The de-Westernization of the world

The Chinese president says that he wants de-Westernize the world.

What does he means ?

First, he wants to end the USA supremacy in the world, and in fact, the goal is roughly reached.

China is a competitive power, Russia and India play their own games.

The West position in Middle east and in Africa are crumbling, the recent Iran Saudi Arabia agreement shows that.

China could be the power which makes enough pressure on Putin to make him agree to something reasonable.

Economically, wet has still ressources but it weight is diminishing.

But he wants to go beyond. The pillars of the west are free market, democracy and state of law.

And, for him, neither is acceptable. He is not the only in the world. Russia, India, turkey, dictatorships on every continent agree with him and prefer to work with him than with West.

In Europe, he has relays in Poland and Hungary.

In USA, ultra republicans Trump supporters and so are his accomplice.

What to do ?

We need more details in order to accurately respond. I suspect you are overexaggerating his claims.

You really confuse me. You distrust and are intolerant of some of the most gentle and peaceful people in the world, then you are so forgiving and tolerant of some of the most cruel monsters in the world. Can you explain that?

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I will not speak about thatonguy i don’t know.

In my family, there were people who were anti-communist and anti-URSS, to the point of absurdity who, now support Putin.

The keyword is ideology. They support and share his ideology. Democracy was a reference allowing them to attack their ideological enemies.

Today, they prove that they don’t give a dam about democracy and freedoms.

I’m aware of Chinese militarism and ethnic cleansing but this is in China’s own neighborhood. I don’t see how it is a threat to the West. However, it is true that Western influence in the world is not as strong as it used to be, and this is the West’s own fault.

Point 1: I’m just asking questions here.

Point 2: China is not my enemy.

[quote=“thatoneguy, post:6, topic:10241”]
Point 1: I’m just asking questions here.

No one has tried to stifle your speech. But no one has to agree with you either.

Point 2: China is not my enemy.

That’s a little short sighted, isn’t it? If you are an American living in America, China is very much your economic enemy.
They do not respect patents and steal everyone’s ideas and manufacturing methods and because they employ child labor and pay pitiful wages they can undercut American-made goods.

If you believe that buying “made in China” goods is beneficial for you personally, you do not understand the meaning of “made in America” and the economic benefits that brings to you.

This is why Biden issued executive orders to bring back “made in America”.

Made In America

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The President believes that when we spend American taxpayers’ dollars, it should support American workers and businesses. In his first week in office, President Biden signed Executive Order 14005, Ensuring the Future is Made in America by All of America’s Workers, launching a whole-of-government initiative to strengthen the use of federal procurement to support American manufacturing. To continue building on these implementation efforts and ensuring these ambitious goals aren’t just talk but action, the executive order established the creation of the Made in America office within the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

If you only think of what seems to benefit you personally you do not understand the concept of a democracy, where all people benefit from the development of wealth in one the richest nations in the world.

Do you believe that the nation’s resources belong only to the billionaires who treat the rest of the people who actually do work to produce goods as slaves, as they do in China?

Which is great. I think the question was, why are you merely curious about an autocratic oppressive world power, while being adamant about how to treat innocent young people trying to find there place?

Interesting title.
Seems to me more like the de-civilization of the US .
The Republicans have turned this nation into a warzone.

In the US about as many people are being killed or wounded by Americans as Ukrainians are being killed by Russians. And that is a real warzone.

China’s problems are not my problems, whereas the normalization of degeneracy is my problem.

American big business moved our manufacturing to China decades ago with the support of Washington. China is just taking advantage of our greed and stupidity.

I agree with that.
American Capitalists are not fond of Democracy. After all, paying good wages cuts into profits and executive bonuses for cost reduction.

In a Plutocratic Capitalist system, slavery is the most cost-effective work “ethic”.

That’s just a restatement of what led to the question. Why don’t you care about China? Just because it’s far away? And, you have not made a good case for degeneracy or how you are affected.

Think about other laws. Alcohol is bad for you, but we allow it, just don’t drive or stumble around in public because someone might get hurt. Who gets hurt when someone is trans?

Sorry, mixing two threads here.

What exactly is Westernization? Something like a multi-Ethnic Democracy?
If that’s true then de-Westernization means less Democary and the establishment of more exclusionary (Nationalist) Ethnic Totalitarianism?

Is that a good thing?

Westernization essentially means liberal democracy and a free market economy.

Let’s not derail this thread.

There has always been a certain type of American capitalist who takes profit making to a ridiculous extreme.

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The decline of the west can be explained as the fall of western intellectualism

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So many possibilities.

It’d be great if a nation challenged our power to oppress minorities, throw around our military might, arm terrorists, spy on good people, etc. But that’s probably not it.

Could be they just want to show off, take on the bully so they can BE the bully. Just old fashion ‘carve up the pie’ politics.

Muslims clerics used similar rhetoric, claim to be the moral authority, present themselves as a better choice.

Intellectualism is the mental perspective that emphasizes the use, the development, and the exercise of the intellect; and also identifies the life of the mind of the intellectual person. In the field of philosophy, the term intellectualism is synonymous with rationalism, knowledge derived from reason. Wikipedia

Indeed, what shall we replace intellectualism with?

From recent history it appears that “Ignorantism” is a preferred choice.
Especially if one owns an AR15. If you don’t understand it? Kill it!

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