Paranormal existing issue

Hello all,

Found this forum on google when searching for “Psychic forum boards” glad I found this place!

Ok I would really like some advice on how I can get on with my life and situation.

So I live in the UK down South and over 10 years ago I was stalked and went through a lot of trauma. That has passed but have still left me anxious scars. Other than that I lived on a new development little did I know it used to be a asylum hospital which was used in war times. There is a hospital close by to the housing development that is still in operation. I have always been naturally psychic and I was ill last year after going through a mental break down, I lost my car and lost a lot of money. The house I lived in had a open portal which was coming from the hospital and there was nothing I could do about it. The house was active 24/7 and with me being ill it became a whole lot worse for me living there.

Before I got worse I was ok mentally, I went through a rough patch with a partner I was no longer seeing and then the communication of spirits happened when I thought my ex had died. I heard his voice and thought omg he’s crossed over. (no I wasn’t hearing voices) I assumed my ex had past away, I contacted him and opened a lot of worms because of these child polterguiests that entered the house through the hospital!! I slept with my ex visa versa the one that put me through so much crap he was part of my stalking past!

Other than that I have put that behind me. I had a spirit that was from the hospital that attached himself to me, I could see, hear and feel spirits. I was too open and had a bad time closing it down when I wasn’t very well. I did try being on a drug but I didn’t feel I wanted to be on any. I had symptoms of ocd and it wasn’t my illness it was theirs, as they would sit on top of me and try to be me.

People living on the development saw a nurse and different things happened in their homes. I wasn’t the only one experiencing paranormal activity. I had about 4 priests that came to the house, all of them thought I was mental. Until 1 which was a good priest did his job and did a deliverance and he went to go home. He came back to the house and said “I appear to have your car keys in my bag” he was freaked out by that. Then the same thing happened again, he helped me as much as he could and we kept in contact.

To cut a long story short. I had been doing deliverances and have had injured soilders cross over into the light and now I have moved house they have all come with me. I am trying to recover and get better and there seems to be no hope no way out. I have stopped doing deliverances as it seems to be never ending. I did have a Shamanic Healer that worked with me, she did help about 5 of them cross, charged me £90 and told me in the end that I need therapy!! I could not believe that someone would charge me £90 in these pandemic times and run off with money and leave me in this situation. She did her bit but I would never leave anyone in this situation.

So anyway I wanted you all to read my story of what I have been going through so you get where I am coming from. I don’t want to keep spending £100’s of money on people that say they can help me when they can’t. I got judged over my mental health by the shamanic which I think is terrible and down right rude. Getting therapy would not work it’s more of a spiritual problem than anything.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get them removed so none of them keep coming in?? I am getting possessed every day and my energy is drained from them.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

This isn’t that kind of forum. I see that you ticked all the boxes, hospital, asylum, war, and I immediately think you’re either lying or not entirely stable. Then I get to the part about being possessed every day and I’m certain of it. If you really want advice, seek psychiatric help. And I don’t mean that to be rude, I’m being serious. If you truly believe any of this then you need help you can’t get on the Internet because this is delusional. It’s not real. And we can’t help you sort that out.

Hey, This girl is not lying!! She needs help and is reaching out. I am having a similar problems, because they are real, so lay off.

He never said she is lying. He said that if she honestly believes what she’s saying she should get help from a professional, not strangers on a forum.

Widdershins provided the most important piece of advice you both could get.

3point14rat is right. The person needs professional help, not help from us, if they really believe what they are saying.