Slark - One of the best Acid Rock songs of all time

Slackridge - Slark]
As I told one of my 20-something classmates recently, “How the hell do you think I ended up as a 58-year-old college student?”
Yes, I blame music like this. What, do you expect me to take personal responsibility?

:lol: I gotta give this one some time. I tried a little bite…wheeew…
That genre is right up my alley. Never heard of Slackridge. They Austin?
Anyways that tune there definitely has some hair on it. Perhaps an acquired taste…
I’ll take Soft Machine, King Crimson, Early Genesis, maybe a little Gong etc…but that stuff there…wheeeew!

Not Austin, British. Yeah, Stackridge is a acquired taste. You have to be in the right frame of mind.
Headphones help.

Huh. Not bad at all.

I like the title of this thread. If it’s ok I’ll just post another Oldie But Goodie to share.
Psychodrama City]
A tune from the Byrd’s album “Fifth Dimension” that hit the cutting room floor. Put back on in a typical re-release.
This was '66 I believe. Pretty “advanced” for it’s time I think. Great jam!
Remember proper speakers and amps.(if you can)

That’s a great song, Vy. I added to my It’s All too Beautiful playlist.