Lighthearted posts.

I was hoping that I could do a little lighthearted posts here. I’m really into looking into the personality and maybe bringing up something that would bring fond memories to those who come here. I started this out with the “When did you know you were old thread.” If this is discourage, please tell me and I’ll move on.
I’m not really a debater, but someone that looks for the genuine person inside everyone and maybe find out what warms the heart and bears the soul. Thank you

So are you a Wu Tang Clan fan or not?

Motown 1960’s the best music ever put out.

Motown 1960's the best music ever put out.
I couldn't argue with that. Definitely high quality, well produced music with good songcraft. A Universe of talent! Plus it "moves" ya!

Screw lighthearted. This is a serious forum for superior intellects; anyone who posts a joke should be banned or at least have his/her tushy spanked. :snake:
Occam :lol:

Motown 1960's the best music ever put out.
Absolutely, and the 70s weren't too shabby either. Try to find a 100 best songs list without Marvin Gaye near the top!

You got that right. I remember hearing about his death back in the 80’s. I couldn’t believe it when I did and the idea of him loosing his life to his own father OMG. So much talent in this world and so many are lost before their time.