Since i have been gone

Mriana said:
In my honest opinion, no one over 70 should run for any office in the U.S. I don’t care if they are Repug or Dem, the Dotard or Biden, Pelosi or Moscow Mitch. If they are 70 or older, they need to retire from politics.

I don’t care if he is in a wheelchair. The man is an excellent president.
But the average US voter likes a new model car every year, even if the current car runs great.

IMO, the saying “Don’t change a winning horse” applies here.

I never said President Biden isn’t an excellent president. He was smart choosing a young Baby Boomer as his VP, in case he is incapable of serving out his term. If he goes for another term and wins, he probably won’t be able to finish the second term and Kamala (an excellent choice) will have to take over as president. I would love if she were president, but that still doesn’t change my thoughts on when politicians need to get out of politics.

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