensical symbolism. Suddenly, it transitioned to a lucid dream and I was face to face with as many as three grey like entities. I heard a metallic sounding voice say, “Our mission is to show you different dimensions.” The quality of my vision was rather hazy in the sense that it was as if I were looking through some kind of transparent haze. Not a fog, as such. It’s difficult to describe. Then suddenly I was being levitated in the air against and towards the top of the window of the hotel room I was staying in. I felt the back of my shirt lifting and could discern a blue light. I screamed “help me!” To the person staying in the room with me and reached my arms and hands out towards them to which I awoke on my back in a cold sweat.

Since that initial dream I have had several more since, each a year or two apart and only once, twice a year at most. All but one are dated and recorded. Interestingly, I have only recently discovered a study on telepathic and vivid dreams and correlations of their occurence with geomagnetic field fluctuations, particularly during (or around) new and full moon phases. I discovered most of the dreams I had over this eight year period coincidence with these new and full moon phases.

I have endeavored to find out the meaning of that dream phrase, if any meaning could be discerned. Little did I know, it could have a great many meanings and has led me down a rabbit hole of discoveries into liminality, altered states of consciousness, dmt and shamanic entities, electromagnetic field fluctuations, possible neurobiological anomalies, and the list goes on.

I am still researching this, and have come here and commented in hopes of perhaps reaching some sort of dialogue that might yield an avenue I haven’t yet travelled to better understand this phenonomen.


I have also had rather strange hypnopompia which would also take up a large portion of this message.


If you would like to maintain further dialogue outside of this platform I welcome open minded discussion of this phenonomen and related sleep parasomias.


Kind regards,