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I was in pain around 11.45pm New Year’s Eve 2016. I went to lay in bed because I was suffering pancreatitis. Earlier I’d YouTubed a pain relieving meditation where you are meant to do it standing. I did it on my back in bed. There were people outside my bedroom window on the patio drinking. I’d taken codine for pain no alcohol or other drugs. I’d been laying there 20mins when I felt a poke like a finger poke, quite firm on my right cheek. I turned my head inwards to the centre of the bed to look what it was. When I turned my head I was face to face with a humanoid black being with slight demon type features on the face. Was 10cm away from it and it was smiling at me like it knew me. It was very well built, a lot bigger than myself. I was in shock in fear couldn’t move or speak. I could here my husband out the window but couldn’t call him. In my head I repeated “ I don’t know you leave now” said that a few times then it left. My question is has anyone physically been touched by any being. Also could the meditation I was doing opened a porthole to another dimension because I was laying not standing.

Also could the meditation I was doing opened a porthole to another dimension because I was laying not standing. --larissa
Meditation doesn't open portals. Medication can make you confuse waking thoughts with dreaming thoughts. That's my best guess at this point.

I think the problem here is relating to the unknown by using the unknown.

For example, why do you describe this entity as a demon?

There are elements in your writing:

  1. Very well built

  2. In shock

  3. Fear

They seem to be negative factors to describe what you believe based on visual interpretation.

It was smiling…but in what way? Was it in a sinister or compassionate way?

I am not saying that this is the case but Codine can cause hallucinations.

Best to be open minded.


Just the high cheek bones and brow bones made it look a bit like a demon. Haven’t seen anything like it before. The smile was like a joking smile because I just got poked in the cheek. I’ve taken loads of codine in the past never had a problem. Maybe it was just a being but it was scary looking.

I wonder why all of these stories start with, “I was in bed”? This one even includes drugs. But obviously it has nothing whatsoever to do with an altered mental state influenced by drugs and dream state, even though the title says “SLEEP paralysis”. No, this one was real!

Didn’t know how to word it. Two codine would hardly do anything. To my knowledge I was awake but when researching seems like sleep paralysis. I just wanted to know if anyone has been physically touched by a being.

When we are touched it does not mean that there is something or someone touching us. Our brain works in a wonderous way and can create sensations when there is nothing making contact with our body. I mentioned a dog biting my wrist in another post.

Yes it hurt but pain is a sensation sent to our brain. Because it is just a sensation this is why we can take pain killers to numb the sensation. We can also control physical sensations by controlling our mind. If this is the case, it shows that the mind can be manipulated to ether produce pain or to help remove it. Pain is similar to touch.

For example, a person can be hypnotised by an entity to feel touch by making the person fully aware in their subconscious that they had been touched.

I had been touched by a being…but it just feels like a magnet on another magnet. A bit like silk touching the skin. I do not see this as body to body but more like the etheric substance.


I got wacked (yes in bed) when I was about 7 year old whilst trying to get to sleep. Felt like I was being watched and then my face was whipped what felt like a silk scarf at a tremendous force . It hurt!


Sleep Paralysis


Forget about what the psychiatrists tell us…

When we are asleep our physical and astral bodies are attached by what is termed by a silver chord. The silver chord only separates when we die. When we sleep, our spiritual body roams the Astral and because the Astral or spiritual world is the 4th dimension there is no time. When we dream, our experiences are jumbled as our brain tries to apply logic. A nightmare occurs let us say when we dream about a horse and then sitting in the office as we look in a mirror and see our top half looking like a horse. (okay bad example) Ever tried adding up whilst asleep? Can’t be done. The brain and the mind are different.


Okay, sleep paralysis…

This occurs when we are normally woken up suddenly and our astral body falls like a stone into our physical body and does not align correctly. This is why we have sensations of falling.

When we try and move our limbs our astral body is not aligned to allow the physical to move. Eventually we realign and can move but feel out of sorts. A short sleep will correct this problem. Drugs can also stop the two bodies aligning correctly



My husband experiences “Sleep paralysis” some nights he is able to move and will grap my arm or punch into the air. He is often screamingin terror. The next day when I ask him what happen he says that he saw terrifying things floating above our bed, sometimes over me or him.

He does not drink or take drugs.

He does not have these hallucination when awake. Any ideas how to stop it?



I’ve read sleeping on your back doesn’t help

Sounds like he’s having a standard nightmare (although a bit scarier than usual.)

There are certain foods that affect how much you dream. Maybe research that and see if he’s eating something that’s increasing his dreaming and/or making them more vivid.

His problem sounds quite annoying. I hope you either figure out how to reduce his dreaming or accept that they’re just dreams and don’t stress over them too much.

He does not have these hallucination when awake. Any ideas how to stop it? -- carla
These questions usually seem to have an implication that the hallucinations are not perceived as hallucinations. That is, there is some consideration that there actually are things over the bed that could interact with him. For me, once I start to question things in my dreams, that's when I start to wake up. I might be breathing heavily from fear, but it fades quickly.

It’s a personal question, so you don’t have to answer, but is there something else going on? I used to flail around in bed when I was a restaurant shift manager, I couldn’t stop being at work, even in my sleep.

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