The Green Music Thread

I figure this is a great way to start a Music thread about environment:

My lords I call to order
On the issue of the environment
Nothing is being done

Much is being said my lords
But nothing is being done

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Why do we always assume the planet is ours to ruin

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You’re first, I’m last
You’re thirst, I’m asked to justify
Killing our last heaven beast
Don’t hunt the whale

Not sure this is what you are looking for, but it’s going viral as I type,
and it tis’ the season.

A new classic Christmas song by Rhodes Bailey and the Frosty Five. #christmas #climate change The Frosty Five:
Jake Erwin
Spencer Collins
Evan Simmons
Zac Thomas
Rhodes Bailey


A friend of my created this. It was part of a Lake City, WI opening for Water Legacy displays

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You could slip that into a Paul Winter playlist and very few would notice

For instance.

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I’ll do you one better:


Looks like Hetch Hetchy Reservoir YNP, with a little photoshop help.
Here’s an interesting one I just bumped into. I’m pretty boring and basic (limited ?) in my musical tastes and clicked mainly for visuals.

I can make out: “What don’t kill you makes you stronger” and that “we’ve been through a roller-coaster” but that’s about it. Still enough to figure it fits under Green Music, and that fresh lava field is pretty impressive, plus it might be timely, I hear there’s worrisome seismic activity being record a little south and west of Reykjavik. If that punches through it’ll be a little scary.

Well I figure some of you more eclectic listeners might enjoy this.


Here’s another one I like:

I like this one too:

One of my all time favorites

Life long favourite: