Psychic experiences ...

Hey! So, I have always been very clairvoyant and I have seen some pretty abnormal stuff throughout my time of being alive.

I recently moved in with my grandad and my Grandma died 3, almost 4 years ago and the first night of staying in this house she visited me. She handed me a key and told me everything was going to be ok and she touched my hand. I screamed for not to go but, she walked into the bathroom and disappeared.

Ever since that night, she has been visiting me A LOT! I’m so thankful for it. I decided to see a psychic a few weeks ago because I was curious and she clarified it all for me. However, last night the weirdest thing happened. I woke up and I remember feeling that there was nobody there, like my nans presence wasn’t there last night. Suddenly, my body starts shaking and I felt like my eyes were rolling back. I felt so tremendously scared and I started saying please leave please leave please leave. As soon as I started saying that, the shaking and the eye rolling happened and then stopped immediately. That was it. It’s like the feeling of something not being there was overpowered by a horrible presence.

I am not usually scared because I like to welcome my Nan in, but last night I don’t think that was my Nan. I was wondering if any psychics or other serious people out there were able to bring some clarification into this for me?

I don’t know what it means. Why it happened. Or anything like that. But I would truly appreciate it if someone could shed some light! Thank you

I have never been visited by a spirit, that iknow of, but some of the things you described at the end there sound to me like good old-fashioned Sleep Paralysis. It happens to alot of people. My first time as a teenager I actually thought it was a demonic presence, but nope, just my own brain…

Same here. I had a similar experience several decades ago. It happens to a lot of people. I don’t think it is recurrent for most people, though. IOW, I don’t think you should worry about it happening again. But if it did, maybe you could just remember that it is just an artifact of coming out of the particular level of sleep you are in.